A/N: Basically what this story is an attempt to incorporate Stargate Infinity into the proper SG canon. The creators of SG-1 have disavowed this show and that's fine, but I still think there are ideas worth cultivating even if the entire franchise is no more, hence why I'm writing this fic now. It is not a straight adaptation but fairly close as it also moves the events forward twenty years or so. I also have no intention of writing further Stargate Infinity stories so this is it. This story also takes place at some point during the final season of Stargate Universe.

Washington D.C.: Lt. General Jack O'Neill sat in his office in the Pentagon aimlessly shooting crumpled pieces of paper into the basketball hoop hanging over his wastebasket. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy his time with the Department of Homeworld Security, but today was one of those days when there really was not much to do. True the Lucian Alliance was still a problem, they always were, but they had been curiously silent for the past few weeks. And with the constant search into new ways of forming a stable wormhole to the Destiny not having made any new headway, the Lt. General found himself in the situation he was currently in.

Leaning heavily back in his chair, O'Neill sighed and once again debated calling up Major General Landry and seeing if he couldn't go out with an SG team for a few days for a little break from the monotony.


The General was nearly startled out of his chair when his phone went off.

"General O'Neill," he said cautiously into it after he'd calmed down. He was also secretly hoping this call wouldn't be the IOA complaining about something or other.

"Hello, General, how're things in the basement?" asked his old friend and SG-1 team member Daniel Jackson.

"Why don't you come and work for me to find out?" said O'Neill immediately as Daniel laughed for a few moments.

"You know I would but…," began Daniel intentionally trailing off. O'Neill nodded his understandingly even though he knew Daniel couldn't see him.

"So how're things back at SGC?" asked the General curious. "Found any new leads into reaching the Destiny?"

"Actually, that's what I'm calling about," Daniel confessed. "I may have an idea that might find the planet we're looking for that much quicker."

O'Neill sat up at that, all ears. "What's the idea?"

The sound of Daniel clearing his throat at that statement made the General a little nervous.

"Daniel?" he asked, a little concerned.

"Ah, look, I'd rather not tell you over the phone. It possible we could meet in person?" asked Daniel. O'Neill sighed at that. Whenever Daniel had ideas that he only wanted to mention face to face to talk about, that meant they were too ridiculous to be seriously considered. But the scientist was an old friend and his ideas usually ended up saving the day at the end, so O'Neill would always give him the benefit of the doubt.

"Well I won't be at SG Command any time soon so…," began O'Neill looking at his calendar.

"No, that's okay, I'm actually here in DC," said Daniel immediately. O'Neill was confused by that.

"None of my records show that…," he began.

"The IOA dragged me out here to ask myself and Rodney more questions about reaching Destiny and we just got done," Daniel answered. That made sense to the General as the IOA was not always willing to be fully compliant in dealing with Homeworld Command.

"Well, okay," O'Neill relented. "Where should we meet?"

Daniel gave him a time and place and O'Neill wrote it down promising he'd be there and then hung up the phone.

Somewhere amongst the cosmos: In a clearing on a planet that had likely never seen intelligent life, a lone giant ring that looked like it was made of stone sat in silence. How long it had been sitting there, no one really knew, only that when the native animals when the animals went out during the day to forage for food it was there and when they returned with their bellies full at the end of the night, it continued to stand in solitude.


And then the silence of the early morning was suddenly shattered as a noise reverberated across the clearing and the animals instantly perked up on alert. If anything recognized what was happening with the giant ring, they would've been amazed to see the innermost part of it, covered in strange symbols, begin turning as triangle shaped wedges on the outside seemed to extend and retract at random intervals before lighting up.


And then the animals saw something they thought they never would as a geyser of energy erupted from inside of the ring and a blue pool of water seemed to form afterwards. The animals nearest to the commotion stared at the vertical pool was drinkable or not, but it soon began a moot point as four objects erupted from the pool and into the clearing causing all the animals to flee.

If a human had been present watching the proceedings, they would've noticed that the four objects resembled a dune buggy, an ATV, a motorcycle, and finally a human being on a jetpack flying above the three vehicles.

