Sapphire eyes stared on in curiosity. The object was silver; it's weight nothing heavier than a plump apple. The metal was cold in her hand, but the strangest thing was the ticking. She lifted the object to her ears and listened.


It was repetitive rhythm, but it was still soothing. She shut her eyes and allowed herself to be lulled by the passing of time. Each second was ticking away, but she enjoyed the soothing sound.

"Stop acting so childish."

The ticking was pushed to the background as her sister's voice cut through her reprieve. She lifted her head and flattened her dress as she remained seated. Her sister stood in the doorway; grey eyes carefully studying her appearance.

"I was enthralled," Kagome softly admitted.

"You were wasting your time."

Kagome frowned, "That was a bad joke, Kikyo."

"It was truth."

Kagome clenched the pocket watch in her hand; it wasn't a waste if she truly enjoyed the time spent. Kikyo uncrossed her arms and sighed as she approached her younger sister. The pocket watch was something of a family heirloom; or junk in her opinion.

"Today we meet with other clan," Kikyo softly reminded. "With the constant wars; they want to form an alliance."

"I don't like the priest!" Kagome declared as she looked away. Her fingers idly traced the design upon the pocket watch; her clan's symbol.


Kagome scowled as she pressed her finger roughly onto the design of the partway eclipsed sun. She didn't understand what was so important about this other clan, supposedly they had a member dubbed Sage that might actually do something about that Chakra beast. Kikyo's fingers gently reached out and brushed Kagome's cheek drawing her gaze.

"Like him or not; we have to maintain order."

Kagome understood why her sister, Kikyo would make a wonderful Dominion. Her sister had ways of dealing with situations calmly. Kagome smiled.

Itachi Uchiha swore that it felt as if his hand was burning off at the wrist. It wasn't until he heard voices drifting in the darkness around that he realized that the burning sensation was gone. He deeply inhaled and confusion settled in his mind.

'Weren't we in an abandoned castle?'

He smelt roasted meat and scented various fruits that were simmering in sugar. His mouth began to salivate at the scents as he slowly opened his dark eyes. The first thing he saw was that there was a plate sitting in front of his face; the white ridge sitting precariously close to his nose. Itachi sat up and all conversation at the table died off and he found himself the center of four gazes. He took notice that they were no longer in the hall and this room held no thorns or vines. The oak table was elaborately covered by various dishes of roasted meats and fruits; even pies.

His dark eyes darted to the woman lazily lying in her chair with a foot propped on the arm and the other hanging off. Her sapphire eyes shone in amusement as she smiled at him. Itachi blinked as he realized that was the woman that had mauled his arm and she was smiling as if nothing had happened.

"Hey Itachi!" Naruto called out. "Try the boar!"

He didn't care about the feast and couldn't find anything wrong with Naruto talking about food since all he did was eat. Instead, he let his gaze wander to his wrists and he found both looking perfectly normal.

"I apologize."

Itachi glanced up and saw the woman arch a brow at him as if something was the matter with him. He was fine; at least he hoped so since he had to currently be hallucinating.

"I try not to eat the humans that enter my domain," Kagome softly assured him with a giggle as if it were the funniest joke. "So, I do apologize for munching you!"

He felt a soft hand touch his bare arm and he twitched as he found himself gazing into Sakura's concerned gaze. If she were here than he couldn't be insane; because Sakura was one of the most logical people he knew.

"Kagome healed you," Sakura softly assured. "And she saved us from the thorns."

Naruto held up his hand speaking with his mouth full, "Her saliva heals!"

"Idiot!" Kagome hissed as her face turned red. "I'm not a dog!"

"Then," Itachi began and paused. He couldn't believe this was real. This dining hall had no appearance of age and the food wasn't an illusion. "What are you?"

Kagome didn't bother to sit up, but held out her hand. The silver haired man with the slit pupils resting in golden eyes handed her fork with a bit of meat upon it. She tentatively chewed before motioning to the apple pie with childlike glee. Once she swallowed, she brightly beamed at him and showed off her fangs.

