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Two soldiers roughly hauled a short, stout figure into a dark and dusty room. The figure grunted in mild pain as the two soldiers threw him into a chair. A small light illuminated his face, revealing him to be a clean, shaven dwarf, whose features briefly flashed annoyance before settling into an impassive look. Clanking and rustling was heard as an armored woman stepped from the shadows and approached the dwarf, carrying a thick tome in her hands. On her armor was an emblem that the dwarf recognized as the Chantry's symbol. He gave the woman a smirk, understanding why he was abducted from his lovely drinking spot to this rather shabby hideout in Hightown.

"Well, I've had gentler invitations," the dwarf said snidely. The woman ignored his smart comment and stepped closer to the dwarf.

"I am Cassandra Pentaghast, Seeker of the Chantry," the woman said. She nodded her head towards the two guards flanking the dwarf. The soldiers left, leaving the two alone.

"So, seeker. What is it you are seeking?" the dwarf asked. "If you're looking for the best alcohol, you won't find it at the Hanged Man. Well not if you're immune to the smell of vomit and stale piss."

"I'm seeking the champion, Varric Tethras," Cassandra said. "The Champion of Kirkwall and his companion, The Untamed One."

"Heh, you think I know them?" Varric asked. Cassandra threw the tome in his face and pulled out a knife, placing the tip at Varric's throat.

"You know them! Even before they were famous!" Cassandra roared. "Now start talking. They say that's what you're good at!"

She stabbed the tome with her blade, barely missing Varric's leg. Varric picked up the tome, amused, before slowly removing the knife out of the book.

"What do you want to know?" Varric asked.


On an abandoned hillside, two figures stood side by side as darkspawn swarmed all around them. One was a heavily armored man wielding a greatsword nearly as long as he was tall. His companion on the other hand was wearing light armor and in his was a staff about seven feet long, inlaid with lyrium. The staff glowed with power as the mage spun it, crackling with energy. As the darkspawn approached closer, his armored companion nodded to the mage. The mage smiled and he infused magic into the staff and swung it at the darkspawn. Lightning from the sky rained down upon the darkspawn, throwing them into confusion. In the confusion, the warrior began to swing his mighty sword, cleaving them in twain with every swing of his sword. Blood flew everywhere as the two heroes cut down wave after wave of darkspawn. Still the darkspawn kept on coming. For every five that the pair cut down, ten more darkspawn took their place. Yet the two continued to fight.

The mage cursed as he dodged a darkspawn's sword and thrust his staff at his enemy. An enormous fireball erupted and smote the darkspawn and everything within a ten feet radius. Beside him, the warrior kicked aside a darkspawn and beheaded two more with his sword, laying another one down with a fierce pommel strike to the head. Behind the warrior was another darkspawn, stealthily sneaking on the warrior. With a shriek of victory, the darkspawn leaped into the air with its tainted sword up high, ready to slice into the warrior's unprotected back. However a blast of magic sent the offending darkspawn flying into its comrades, sending them crashing down for the moment.

A howl was heard along with deep thundering footsteps as an ogre charged the pair. The two heroes dodged and avoided the beast's charge. The ogre drummed its chest in anger, swiping at the mage. The mage ducked the monstrous arm and circled around, sending any darkspawn in his way flying into the ogre's face. The ogre roared in annoyance and began to tear apart darkspawn in its fury. The mage chuckled and pointed his staff at the ogre, sending a brutally cold wind at the beast, freezing it in place. He danced around and stabbed the ogre's chest with his staff. He smirked sent a powerful bolt into the ogre's chest, defrosting the ogre and sending it flying high into the air. The ogre crushed several darkspawn when it landed, clearing a path for the warrior. Before the ogre could stand back up, the warrior leaped onto the monster's chest and with powerful blows, hacked off the ogre's arm. The ogre roared loudly in pain before a sharp blade stabbed into its mouth, pinning it to the ground. The warrior roared as he wrenched off the ogre's head, sending a fountain of blood spraying into the air. The warrior pulled his sword out of the ogre and hurried back to his comrade as more darkspawn continued to attack them.

"We can't keep this up much longer," the mage said.

"Well what can we do?" the warrior asked as he split another three darkspawn in two.

Before the mage could answer, a loud roar erupted over the battlefield. The two heroes looked up to see a dragon had appeared. The dragon unfurled its wings and let off another ear-piercing roar. It leaped down upon the battlefield and let off a torrent of fire on the darkspawn. The two heroes watched as the dragon circled about and-

"That's not what happened, dwarf!" Cassandra interrupted. "I want the truth. Before he was Champion!"