But while no humans were present watching the vehicles, there definitely were humans manning them…and two distinctly non-humans were passengers in the larger buggy as all the vehicles skidded to a halt and the human flying the jetpack landed nearby. All of them looked around at their new surroundings and each had a look of relief as the planet they were on was full of trees and grass with a blue sky and clouds high above their heads.

"Nice one, Uncle Gus," said the young female driver of the ATV as removed her helmet and looked around while trying to straighten her shoulder length platinum blonde hair. "It's about time you picked a world that didn't have hot lava everywhere or poisonous gasses or…"

The driver of the Buggy, an older man and apparently the group's leader, 'Gus' chuckled heartily at that.

"Well we all get lucky sometimes, Stacey," he admitted. "Harrison, do us a favor and see if you can't find a water source nearby."

"On it, Major," said the man with the jetpack as two wings extended from the side of the device and he lifted off into the sky. From the motorcycle, a young woman of Native-American descent disembarked and looked around.

"Reminds me of home," she admitted aloud before walking off for the trees with the woman from the ATV, the one called Stacey, to go look for anything edible. The leader of the group watched them go before turning to the other passengers, both aliens, of his vehicle.

"Ec'co, see if you can't try and figure out where we are," Gus ordered to the green looking one, a male of his species who besides being very tall and very green, possessed a single yellow orb for an eye that covered a good portion of his face. He didn't give a verbal response, he just silently nodded his head and collected his scientific equipment and headed for the Stargate. With him gone, that just left the human and a female alien that seemingly defied explanation that made its way out of the vehicle and unfurled two giant wings and stretched them in the open space before looking at the planet with a hint of childlike wonder.

"Sense anything?" asked the leader of the group to the alien. The alien held a clawed hand to its head for a moment and the lowered its head.

"No," it admitted in a melodic sounding voice. A smile broke out over the man's face at that.

"Good. We've been running for so long from the Lucian Alliance forces, it'll be nice to take a break," he told her before allowing himself a moment to yawn and stretch as he looked out at the twin red suns high above them.

"Just when you think you've seen everything…," he stated wistfully with a smile on his face before he began examining the vehicles.

Washington DC: Jack O'Neill found his old friend lounging on a park bench near the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Monument.

"Daniel," O'Neill acknowledged as he got a big grin from Daniel. "How were things with the IOA?"

"Oh, the usual," he said lightly, though he clearly wasn't happy with being constantly grilled by them over every detail about the Stargate Program and about the efforts to recover the crew of the Destiny. "How're things with Homeworld Command?"

"Oh, the usual," O'Neill repeated with a light smile as Daniel chuckled along with that. "It's not like the old days anymore is it?"

"Not always, but…sometimes," said Daniel, also remembering the old days when it was Jack, Sam, Teal'c and himself journeying from world to world trying to find humanity's place in the stars while thwarting the Goa'uld. Still, they'd come a long ways since then and he was glad that they'd made the journey. The Goa'uld were gone, the Replicators dismantled, the Ori stopped, all that was really left at the moment to stop was the Lucian Alliance and the Wraith.

"So what idea do you have that needs my support?" O'Neill asked curious. Daniel scratched the back of his head nervously as he tried to figure out where to begin with this idea that he'd had during a sleepless night thinking about the Destiny that he couldn't just shake.

"We know that the best way of getting supplies to the Destiny is to find a planet with a naqaudriah core and then funnel that power into a Stargate to dial the nine chevron address," began Daniel, repeating facts O'Neill already knew. "We also know how hard it is to find such a planet because for us and the Lucian Alliance. That's why we're scouring every database we can from the Asgards to the Ancients to any other race we've come across to see if one exists that they already found."

"And we have SG teams also looking for one with every jump they make to new planets," O'Neill added. Daniel nodded his head in agreement.

"And that's why I came to talk to you," he began as some sixth sense in O'Neill's head went off making him think he already knew what Daniel came to talk about. "There's a resource we have at our disposal that we're not using and I think it could find the planet we're looking for much quicker, assuming it hasn't found it already."

That nagging feeling was beginning to buzz louder in his head, but he chose to try and ignore it and hope Daniel wasn't suggesting what he thought he was.

"Which would be?" asked O'Neill playing dumb. "A database we haven't used, a satellite that needs to be pointed in a new direction, what?"