"I am Kagome, the Dominion and Matriarch of the Izanami clan," Kagome introduced as she took the offered slice of pie.

"Is there a difference?" Itachi found himself blurting.

Kagome nodded, "A Dominion of Izanami is usually the wisest member that the Matriarch and Patriarch seek all answers from. A Dominion also has all power over the clan; basically the final say."

"But," Itachi interrupted. "What are you?"

Fangs glistening under the candlelight, Kagome replied with a single word, "Vampire." He noticed her silver haired companion roll his golden eyes. Kagome swatted her hand him and muttered, "Stop fussing Sesshoumaru."

"This, Sesshoumaru, does not fuss," he evenly replied. His gaze slid to Itachi and he added, "Dominion likes to be childish, but we are also known as: Remnants."

Kagome pouted, "Spoilsport."

Itachi noticed that this conversation didn't bother Naruto's consumption, but Sakura was idly picking at her food and listening. He pinched the bridge of his nose and wondered if he truly was losing sanity and if these two were truly okay with the situation.

"Maybe you should elaborate," Sesshoumaru suggested, a hand waved toward them in urging.

"Fine, fine," Kagome muttered and righted herself in her seat. "What do you know about the Izanami clan?"

"They were rumored to be undefeated; even time couldn't beat them," Sakura replied before biting into a roasted potato.

"They were rumored to be founders of the first forbidden jutsu," Itachi added.

"Do you recall which one?" Kagome questioned.

"Just the basic theory;" Itachi answered.

"A forbidden jutsu?" Naruto questioned with his head tilted.

"Very forbidden," Kagome confirmed. "My sister was the one that invented the 'Remnant Jutsu' and cursed our family."

"Then why call yourselves all those other things?" Sakura quickly questioned with wide and confused eyes.

"Because," Kagome drawled. "The jutsu my sister used cursed the entire clan; it is like a Kekkai Genkai, only it's like a plague. It spreads and ensnares those outside the clan with proper conditions. It is born within each clan member; but can activate at any moment."

"How does it spread?" Sakura curiously asked.

"Blood of my blood and flesh of my flesh," Kagome softly replied; eyes dull with the answer.

The pinkette stood up and looked to Itachi; to his confusion. Kagome shook with laughter and replied, "Conditions! He must consume my blood!"

Itachi's eyes widened as understanding dawned upon him. That was how she had saved his life; by using her blood upon his wound. Naruto set his fork down and reclined in his seat; finally full.

"So why do you drink blood and eat food?" Naruto questioned as he eyed her. "I thought vampires couldn't eat food."

"Blood enacts the jutsu, refreshes in a sense, and we enjoy the taste of home cooked meals," Kagome replied with a lazy shrug. "We can survive on blood alone; but like I said. I don't like eating my guests and food is not deplorable."

With that sentence ended, she took a bite of her pie and sighed. Life was good as long as she had pie.

"What are the details of this jutsu?" Itachi questioned as he watched her pause in mid bite and decided better and took the bite. With slow, deliberate chews she softly hummed as she thought over his question.

Kagome swallowed and replied, "Obviously, we can't die." Sesshoumaru snorted, earning a glare from her. "Fine, we can die but it's very hard."

"Is that why the others won't revive?" Sakura softly questioned and kept her gaze upon her plate.

Kagome saddened, all humor gone as she answered, "They are dead."

"So," Naruto suddenly spoke. "What are you going to do now?"

Kagome opened her mouth when suddenly an apple was shoved in. Her eyes went wide and Miroku chuckled as he held it in place. They had already been introduced to the other two clan members. Sango was actually a true member of the Izanami clan; it was Miroku that was married in. His violet eyes shone with mischief as Sango shook her head, brown eyes amused.

"Dominion means to say that we will search for a place to settle," Miroku smoothly interjected.