"Hm, well personally I enjoyed that version better. It's the truth with a little lie spun in. You can't say that it wasn't entertaining," Varric replied.

Cassandra didn't respond but pulled out her sword. Varric chuckled nervously, putting up his hands in a placating gesture.

"Fine, fine, fine," Varric said. "The story goes like this."

"The Blight had been unleashed on Ferelden. Darkspawn poured out of the Wilds, clashing against the Ferelden army at the ruins of Ostagar. The battle was a disaster. King Cailan died on the field with his men, betrayed by his most trusted general. As the war went on, the horde marched on to the village of Lothering. The village was razed to the ground and the streets were wet with the blood of the innocent. The Champion's family was one of the many though that escaped. They ran fleeing from the darkspawn where they met the The Untamed One. His origins are a mystery, even to me. However, if it wasn't for him, there would be no Champion."

A middle-aged woman panted and dropped to the ground, completely exhausted. Behind her, the darkspawn shrieked in delight in another victim to kill. However a wall of flames erupted, protecting the woman from the darkspawn. The woman raised her head to see her daughter and two sons shielding her from the darkspawn. When all the darkspawn were slain, she was helped up to her feet by her daughter, Bethany. Her two sons, Garret and Carver hurried to their mother, relieved to see that that she was unharmed.

"I think that's all of them," Carver, the youngest son spoke.

"For now at least," Bethany replied.

"Maker help us. Everything that your father and I built. Destroyed," the matriarch said sadly.

"I know how much Lothering meant to you and father but right now he have to move," Garret said said gently. His mother nodded.

"Yes, you're right."

"We should have run much sooner," Bethany said, glancing at her twin. "Why did we wait so long?"

"Why are you looking at us?" Carver asked. "We've been running since Ostagar!"

"Speaking of running," Garret cut in. "Now's a great time to start running!"

A loud howl was heard and they turned to see an ogre start running towards them. The ogre disregarded the wall of flames that Bethany had made and charged right through. The family began to run but it wasn't long before the ogre was right upon them. Garret watched as the ogre reached out towards his mother and pulled out his sword, swinging it at the monster's arm. The Ferelden steel bit deep into the accursed flesh, causing the ogre to turn its sight towards Garret. It reached out towards Garret but a fireball from Bethany scorched the monster. The ogre roared in pain as Carver charged the beast recklessly. He dove under the ogre's grasp and hacked at its stomach, sending it staggering. However, the ogre backhanded Carver causing him to slam into the ground dazed. The ogre roared victoriously and reached out towards Carver. Garret cursed as he charged the ogre, but knew he was too late. Bethany was frozen in horror, knowing that any spell that she may use could kill Carver as such close range.


To everyone's astonishment, the ogre was blasted away from Carver. Garret wasted no time and he rushed towards the fallen ogre and stabbed his sword into its head. Garret twisted his sword for good measure and turned around to see a familiar face helping Carver to his feet. Bethany rushed up to Carver, hugging him tightly. Their mother joined her and embraced Carver as well, thankful that he was alive. Garret sighed and turned to their savior, who was hacking the horns off of the ogre.

"Harry? Is that you?" Garret asked. The man ripped the horns off the ogre and stuffed them into a bag before turning towards Garret.

"Garret, me old drinking buddy," Harry said. "Looks like I came in the nick of time."

"You sure did. Thank you for saving my brother," Garret said.

Harry smiled and nodded. "Tweren't nothing good pal of mine. Now, let me say my greetings to the rest of the Hawke clan."

Garret chuckled as the quirky barman of Three Broomsticks swaggered towards his family. Harry was one of Lothering's mysteries as he happened to appear in the village one day. He, like many villager, settled down in the quiet village and opened a bar. What made him unique aside from the marvelous brew he made was that any problems a person had, Harry would solve them. Many a rumor was made about the man and any attempts of interrogation by the villagers ended with a toothy smile and a morning with a hangover. He was able to charm his way out of any problem and as slippery as an eel. Yet Garret could honestly say that despite the man's many humorous habits, Harry was a good man.

Garret chuckled at Harry, who was currently pouting and rubbing his cheek while his sister was glaring at Harry, completely red in the face. Carver was seething but strangely, their mother was amused at Harry. Garret pulled Harry onto his feet and turned to his family.