Daniel nodded his head at those choices. "Those are all good ideas but no that's not what I was thinking."

"Then what?" asked O'Neill, again hoping Daniel wasn't suggesting what he thought he was.

"I was thinking more along the lines of an SG team," he began as O'Neill couldn't help himself but drop his head into his hands. "Now wait a minute Jack…"

O'Neill lifted his head back up and looked at Daniel as if he was crazy. "Maybe you've forgotten, but they're traitors…or at the very least their CO is."

"Now we both know there were a lot of loose ends with that case that didn't match up," Daniel protested as O'Neill fought the urge to roll his eyes. "You told me this yourself."

The General looked at O'Neill with hardened eyes. "Any second thoughts I had about whether or not Major Gus Bonner was a traitor ended when he opened the Iris on the Stargate to let that Lucian Alliance team into SG Command and then he summarily fled with a team of cadets back through the Stargate never to be seen again."

"Now that's just not true," Daniel continued. "By all accounts from the various worlds they've been to since then, the Lucian Alliance has constantly been pursuing them and they've done their best to fight them off."

O'Neill scoffed at that. "Even if I were to accept that fact that maybe the Lucian Alliance and he aren't on the best terms that still doesn't cover up the fact that he was found guilty of leading his SG team on an unauthorized mission off world that resulted in the loss of nearly everyone involved. He fled to avoid facing punishment and took a creature with him that you were very interested in studying!"

"I know, but I don't believe that's necessarily true either," Daniel continued stubbornly. "Look, the fact of the matter is that there are a lot of unanswered questions that I think we'd all like to know the answers to. But they've been on their own for more than a year and a half now with very little contact with Earth and they've been constantly bouncing out to worlds that we've never even been to, much less have in any of our databases. They could have even found the world we're looking for and passed over it, not thinking anything of it. Like it or not, they're our best untapped resource for finding what we need to dial Destiny. And I would appreciate it if you came with me back to SG command to convince General Landry that this is true. That the SG-Infinity team is our best unused shot at saving everyone onboard that ship."

O'Neill saw the convinced look in Daniel's face and knew there would be no convincing him otherwise. And although he didn't want to admit it, when Daniel thought of an idea worth pursuing, it was worth pursuing, even if in O'Neill's mind in this case it was a mistake. The worst part being that Jack had had similar thoughts many times but could never bring himself to voice them aloud.

"Fine," he relented to Daniel's relief. "But all I'll do is tell Landry that he should make initial contact with the team. It's up to you to convince him to accept your idea."

"Thank you, Jack, I really appreciate it," said Daniel ecstatic as the two got up. "I think this could be the first step in giving them the chance to prove their innocence and I'm sure the team will be more than happy to accept this mission."

"We'll see," said O'Neill unconvinced, but he too was interested in once more getting a hold of Major Gus Bonner and trying to get answers to the questions that had been nagging him for so long after he'd given the guilt verdict for the Major's actions to which the man had consistently claimed his innocence of.

Another world: "Moss soup, again, hooray, hooray," complained fighter jock R.J. Harrison of the SG-Infinity team. The group was clustered around a fire near the Stargate as nighttime had somehow fallen over the planet despite it being in a system with twin suns.

"It's your fault for not holding off on eating the chocolate bars those natives gave us on PR-2212," Cadet Stacey Bonner commented as her fellow female cadet, the Native-American woman named Seattle Montoya laughed into her hands at Harrison's eating habits. Harrison for his part just grumbled something unintelligible as he tasted some more soup and visibly cringed. It was similar conversations like that on dozens of different worlds that provided some sense of normalcy for this team so far away from home and with no hope of return.

"Ec'co, if you'd do the honors," asked their commanding officer Major Gus Bonner who was the only ranked individual of this group as the rest were all cadets or in Ec'co's case a scientist. The green alien consulted his handheld PDA and after a few moments of calculations, he located a portion of the night sky.

"Earth is that way," he concluded and the rest looked up at the sky at their home planet and the memories that came with it.