At the odd looks he received he turned his gaze to Sesshoumaru. With a clap of his hands, they watched the illusion fall away. Everything was fake save for the food that was still fresh upon the table. The walls were peeling and the carpets were covered in the ash of vines. Sakura felt her skin crawl when she noticed a corpse sitting in the corner. She had just been eating and to such a close thing. Kagome's foot came around and nailed Miroku in the side of the head causing him to release her. She went to spit the apple out, but Sango covered the fruit and held it in her mouth.

"Once we settle; we will search out our missing clan members and then we will hunt the traitors," Sango finished as Miroku gave her a thumbs up.

Sango pulled the apple free and Kagome glared at her friend before looking away. She wiped her mouth free of apple remains and sighed. Itachi slowly blinked; he hadn't seen through the illusion. He had trained in some of the best illusions and he couldn't see past the one created. It was decided; these people were dangerous and had to be dealt with.

"Hey!" Naruto shouted with enthusiasm that spoke volumes of trouble. "My dad, the Hokage would love to meet you!"

Kagome tilted her head and asked, "A Senju?"

"Nope; Minato Namikaze!" Naruto proudly stated. "You should come to Konoha and see if he can do anything to help!"

"You are a fool," Sesshoumaru softly rumbled. "You don't invite a fox into a hare's den."

"Huh?" Naruto asked and scratched his head. "We don't have any pets."

Sakura smacked herself in the face and shook her head. She honestly loved her teammate like a brother, but she couldn't believe how dense he could be. A quick peek from between her fingers and she could see the normally calm Itachi glaring at the blonde in anger. At this point in time she believed that even Kiba would get the analogy. After all they had witnessed, it was stupid for Naruto to invite them into their village.

Naruto gave a bright smile which Sakura recognized as he declared, "You're a good person." He shrugged and scratched the back of his neck as he added, "You may be like a mosquito, but you're still nice." He motioned to Itachi, "You didn't have to, but you saved Itachi."

Kagome remained silent as she stared at the young man in curiosity. She smirked; she remembered a time when good intentions meant well. That had died the day her clan had been betrayed. Yet; such trust and innocence hadn't graced these walls in such a very, very long time.

"Just because we refrain from acting like monsters, doesn't make us any less monstrous," Kagome calmly pointed out.

He tilted his head and stated, "Then you can have my blood."

Sesshoumaru would've smacked himself in the face; but settled for simply wincing at the proclamation. There was a reason why the Izanami clan lived in solitude. It wasn't because they were not social but because of the underlying want for blood was always just beneath the skin. The hunger and lust gnawed at their insides no matter how much food they consumed. He wondered if Kagome would deny them chance to enter Konoha. Miroku groaned as he pulled himself up to a sitting position and arched a brow at the blonde.

"Any admittance without the Hokage's permission will be seen as an act of war," Itachi calmly and sharply declared.

Kagome lazily smiled and Sesshoumaru watched the human; the one that acted as leader. It was good to the know team wasn't lead by an idiot. He didn't agree with going into human territory because granted; their control was good, but they had been asleep for a very long time.

Practice makes perfect and they hadn't had practice in a long time. And if their Dominion's control was weak then their control would be weak.

"Then I guess, your return home will be very lonely," Kagome sighed as she pushed her seat back and stood. Her strides were long as she moved to stand behind the Ninja. Everyone but Naruto tensed as she stood over Sakura and took a strand of pink in her hand.

"Sakura will not be able to return with you," Kagome calmly pointed out.

Itachi was to his; feet chair slamming into the wall behind him as he glared at the woman. Sesshoumaru was already on the table with the tip of his sword pressed into Itachi's neck in warning. Kagome only continued to smile on in amusement at the display.

'Males,' she thought with a grin.

"What do you want Sakura for?" Naruto suspiciously questioned, eyes squinted and lips pouting.