"We need to get moving. We can't waste any more time here," Garret said, seriously. All smiles fell and his brother nodded somberly at him.

"Lead the way brother."

Garret nodded before turning to Harry.

"I'm assuming that you'll be traveling with us, Harry?"

Harry nodded and shouldered his pack. From his back, he pulled out a mage's staff unlike any Hawke had ever seen. The staff was five feet long with a blade that extended two more feet. It was completely black and gave no shine. It was inlaid with veins of lyrium that shone green against the smoky black. The veins seemed to give off wisps of smoke continuously while pulsing, much like the veins in his very arms. Like the staff was alive and sentient. Garret shook his head and turned to Harry who was shamelessly ogling his sister. Harry noticed his friend's annoyed glance and stopped.

"If you'll have me," Harry said seriously. However he gave Bethany a smile. "Of course, I can't let your lovely sister travel without my charming self. I pity her having such brutish brothers."

"What did you say?" Carver seethed.

Garret chuckled and laid a hand on Carver. "He's only teasing. Let's hurry before we run into more ogres."

"But where will we go?" Bethany asked.

"What do you mean?" Carver asked.

"I mean after we're far from the darkspawn?" Bethany asked. "And then where?"

"Wherever we go, it's important that we don't separate," Garret replied.

"We can go to Kirkwall."

Everyone turned to the Hawke matriarch.

"Kirkwall?" Garret asked. "Are you sure that's wise?"

"There's a lot of templars there mother," Bethany pointed out.

"I know that but we still have family there and an estate."

"That's lovely. Escaping the darkspawn to the city built on the backs of slaves and oppressed mages," Harry replied.

"I know it isn't the best, Harry, but its the safest route so far," Garret replied. Harry nodded, albeit reluctantly.

"If we survive that long," Carver said grimly. "I'll be happy to get out of here."

Any other conversation was put on hold as a squad of darkspawn charged towards them. Harry pulled out his staff and rapidly sent bolts of green magic into the darkspawn, causing to screech in pain. Two more were cleaved in half by Garret's blade while his brother smote another one, splitting it in half. Bethany sent the last one flying over the cliff. They hurried around the corner to see more darkspawn attacking a couple. The pair bravely defended against the darkspawn and fought well until the man was struck from behind by a darkspawn blade. He fell to the ground wounded but was defended by his wife.

"You will not have him!" she yelled and stabbed the darkspawn with her sword. She held her husband to his feet and faced the darkspawn surrounding them. To her surprise, two large fireballs destroyed many of the darkspawn. The remaining darkspawn were cut down by Garret and Carver. She gave a swift thanks to the Maker before steadying her husband to his feet. She faced her rescuers and smiled at them. She was about to thank them but her husband cut her off.

"Apostates! Keep your distance!" the man commanded.

"Well the Maker has a sense of humor," Bethany said. "Darkspawn and now a Templar. I thought they all abandoned Lothering."

"Oi, I recognize you!" Harry said cheekily. "You were one of the Templars I tricked on my way to Lothering! Found the blood mage yet? How about it's pet demon, Chupacabra?"

Bethany giggled as the Templar raised an angry fist at Harry.

"It was you who sent us on that wild goose chase? I spent three weeks searching the swamps for that accused monster only to find out it was a pig with hay and cloth!" the Templar said angrily. He turned back to Bethany and glared at her. "As for you mages, darkspawn always kill. Mages' intent are never clear.

"Because we are human," Harry said dryly. "Just like Templars."

"The Order dictates," Wesley said as he stepped forwards. Garret stepped in front of the knight and glared at the Templar, waiting for the knight to make a move. Behind him, Carver had a hand on the hilt of his sword, eying the Templar.

"Wesley, the Maker understands. They helped us," his wife said gently.

"Of course," Wesley replied and stepped back.

"I am Aveline Vallen and this is my husband, Ser Wesley," Aveline said. "I thank you for helping us."

"I am Garret Hawke. This is my brother, Carver, my sister, Bethany, and my mother. Our other companion, who your husband has already met, is Harry," Garret replied.


"We need to keep moving," Garret said. "Can you fight, Ser Wesley?"

Wesley shook his head. "I cannot move my sword arm."

"Then you will have mine," Aveline said.

"Well then, what are we waiting for?" Harry asked as he pulled out his staff.

