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It Is Your Duty

By waterrain

"West! West! West!" Prussia called out loudly as he raced around Germany's house and found his younger brother after a minute.

"What do you want bruder?" Germany asked calmly and he sighed to himself while looking at Prussia.

"Declare War on America." Prussia replied to him firmly and he had a feeling his little brother will say no. Germany noticed that for some reason his older bruder was speaking in English.

"No." Germany told him bluntly and Prussia glared at him.

"He kissed the awesome and sexy me on the lips. It is your duty as my brother to declare war on Nations that kiss me." Prussia stated angrily and his fists were clenched by his sides.

"I'm not going to declare war on America. Plus I'm not the older bruder. Besides you are not hurt and-" Germany protested and his voice was drowned out a bitter laugh.

"I'm damaged! I call only speak English because of America kissing me! It might last forever and that would be pure hell on earth!" Prussia yelled loudly, his cheeks puffed out, and he was staring at his younger brother. "Please declare war on America for damaging me. I said please for once..."

"And I do not want to declare War." Germany informed him bluntly and Prussia sulked for a moment.

"What if America invaded my awesome ass? Huh, West would you decide not to declare war? What kind of brother are you West?" Prussia asked fiercely and he heard Germany sigh heavily.

"Bruder, I still won't declare war. However-" Germany started to say, but he was cut off by his older bruder.

"West, You are one cold and uncari-" Prussia said angrily, but he was interrupted by his younger brother.

"However I would kick his vital regions while yelling at him." Germany said firmly and he was not prepared for his older bruder decided to kiss him fully on the lips. After a minute Prussia pulled away, spoke a sentence out loud, and he smirked for no longer did he speak English. Germany was still shell shocked and could only stare at his older brother in disbelief.

"You kissed me on the lips." Germany said slowly and he heard Prussia laugh loudly.

"Yeah and I don't regret it one bit West because I'm back to speaking awesome German. Hell yeah. I would kiss you again, West." Prussia said cheerfully and he added calmly to his bruder. "Let's get some beer before we get all emotional. I'm so proud of you for saying you would kick someone's vital regions for me. You have not said something like that in...I forget how many years."

"Mein Gott. You are dramatic, Bruder." Germany muttered under his breath and he plans to get drunk in order to forget his own bruder kissed him on the lips.

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Bruder is German for Brother

Mein Gott is German for My God