"Well I think I've had enough soup for one night, I'll see you all in the morning," Harrison concluded as he yawned heavily and stretched. The others too made their quiet goodbyes to also get some shut eye as Draa'ga moved over to a nearby tree and hung her long prehensile tail over one of the firmer branches and then fell asleep hanging upside down while using her enclosed wings as a blanket.

That just left Major Gus Bonner and his niece Stacey at the fire finishing their food and sitting in silence as the sound of the crackling fire filled the night sky.

"You'll get us home, won't you Uncle Gus?" Stacey asked as she sometimes did on quiet nights like this. Gus looked up at her as his eyes glowed from light of the fire creating a look of fierce intensity.

"I swear Stacey, I will get us all home," he promised as he always did. "I just need to find someway of finally proving my innocence and that there is more going on with the Lucian Alliance than SG Command currently suspects and then we'll be able to go back to our regular lives."

"I know you will, I know you will," said Stacey reassuringly with a faint smile as she got up and gave her Uncle a small peck on the cheek and too headed for bed in the tents they'd set up. Before she entered she looked back him as he continued to stare intently at the fire in front of him. She could tell it was eating him up inside that he couldn't at least get the cadets back to Earth after SG Command had switched the IDC codes to the Iris meaning they'd never get back to Earth without having their molecules scrambled. But he continued to be strong for all of them despite everything going on and in doing so allowed the others to find their own inner strength as well.

"Goodnight," she said very softly and turned in to bed with the others as the fire continued to light up the night sky.

Earth: General Landry was sitting behind his desk filing paperwork when a knock was heard at his door.

"Enter," he requested, a little relieved to be taking a break from his work. He was nonetheless surprised when General O'Neill and Daniel Jackson entered into his office.

"Well this is a surprise, it's good to see you again general," said Landry accommodatingly. He stood up and warmly shook hands with O'Neill. "I hope nothing's wrong that I don't know about."

"No, nothing like that," said O'Neill reassuringly. "Daniel here has a proposal for you involving the Destiny and he needed me for moral support."

Landy looked at Daniel a little surprised before holding out his hands disarmingly.

"Well go ahead," he said. Daniel nodded his head and prepared himself for what he to say.

"What do you know about the SG-Infinity team?" the scientist began. Landry looked at him confused.

"I wasn't aware we had enough SG teams to reach that high a number," he joked. Daniel gave a nervous grin at that as O'Neill took a seat nearby.

"Uh…well," Daniel began.

"Relax Daniel, I know who you're referring to," Landry admitted. "SG team whose leader is wanted for high treason, ran off with a bunch of equipment before he could be sentenced, etc. They call themselves SG-Infinity because I'm guessing they still feel some loyalty towards us. I was technically in charge of them for a time when Major Bonner was still with SG-8 and the rest were cadets, but because I was still new to the program when Major Bonner had that incident occur, General O'Neill here presided over the case. If you're wondering why we haven't caught them yet, it's because we have more pressing matters to worry about than a wayward SG team."

"That's actually not what I came to talk about," said Daniel to Landry's bewilderment. "Actually…it is, just not in that particular way. I was thinking that since we're so desperate to find a way of getting supplies to Destiny that we should be using every resource at our disposal and of those that we aren't, they'd be number 1 in my book."

Landry was very surprised by that suggestion and his expression showed it.

"Isn't that…against the rules?" he asked, not sure how to respond to that suggestion. He really hadn't followed the events leading up to the trial and subsequent aftermath of Major Gus Bonner as closely as he probably should have, but there had been more pressing matters to be concerned about when he'd taken command of SGC. What he did remember was that the Major had been found guilty for his actions but hadn't been sentenced before fleeing through the gate. "Especially after he opened the iris and let the Alliance through the gate and then fled with a bunch of cadets and an alien that was being studied."

Daniel nodded his head at that. "Yes, but as the later reports on the incident showed, records seemingly placed Bonner in two places at once during the incident and he and his cadets did lead the charge to repel the Alliance from the complex. But that's not the point anymore. I think we have nothing to lose by contacting them and asking them if they'd be willing to help us find such a planet. Not to mention having them find it and then tell us might go some way towards proving their innocence to us in everything that happened."