As if Harry had spoken a cursed word, darkspawn began to pour out of the hills and charge the small group. Garret, Carver, and Aveline charged towards the horde as Harry and Bethany rapidly fired spell after spell into the foul creatures. Garret blocked a darkspawn blade, lashing out with his fist and knocking another down. Carver swung his swords as his brother bent down to behead five darkspawn with one swing. Aveline smashed her shield into one and impaled two on her sword. Beside her, Garret sidestepped a darkspawn and drive his knee into the foul creature, sending it to the ground. He crushed its head beneath his boot and swung his sword in a wide arc, cleaving two before it was stopped by a darkspawn shield. Carver struck another darkspawn between the eyes with the pommel of his sword before shoving two more back with the flat of his blade.

Then a huge fireball exploded, sending many of the darkspawn in throes of pain as their bodies were burned. Another group was smashed as a huge boulder collided into them, leaving them to be mere bloodstains on the ground. Garret, Hawke, and Carver turned to see Harry supporting Bethany while the Hawke matriarch supported Ser Wesley.

The group hurried to the top of the hilltop where they were met with the sight of an ogre charging up towards them. Garret, Carver, Aveline, and Wesely managed to dodge the ogre's initial charge. The orge snarled and set its sight on Bethany and her mother. Bethany whispered a prayed to the Maker before charging at the ogre. The ogre reached out towards her but Bethany was pushed aside. Bethany looked on in horror as the ogre smashed Harry into the ground and flung him away. Harry's body tumbled briefly before laying unnaturally still.

"HARRY!" Bethany screamed as her mother pulled her away from the ogre.

Garret roared in rage and charged towards the ogre alongside his brother. As they fought the ogre, Aveline protected them from darkspawn while Bethany cast spell after spell at the darkspawn sending a rain of magic upon them with the occasional fireball. Garret pushed brother away and slashed his sword just above its knees, severing the tendons. Garret then stabbed into the soft stomach of the ogre, stopping the ogre in its tracks. The ogre, froze, unable to comprehend the fact that it couldn't move. It was long enough for Carver to stab his blade deep into the soft neck of the ogre. The ogre roared once more before crashing to the ground. Garret pulled his sword out of the ogre and walked to where Bethany and his mother were. Bethany was shaking Harry's limp body, cradling his head.

"Wake up you idiot. Wake up!" Bethany whispered desperately, shaking Harry's limp body. "It's safe now! Wake up!"

"Bethany," Carver said gently. "It's too late."

"No! He's alive!" Bethany said desperately. "Wake up Harry! Please! I'll go have dinner with you! I'll be with you on your midnight adventures! Just please wake up!"

Garret sighed and looked away. He spotted Harry's staff a little distance away and he wrapped his hand around it. At once the staff's veins began to glow an angry red and vented dark smoke. He released the staff and opted to roll the staff towards Harry until it was near Harry's hand. Garret opened Harry's limp hands and he placed the staff in Harry's hands, wrapping Harry's fingers around the handles. Bethany sniffed and shook Harry again, unconsciously sending magic into Harry's body.

"Please wake up!"

To everyone's shock, Harry's staff began to glow brightly before releasing a surge of magic. Tendrils of green energy crisscrossed Harry's body and chunks of rock began to fall off like a second skin. Bethany quickly peeled off the layers of rock to see Harry alive, albeit knocked out with the entire right side of his face badly bruised. Bethany gently rubbed her hand across the bruise. Harry's face twitched and his eyes fluttered open. He groaned raised his hand to gently touch his face.

"Oh man, what did I drink?" Harry moaned softly. Any other words were silenced as Bethany hugged him tightly.

"I thought you were dead, you idiot!" Bethany said.

"I blame you," Harry said dryly. "Charging at an ogre. How stupid was that?"

Bethany gave Harry a weak apology as she continued to cry tears of relief.

"I'm thankful that Harry's alive and all that but there are more darkspawn heading our way!" Carver snapped.

Everyone turned to see that a mob of darkspawn had amassed onto the hill. Harry and Bethany scrambled to their feet. Harry glanced at the horde of darkspawn waiting for them and he turned to Garret.

"I was asleep the entire time you were fighting darkspawn and ogres. Guess its my turn to wipe out a few darkspawn from existence."

Harry gave Garret a cocky smile and before Garret could stop him, charged towards the horde of darkspawn. To everyone's surprise, Harry began to glow green as he reached the boundaries between the Fade and the mortal world. Veins of magic crisscross his body while his eyes completely turned bright green. Harry raised his hand and every darkspawn in sight was sent floating in midair. He then slammed his staff into the ground. The effect was immediate as every darkspawn was pulled together, creating a large orb made completely of darkspawn flash and bloody steel Harry. It began to float higher under Harry's command. When it was nearly twenty feet high, Harry clenched his hand violently. The orb imploded, sending darkspawn blood raining down. He sighed as he released the magic's hold on him and walked back towards the group.