Kagome reached out and pinched his cheeks; he was such an adorable young man! She smirked as she pulled away and then placed her hands back upon Sakura's shoulders. Her gaze turned back to Itachi as she asked.

"How important is integrity?"

Itachi blinked; he had been expecting a threat or maybe something dramatically expressed. The woman kept her dark eyes upon him.

"It is everything."

"Sakura made a deal with me," Kagome calmly pointed. "If I were to save you then she would pay a price; which she named anything."

"But she helped awaken your friends," Naruto pointed out as he motioned to the other three. Sango and Miroku grinned.

Kagome clicked her tongue and they all got a glimpse of her dainty fangs before she smugly notified, "This world is now estranged to me because of the time passed. I mean to take Sakura as my personal..." Kagome paused and waved her hand about as if searching for a proper word. "Aide." She scoffed as she elaborated, "A life for a life type deal." Kagome tapped Naruto on the head to silence him as she stated, "And these three have no lives."

"You wound me so," Miroku sighed as Sango rolled her eyes.

"And what need have you for an aide?" Itachi tightly asked.

Kagome ticked off the reasons on her fingers as listed: "She's cute, she can defend herself, and I need someone that can guide us in this new world."

"When we're you last awake?" Naruto curiously questioned.

Kagome brought her thumb to her lip as she thought this over. There was no doubt that she remembered the Sage, she shivered at the thought of his creepy eyes. The man was also so serious and then he went on to have those kids; both of them were brat's in her opinion. If they weren't arguing about their beliefs they were always physically fighting.

Kagome sighed; in the end, she guessed that the younger brat had done right. She smirked; "I remember meeting the Sage and the last thing I saw was the birth of his grandchildren."

"You're old," Naruto muttered earning a glare.

Kagome nodded her head and slyly mused, "I'm sure there are other's out there that would like our alliance."

Their looks darkened and Kagome could only assume that something bad was going on in the world. The conflict in Itachi's eyes amused her as he continued to gaze at her. After another moment, he stepped back and Sesshoumaru sheathed his weapon. Itachi calmly looked to the Izanami clan member's and came to a decision. He didn't trust these strange beings and he would rather keep them close then to let them sway into the current rising enemies hands. It was a dangerous situation, but he doubted that he could take down these four beings. His only hope was that the Hokage knew what to do.

"Naruto." It was his only choice. He doubted that Sakura would be allowed to leave and he didn't wish to leave her behind. "Alert the Hokage…"

"I've got it!" Naruto shouted as he pushed out of his sit. His excited blue eyes landed on Kagome as he assured, "You'll love Konoha!"

With that announcement; the boy rushed away in a blur. Kagome turned her gaze to Itachi and he saw her nose twitch.

"You need a bath," Kagome suddenly declared with a smirk. "You smell of blood, death, and dirt."

Itachi glared at her. If he offended it was her fault, she was the one that tore into his wrist with no restraint. It was when she turned her back to him that he finally realized what the ebony scales were. They ran up her neck and along her back; it was another form of defense that he was surprised at how prepared she seemed to be for battle. Her eyes inspected Sakura's outfit and she smirked at well. Kagome turned her gaze back to Itachi.

"You two may clean up before we set out for Konoha," Kagome offered with a smile. Sakura glanced down and noticed her gloves were stained and crusted with blood. "Plus, I don't want an aide looking like a stray."

Sakura bristled at the comparison as her fists clenched, "I apologize for actually working."

Kagome smirked; never had such luck graced her before. This young woman was perfect, all she needed was a bit of tweaking and she would be worthy of the Izanami clan. It was with some reluctance that Itachi and Sakura agreed to clean up. Sango happily showed them to the place that they could wash up and mentioned that she would quickly freshen the area up before they went in. Miroku moved and took a seat as did Sesshoumaru.

"You are of aware of who we are searching for?" Sesshoumaru calmly questioned once they were alone.

"Is it really necessary to bring ill news so quickly?" Miroku dryly questioned as golden eyes narrowed.