What Dr. Jackson said did make sense; Landry had to admit to that. On the other hand he did wonder what sort of precedent that would set by contacting and then giving orders to a team whose CO had led his prior SG team into a trap that had nearly gotten all of them killed and then apparently nearly gotten everyone else in the SGC killed due to the Alliance invasion.

"But I have to ask why you're so concerned about this particular team. If you were so interested in their innocence, I'd have thought you'd have been trying to prove that long before now," Landry said next. Daniel's uncomfortable look at that answered that question for him.

"Ah, so you're still interested in that creature they took with them," he realized nodding his head. Daniel looked away at that, ashamed and feeling guilty.

"I do want to prove their innocence as well," he swore as Landry tipped his head at him willing to silently acknowledge that fact. "But we'd been studying the creature they now call Draa'ga for quite some time when it still looked like an oversized caterpillar that had been in hibernation inside of a sarcophagus made of naquadah that was found in Egypt near the Stargate. That they took the creature with them where it managed to quickly transform into what it is now is simply…amazing. And from all the reports we've gotten from the planets the team has been through, this creature has the ability to do manipulate matter with its mind and at one point activated a Stargate through mere thought! Before we found out more about the Ancients, we thought that this creature might have been one of them, but now…now she's clearly connected to them in a way I haven't yet uncovered. And if we're going to get a better understanding of them, this alien would be one of the best ways to do it. Apparently the Alliance thinks so as well given how they've made attempts to capture her as well."

Landry considered that as well before turning to General O'Neill.

"And what's your interest in all of this?" he had to ask. O'Neill had to think about how he was going to word his response to that for a couple moments.

"Well I've largely put what happened with Major Bonner and his original SG Team and what happened before, during, and after his trial behind me," he began in earnest. "But I've known Gus Bonner for quite some time because he was with us in the SG Program almost since the beginning. He and his former SG team even fought alongside SG-1 on several occasions and never once did I ever get any indication that he was having second thoughts about what he was doing. If it's possible to get any answers from him, I'd like to have that opportunity to do so."

"I can understand that," Landry agreed. "But even if I did agree to get a hold of them, how would we do so? Even if we did find them, any situation that puts them in contact with another SG team would definitely cause tension between the two even if it was SG-1 doing the contacting."

"And that's where we're lucky," Daniel confessed, glad the General hadn't completely shot down his idea yet. "When they left, the vehicles they took were loaded with all sorts of technology and one of them happened to be a set of communication stones. That's how we found out as much about them as we have after Seattle…I mean Cadet Montoya was accidentally transferred over when they were first examining their gear."

Daniel's use of Seattle's first name was just indicative of how familiar he was with her and Ec'co. Both of them had been under his tutelage here on Earth before they'd fled through the Stargate with the rest and there were times when he missed having them around to bounce ideas off of about the Ancients. That they now had constant contact with Draa'ga made him jealous as well.

"Well I'm convinced," said Landry getting up. "At least as far as contacting them, that is. After General O'Neill and I have had a chance to debrief with Major Bonner, then we'll decide to give the go ahead with the mission or not."

"Great!" said Daniel pleased that everything was coming together. "And I for one volunteer myself to use the stones to swap places."

O'Neill and Landry looked at Daniel surprised by that.

"But this is your idea," O'Neill protested.

"I want to see the alien!" said Daniel in a mild whiny tone that he sometimes got when he wanted to do something like when he'd wanted to go through the Stargate to Atlantis with the rest of the first expedition. "Besides, you can explain the mission to Bonner well enough and I'll drop hints to the Cadets and we'll be fine."

"Fine!" O'Neill shot back in a slightly mocking tone before realizing he'd overstepped his boundary and looked Landry who waved his concern off.

"Then if we're all settled, tomorrow morning we'll make contact," said Landry pleased. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have more work to do so out, out!"

Landry herded the two others out the door and then shut it behind them. Walking back to his desk, he quickly accessed his computer and pulled up the necessary files relating to the SG-Infinity team. If he was going to be meeting their CO tomorrow, he had to have a good idea what he was up against.

The next day: The SG-Infinity team was once more sitting around an early morning campfire eating some kind of gooey paste that Ec'co had cooked up.