"The way's clear now," Harry said.

Garret gave him a grateful smiled and clapped him on the shoulder. Harry ignored the suspicious looks of Ser Wesley and the envious glare from Carver. He turned to see Aveline's thankful nod and Bethany's awestruck expression. Harry smirked and strut towards the mage.

"You know Bethany, if you keep staring at my staff, I'll feel very violated. My eyes are up here," Harry said.

Bethany turned bright red, completely embarrassed. She stammered before looking away at Harry.

"Thank you Harry," Bethany whispered.

A loud shriek caught everyone's attention and they turned to see a large dragon perched on top of a nearby cliff, looking down on them. The dragon shrieked once more before jumping down, shaking the hilltop. Garret, Carver, and Aveline pulled out their weapons while Harry and Bethany pulled out their staffs, all of them waiting for the dragon's next move. The dragon shrieked before bursting into flames, completely surprising everyone. From the fire, an elderly woman in leather and armor strode from the flames. She slowly sauntered towards the group, an amused smile spread across her face.

"Well, well, well, what have we here?" she asked. "Usually we never get visitors in the Wilds aside from you odd friend over there. Now we have them coming by the horde."

"Unfortunately most of them not as good looking as us I hope," Harry replied cheekily. "Though I might say that for an immortal witch, time has certainly passed by very gracefully."

The woman laughed in amusement. "Such a charming tongue for a mage. I daresay the words that flow from your silver tongue are even more bewitching than the spells I know."

She turned towards Garret and Carver who were scrutinizing her. She smiled at Garret and took a step towards him.

"If you are fleeing the darkspawn then you are heading in the wrong direction," she said.

"Why should we trust you?" Carver asked, brashly.

The witch smiled widely and looked at the group as a whole.

"I spotted a very curious group. Able to fell a mighty ogre and slay nearly three score darkspawn with a single spell," she said. "So in exchange for satisfying my curiosity, I am helping you away from the darkspawn. Is that not enough?" she said.

"You can show me that trick of yours. It looks quite handy," Garret replied.

The witch gave another bark of laughter.

"Quite a clever tongue for a warrior. Who would have thought?" the witch said. "So tell me, clever child, where do you intend to flee from the darkspawn?"

"We're going to Kirkwall, in the Free Marches," Bethany said.

"Such a journey it is. So far simply to flee the darkspawn," the witch replied.

"Unfortunately not many of us have the capability to turn into dragons and swoop upon our enemies, bathing them in a sea of flames," Harry replied. "Else the journey to Kirkwall would simply be for the lovely tea and cookies they sell at Kirkwall."

"Hahahaha! True," the witch said amused.

"Our home is gone and we have no where to go," Garret explained. "We have family there that will hopefully take us in."

"I see," the woman responded. "Hurtled into the chaos you fight...and the world will shake before you."

She turned around and murmured to herself before turning about to face Garret.

"It appears fortune smiles upon both of us today. I may be able to help you out."

"Any help would be greatly appreciative," Garret replied.

"Are you sure? We don't even know what she is," Carver said.

"A little insulting, don't you think?" Harry replied to Carver.

"I know what she is."

Everyone turned to Aveline, who was tending her husband. She stood up and faced the witch.

"She is the Witch of the Wilds," Aveline explained.

The witch shrugged.

"Some call me that. Also Flemeth. Asha'bellenar. An old hag that talks too much," the witch responded. "Does it matter? I offer you safe way past the hordes in exchange for a simple delivery to a place not far out of your way. Is that too much for the "Witch of the Wilds" to ask?"

Garret glanced at Harry. "What do you think Harry?"

Harry shrugged. "I don't think you have much of a choice. But look at it this way, if she gives you an accursed amulet that causes you to turn mad and grow excessive hair in unnamed places, I'll just throw you in the holy water of Kirkwall chantry and continue to slap you until you regain your senses."

Flemeth gave Harry an amused glance.

"Such an impudent tongue," Flemeth mused. "I wonder if it will make for an excellent potions ingredient."

"Shutting up now."

Garret turned to Flemeth.

"I'll do it."

Flemeth smiled and pulled out an amulet to Garret.