"Yes," Kagome sighed as she slumped in her seat and massaged her temples. "We need to rectify the situation and seek the creator of the curse."

"You saw him before you were consumed?" Miroku questioned. "I still remember."

Kagome crossed her fingers and glared at the wall as she snapped, "I will not forget his face."

"Neither shall I," Sesshoumaru assured as he kept his gaze intensely focused on her. "If he had gained enough power to overcome us all then he will be even more powerful now."

Kagome slapped her hand on the table and then heard the wood crack under the impact as she growled, "I will not be so lenient on him this time!"

She wasn't stupid; she knew that the death of those within the clan were her fault. For a century she had entertained his fancies only to have him betray her when she denied him his desires. She would uphold the rule her parents had defined.

'Respect life.'

It seemed to be pointless words; but they were words that helped her carry on despite of the effects of the 'Remnant Jutsu.' Throughout the bloodlust and dark pleasures she had immersed herself in; she had kept those worlds and used them as an anchor to pull her free from the madness. She was partially happy that the Remnant Curse would die with them, but at the same time she ached because she would never have her family back.

"Will you be able to kill your…"

"Of course!" Kagome snapped; cutting off Miroku's words. "The well being of the clan comes before my petty desires."

"It is safe to assume that he is more powerful than us," Sesshoumaru sighed.

That was trait she loved about Sesshoumaru; he was Izanami Captain of their guard. Now he was the last; but he was no less in her eyes. Sesshoumaru would always be Captain of the Guard.

"We must use any means to stop him."

Miroku scoffed and shook his head in disagreement. He was not just a man that helped Sango in the kitchen; but he was the voice of reason within the clan. The duty of maintaining the clan's traditions and morals had been a burden he welcomed. Despite his perverted ways; he was another reason the Remnant Curse had not destroyed their reason.

"If we take to his strategies then we become worse than him," Miroku reasoned with honest eyes.

"In that case," Sesshoumaru murmured. "We should only flay him a little and then drown him in his stomach acid."

Kagome stuck her tongue out and Miroku paled a bit at the threat. If Kagome was going to kill anyone he assumed it would be humanely. His eyes brightened as he tried to overcome his nausea. It wouldn't do well to just hurl on the table.

"Dominion," Miroku calmly began with a smile. "If you were to enact the Tamashii no Jutsu, then he would not be able to stand against you."

"You don't know the consequences of such a thing," Kagome lamely muttered.

Miroku smugly replied, "I do and it would be in our best interest since the clan is practically dead."

Kagome scowled and looked up. The Tamashii was another one of her family's cursed ways. It was something that was spoken of in theory, but never truly practiced. The Elders had always wanted to go farther and farther with the Jutsu's created because of what they could bring. The Remnant Jutsu was enough for herself; it was bad enough that Jutsu had permanently screwed up her genetics, life and clan. It was also the source of the problem, because it why the reason 'He' had betrayed the clan.

"Has the Tamashii Jutsu ever been used," Sesshoumaru questioned, his best interest was in keeping Kagome safe. He would rather take his chances against the enemy and keep her safe if the jutsu was dangerous.

"Yes," Kagome darkly muttered. "It was successful."

"You don't mean…"

"He used it," Kagome confirmed Miroku's suspicions.

"Is that why he betrayed us?" Sesshoumaru muttered.

Kagome lifted her saddened gaze and sighed, "No."

"Isn't the estate already gloomy?" Sango shouted as she jumped through the doorway. "Cheer up!" Miroku happily pulled her into him with a grin.

Kagome pushed the sorrow she felt somewhere within as she stood to face the two Ninja. The Tamashii Jutsu was something she had never wanted to perform for fear of it changing her to some degree. As she stared at the tw o humans she realized that she truly missed the days when she had been just a regular Priestess. Kagome moved toward the two Konoha Nin and stopped in front of Sakura. The girl wasn't taller than her; of course Kagome had always been short.