"I'm telling you, just let me shoot a couple of these woodland creatures and we could have some nice juicy steaks!" Harrison protested. He'd been craving a burger for some time now, but the Major had chosen to continue to adhere to SG rules which expressly forbade killing indigenous creatures for food unless under threat of starvation.

"The day you get that burger is the day the replicators stop replicating," Stacey scoffed at him. The two had always had a mildly antagonistic relationship with each other since they'd first met in boot camp. Seattle and Ec'co secretly wondered if there wasn't anything more to it, but they never voiced their feelings aloud to them as Harrison was likely too vain to admit caring about anyone but himself and Stacey would likely sock them for even thinking it.

"Major, are we going to spend some more time here or move on?" asked Ec'co curious. Gus looked around at their surroundings and the noticeable lack of activity from the Stargate.

"I haven't decided yet," he admitted. "But I was thinking…"


The team immediately went into defensive positions with their wrist laser gauntlets and assault weapons at the ready as Ec'co extended some spikes on his body that were useful in hand to hand combat but also held a staff weapon as an extra defense. Draa'ga for her part just stared out confused as she sensed no other presences nearby.

The beeping continued for several moments before the team lowered their weaponry when no immediate source for the beeping could be found. Major Bonner made some hand motions and the team immediately spread out to try and locate the source of the disturbance. And after several moments of searching they found it in the form of the device containing the communication stones.

"Are we actually getting a call?" asked Harrison incredulously. The box was designed to receive a request for link up so that they could know someone was on the other end in order to use the stones.

"Apparently," said Gus also amazed. Nothing had happened recently to them that would warrant SGC trying to get a hold of them…assuming it was them trying to call. But as far as they knew, no one else knew they had the stones in order to make communication in the first place.

"Well do we answer?" asked Stacey curious. Gus had trouble thinking up an answer for that.

"I don't know," he said, still amazed that this situation had developed. Sure it had been a shock when Seattle had accidentally used the stones the first time, but after that they'd locked the stones up never to be used again. In his wildest dreams he hadn't expected SGC to come to him, not after everything that had happened. "Ec'co, how do these stones work again?"

"I do not know the specifics only that by arranging the devices in an x-shaped pattern, it is possible to swap consciousness with an individual on the other end. Apparently it was adapted from technology originally created by the Ancients," the scientist explained.

"And if someone were to go through, how hard would it be for them to come back?" asked the Major next.

"It would be as simple as disconnecting the power supply to the device," Ec'co figured as he pulled out the instructions for the device and began familiarizing himself with them again. Gus took that into consideration as he stared at the box that had been opened and laid out on the back bench of the dune buggy that continued to beep.

"How do we know this isn't a trick?" Stacey pointed out. "They could be doing this to try and torture whoever uses the linkup."

"Well that'll be a waste. We really don't know any more now than we did when we left," muttered Harrison flippantly. That wasn't entirely true, the team had uncovered some evidence in their favor to try and paint a picture about what was really going on with the Lucian Alliance, but none of it was very concrete.

"It's a risk we'll have to take," Gus finally decided. "I'll use the stones alone to find out what's going on. In the meantime, I'll hand over my weapons and you should keep your distance. Find out who is in my body and if they decide to start causing problems, stun them and then pull the plug. Then go through the Stargate as an additional backup measure because I doubt these things would continue working after going through a wormhole."

"Got it," the others agreed.

"Use caution when telling the new arrival about us and our current situation. We're on our own out here and what our others don't know about us is to our advantage," Gus continued. "Seattle, you're in charge until I return."

"Yes sir," the cadet acknowledged. Harrison looked like he wanted to protest but knew better than to say anything aloud. Stacey also felt a little slighted but knew that Seattle was the most level headed of the three cadets. Ec'co for his part had only been on Earth as part of a cultural exchange program and thus held no rank to be assigned leadership.

"Well, better brace yourselves," said Gus as he took off his weapons and waited for the cadets to step back as he arranged the stones accordingly. "I promise I'll let your families know that…"


"…You're safe," he concluded before realizing he was in completely new surroundings. He was in a small control room with electronic devices everywhere, but more importantly he was surrounding by armed personnel with M-16s all pointed at him.

