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This story will be told in drabbles (around 100 words). I won't put a pairing on it just yet, to leave you guessing till the last possible moment (then I'll be feeling mercyful and put it up).

Updates may be sporadic at best.

Enjoy......... ~lily



She is bored.

And heartbroken.

She sighed. Maybe being alone is the best for the moment, she couldn't handle the atmosphere her presence would undoubtedly arouse among her friends. Good thing Sango decided to leave instead of staying with her, like she'd have done usually.

Her shoulders slumped and she brought up her hand to smooth back her sticky, wet hair.

A bath usually calmed her down, a nice hot bath was the perfect therapy, so why wasn't it working now?

She closed her eyes at the obviousness of the answer.

When they opened again, gold clashed with blue.