"As Dominion and Matriarch; I will bring you honor, protect you, and in return I ask for you to stand by me," Kagome suddenly announced.

"This is to fulfill my promise," Sakura softly muttered to herself. She turned her emerald eyes to Kagome and gave a firm nod. "I can only agree if you don't harm my village and friends."

Kagome smirked, "I don't see myself making an enemy of anyone you know."

"Then I will fulfill my promise," Sakura answered.

Kagome lifted her finger to her mouth and bit the tip with her fang. She then stretched out her arm and Sakura could only stare at the crimson liquid welling to the surface.

"This is my blood; for which will make you mine and I yours," Kagome firmly announced.

Itachi put a restraining hand upon Sakura's shoulder. She glanced up at Itachi and gave him a reassuring smile. With no hesitation; she pulled away and stepped toward Kagome. Before a drop of blood could spell Sakura took the bleeding digit into her mouth with ease and shut her eyes. Kagome smirked when she felt the girl's tongue brush against the pad of her finger.

"Will she become like you; outside of time?" Itachi coldly questioned.

Kagome withdrew her finger with an audible 'pop' that had Sakura turning red. She reached up and licked her finger before answering, "By taking my blood; she will gain a few attributes, but nothing that serious." As an afterthought she added, "It's more for her protection."

Itachi didn't have to question anything, he easily understood the situation. The Izanami clan had been attacked and somewhere wandering the lands there was a powerful opponent. All this understood he questioned the motive for them going into Konoha. Kagome refused to stand around anymore; it had more than a century since she had been outside the mansion and she wished to see the outside world. Purposeful strides guided her out of the room, past her throne and toward the exit. Reaching out, she grasped the handles and pulled. Her mighty tug released sunshine into the mansion and it consumed her. Her sapphire eyes widened as she heard the other's behind her and she reached up and shielded her face from the light.

When her eyes adjusted and she held out her arms and embraced the light. It had been so long since her skin had tasted light and she relished it. The scent of the garden still lingered despite the dead vines and thorns. Kagome took her first step outside and realized this was the first step in her journey; she would find and kill that traitor. Itachi was the first to step beside her and she smirked as his eyes narrowed upon her.

"I will lead the way," Itachi announced.

He saw her nostrils flare and she smugly lifted an arm and rudely pointed a finger in the direction of Konoha and stated, "I can track Naruto."

His eyes widened and her lips curled in delight at his revelation. Even if they would've escaped the mansion they were still traceable. Kagome sniffed and Itachi knew that she had all their scents somehow memorized.

"How long is the journey?" Kagome inquired instead of bragging.

"A day without rest," Itachi answered.

"Then we shall travel fast," Kagome announced.

He wasn't willing to believe that she could somehow stop time for them all. Even if she could; they would still arrived tired. It was with that doubting thought he watched Kagome beckon Sakura to her side. He saw Sango taking Miroku's hand and leaning up to brush a kiss against his cheek. Kagome realized that this was going to be awkward and she instructed Sakura to go take Sango's and Sesshoumaru's hands. She then held out her hand to Itachi and he arched a brow.

"We will transport to your village," Kagome calmly said.

"You don't know the way," Itachi reminded to which Kagome wiggled her fingers.

"I will use your memories to guide us; such as Sesshoumaru will do through Sakura," Kagome explained.

Her explanation did nothing to calm him. In fact; his expression became very guarded and she realized the issue; human's and privacy. She waved her unextended about as if the subject was nothing.

"I won't pry," Kagome assured.

"I don't trust you," Itachi simply said.

Kagome rolled her eyes and said, "We will meet at the village gates; now go."

Itachi turned and watched as Sesshoumaru nodded. Three signs were made with the use of his free hand and then he watched as darkness consumed them and they shot off together. He heard Sakura squeak.

"I have just sent your teammate off with three still hungry vampires," Kagome reminded and chuckled. She offered her hand, "Would you like to catch up."