"There is a Dalish settlement near the city of Kirkwall. Deliver this to their keeper, Marethari," Flemeth instructed.

Garret nodded and pocketed the amulet.

"Now before I take you anywhere, there is a matter that needs attending," Flemeth said. She turned towards Ser Wesley, who was deathly pale. Already there were dark splotches on the edges of his eyes and mouth. "The Blight is already running through his veins. Soon he will become one with the darkspawn."

Ser Wesley coughed. "She's right. I can feel it in my blood."

"There must be something we can do?" Garret said.

Flemeth shook her head. "The only cure I know is to become a Grey Warden."

"And they all died at Ostagar," Aveline said.

"Not all but the last are far out of your reach," Flemeth replied.

"How long does he have left?" Harry asked.

"Not long if I am to judge," Flemeth said.

Harry turned to Aveline.

"What will you do?"

Aveline could not respond but knelt by Wesley. Wesley gave Aveline a brave smile and gently touched her face.

"Aveline, do what must be done. Please don't let me succumb to the corruption," Wesley said. "Be strong, my love."

Aveline nodded and pulled out her blade. However a hand stopped her. Aveline looked up in confusion and saw Harry holding his a staff.

"I can grant him a peaceful death by magic. It shall be swift and painless, much like falling asleep. Would you prefer this mercy Ser Wesley and Aveline?" Harry asked.

Aveline nodded and turned to Wesley.

"I'll see you when my times has come," Aveline whispered. "Be happy at the side of the Maker."

Wesley nodded and turned to Harry. Harry held up his staff and pointed it at Wesley. Wesley gave Harry a smile and nodded.

"Do it."

"Avada Kedavra!"

A green light struck Wesley. Wesley turned towards Aveline and slowly closed his eyes as the pain soon faded away. His pained expression fell leaving a peaceful expression, as if he was sleeping. Aveline made a choked sob but arranged Wesley so that his sword was clasped tightly within his hands. Without warning, a clear material encased Wesley and hardened around him. Before Aveline's eyes, Wesley's body was gently laid into a granite coffin and buried deep within the ground. Aveline turned to see Harry wave his staff again and a tombstone appeared, marking the grave of Ser Wesley. Aveline touched the gravestone gently before turning back to Harry.

"Thank you, so much."

Harry nodded. Garret turned to Flemeth.

"Lead on Flemeth."

The witch nodded. However she turned to the group with a knowing smile spread across her face.

"It gets no easier. Your struggles have only just begun."


"I thought that might interest you," Varric said.

"So you're saying that a myth swooped down and saved the Champion's family and the Untamed One?"

"Come now Seeker. Need I have to recite the tale of the Warden as well?"

"No," Cassandra admitted. "Perhaps I should have expected it."

Varric shrugged. "I liked my version too."

"So what happened next dwarf?" Cassandra asked. "If you tell me they flew to Kirkwall on the back of a dragon-."

"Nothing so fanciful, I assure you," Varric said.

"The witch kept her word and led the family to Gwaren where they took ship. They sailed across the Waking Sea where they were set upon by vicious storms. Two weeks they spent in that dark hold, packed in with the fearful and desperate. And then they saw it. Kirkwall, the city of chains. Long ago, it was part of the Imperium, slaves coming in from far and wide to work in the quarries. Now its a free city. But I use that term loosely."

"However when they reached the city gates, the aid they were hoping for was much less than they expected. Gamlen, their uncle, had sold off much of their family's estate and was unable to let them into the city of Kirkwall. So in order to enter the city, the Harry and Bethany worked for the smuggler Athenril while Garret, Carver, and Aveline worked for the mercenary, Meeran. After a year of servitude, they were all released of their contracts, much to the chagrin of their employers. Hawke and Harry had achieved quite a reputation as reliable and trustworthy men to work under. I myself found a worthy rival when it concerns charms and wit. But I digress. It was after a year that I first met Hawke and Harry in person in Hightown."

Whew, quite a long chapter. Now before anyone asks, Bethany will be paired with Harry. The storyline will mostly be the same with different the quests being split up between Hawke and Harry. Hawke will be a two-handed warrior while Harry is a mage with a focus on mostly primal, elemental, and force spells. If you're wondering what Harry's staff looks like, I based it mostly on the staff that mage Hawke used in the DA2 trailer. It is like that except with the changes I made.

For those wondering about the rewrite, I decided that the two-staff mage wouldn't really be as practical in combat as opposed to a one staff. Besides, it fits better with the plot.

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