"Safe indeed…," he commented ruefully as he rested his head on one of his hands wondering what else was going to happen. At least he knew whose body he was in by glancing at a tabletop mirror in front of him. That he was in Daniel Jackson's body gave him just a faint glimmer of hope in spite of his surroundings.

"State your name, rank, and personnel code," one of the soldiers demanded gruffly. Gus spun around in his chair and looked at the officer past the barrel of his rifle.

"My name is Major Gus Bonner of the SG-Infinity team," he began and then rattled off his ID code assigned to him by SGC all those years ago. The soldier then pointed up the barrel of his rifle and the Major stood up and was then escorted from the room and down a pair of corridors, all the while getting strange looks from personnel passing by who thought he was Daniel. But inwardly, Gus was silently glad to be once more walking through the Cheyenne Mountain facility again. He'd worked at this location for many years and memories of traversing these corridors to prep for SG missions with General Hammond and later Jack O'Neill flooded his senses. He was then escorted into the General's office where he found Jack sitting in a chair on the opposite side of the desk along with a man he didn't recognize at first.

"Do you feel safe now, Gus?" asked Jack lightly with a mild grin on his face before turning somber. Gus nodded his head in acknowledgment of the man.

"It's good to see you too, Jack," he responded before turning to the other man and finally placing him after a closer look. "If I remember correctly you're General Landry."

"That's right. I'm the one who is now in charge of Stargate Command. I believe we only met once during the orientation with you and the SG team leaders," Landry responded and then leaned over his desk and offered his hand to which Gus shook it. "You may leave us now gentlemen."

The soldiers looked hesitantly as Landry looked at Gus pointedly.

"I trust there will be no trouble?" he half asked, half warned. The Major shook his head at that.

"No sir," he agreed before chuckling. "Besides, I don't think Daniel would be happy with me if I returned his body in less than mint condition."

Jack chuckled inwardly at that, Gus had an ability like many SG team leaders to make light of any tense situation.

"But let me guess, we have a lot to talk about," Gus continued while turning somber. Jack nodded his head at that.

"You have no idea," he replied. He had said it before, he was eagerly anticipating this conversation for quite some time, but he also couldn't help but wonder how Daniel was getting along with the SG-Infinity team.

Another world: Daniel Jackson found himself staring at a group of cadets with their weapons aimed at him.

"Hey!" he said holding up his arms in surrender. "I come in peace."

"And just who are you to be making such an offer?" asked the one with blonde hair and an intense look on her face as she aimed her wrist laser threateningly at him. Looking around, Daniel was relieved when he found the familiar faces of Seattle and Ec'co who also aimed their weapons at him.

"Ec'co, Seattle, it's me, Daniel…Daniel Jackson," he pleaded with them. The two were a little taken aback by that statement and slightly lowered their weapons in response.

"Prove it," said Seattle not sure what else to say. Daniel thought back to some memory that had involved the three of them.

"When I first met you Ec'co, you had no idea who I was at the time," he told the two. "We met in the mess hall after you and Seattle had been introduced but before you were going to be introduced to me so you had no idea who I was. When Seattle showed up and you called her over to meet 'this nice man at SGC', she was so startled to see you talking to me, completely oblivious to who I was, that she dropped her paperwork all over the floor and Ec'co, you were so startled that you nearly drove one of your spikes through my hand. The two of you were so embarrassed that you both wanted to quit the internship program immediately and I had to encourage both of you to stay."

Ec'co and Seattle turned red at that as Harrison laughed his head off while Stacey finally wavered in her conviction to tie the man up until her uncle returned.

"We still don't know if he didn't just find out about this through some other source," she said stubbornly. Daniel was trying to think up another situation in his mind when a giant shadow fell over him from behind him.

"No," said a childlike voice. "I sense he is telling the truth."

Daniel's eyes widened as he looked at the outline of the shadow and then slowly turned to face the alien that towered over him.

"Hello Draa'ga," he said in awe despite himself. "You have no idea how much I've wanted to meet you."

The alien looked at him quizzically at that but lowered herself so they could be more at eye level.

"I am pleased to meet you as well," she said politely as she looked at him through reptilian eyes. "I feel you are thinking 'we have much to talk about'."

Daniel nodded his head vigorously at that. "You have no idea."

On two different worlds, it was already proving to be an interesting day.