"You are a foul creature," Itachi blandly said. He knew the threat was idle; because she had already stated that they didn't eat guests and she had already put a tight rein upon the others.

Kagome lifted her chin and smirked; she had been called worse. Yet, he still took her hand and she giggled, "Would you like to copy this jutsu?"

His eyes widened marginally and she stepped forward. Once more; he was reminded that she didn't move like a human. Her steps were against air and smooth as she suddenly appeared. It was like nothing had been disturbed in her travels. Kagome then wrapped a hand into his vest and pulled him down toward him. Her fangs smashed against lips causing pain; it was like he had been punched in the mouth.

Jiten no Jutsu…

Kagome's voice was clearly spoken within his mind; it was a gentle whisper and unlike the force she displayed. He was honestly surprised at the gentleness she handled him with; that was until his lips throbbed from the force of her kiss. His eyes widened as she pulled away, but kept a hold of him. The darkness overcame them; it was a darkness that he felt that no light could break through. Just as soon as the darkness consumed it broke and they were standing outside the gates of Konoha. She wasn't holding him anymore and glanced around to see Sakura lift a hand and wave. The other three Remnants were gazing at the gate as if it were the most interesting thing.

"The village founded by the Sage's bloodline," Miroku sighed as he smirked. "Amazing."

What was even more amazing was the ten ANBU that surrounded them. All it took was a quick sniff and she could tell that two of the ANBU were related to Itachi and the other's she couldn't distinguish; only gender. The gates of Konoha gave a groan and she tilted her head and watched as they were pulled backwards and opened. She recognized the blonde ninja's bright smile as he held up two fingers in a sign of peace. Beside him stood an adult version that looked exactly like Naruto; except his features were sharper, his eyes were softer in color and he didn't have that air of stupidity about him.

"Your father is the Hokage," Kagome mumbled; a bit surprised.

"You bet!" Naruto gushed.

Kagome bowed, but made sure to keep her eyes upon those around her. She wasn't going to be foolish and risk her remaining family members. The Hokage gazed at her with a calculating stare and took in those around her in silence.

"Greeting Hokage," Kagome introduced giving a small smile. Her fangs showed, making her look a bit intimidating. "I have come to seek an audience."

"Naruto informs me that you healed his Captain," the Hokage calmly stated. "That you even saved his team."

Kagome admitted, "It was Naruto who awoke me."

She could sense that the masked ninjas were tense but the Hokage remained calm. The Hokage too in the surrounding areas and looked to Itachi only to not be able to read his features. Sakura was calm and gently had her hands folded in front of skirt and her emerald gaze upon Kagome. It seemed that there was something interesting going on.

"The Izanami clan history is nothing but rumors," The Hokage calmly stated. "Legends of your clan aren't promising."

Kagome wanted to chuckle, but figured that would be taken darkly. Instead, she fisted a hand and held it over her heart as she honestly said, "I hold no ill will towards your village, but there is a threat." She paused to make sure that her words sunk it. "It is a threat that managed to kill about who you see from the Izanami clan; and he still walks these lands."

"And you come to Konoha why?" The Hokage firmly asked.

"Your village holds the bloodline of the Sage; a man I respect and that always did right," Kagome calmly explained. "This threat will come for your village." She honestly believed that because the Sage was partially responsible for his almost demise. He would seek out those that might be descendants, but he would destroy this village.

"How are you sure?" The Hokage questioned; not quite sure what to make of this woman.

She held her head high like a ruler. Those that stood behind her were called to attention as she looked him in the eyes. Her pupils; he noted were animalistic like a dog's. Her voice was firm as she declared her reason.

"As surely as I feel drawn to this village; he will feel drawn to destroy."

The Fourth Hokage of Konoha, Minato Namikaze saw something in the woman standing before him. He didn't know much of her clan, but she bore the same look as his wife; in her eyes there was a fierce determination.


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Jiten means point in time; specific

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