Author's Note: Sorry I haven't updated foor a while. I've been too busy goofing off since it's summer and all.

Pirate Penguin and Ninja Chicken were relaxing at NC's place after 3 epic-packed awesome battles in a row.

"So you wanna have a Round 4 soon?" asked Ninja Chicken.

"You bet I do!" said Pirate Penguin.

"So what's it gonna be?" asked Ninja Chicken.

"How about a video game tournament?" asked Pirate Penguin.

"Why video games?" asked Ninja Chicken.

"I'm physically and mentally lazy. Why not?" asked Pirate Penguin.

"Okay, but I get to pick what the final round is," said Ninja Chicken. "I'll probably need a break to rest up for it anyway."

Ninja Chicken grew a sneer on his face.

"Deal," said Pirate Penguin as he looked for a game.

"What do you say we play Doll of Duty: Medal of Goner?" asked Pirate Penguin.

"No! I hate that game!" said Ninja Chicken.

"What about Left 4 Bed 2?" said Pirate Penguin looking through NC's video game cabinet.

"That's even worse!" said Ninja Chicken.

"Howsabout Grand Theft Lotto VI?" asked Pirate Penguin.

"Grand Theft Lotto? No way, that game's impossibly hard! I mean the odds of actually winning the lotto tickets you steal are-"

"Well that's great. Kung Fu Koala: The Game?" asked Pirate Penguin.

"That guy beat me up once! Why do we even have that?" asked Ninja Chicken.

"Oh yeah, I remember accidentally saving you from him," said Pirate Penguin.

Pirate Penguin noticed he'd went through most of their video games.

"The Legend of Helga: Spirit Quacks?" asked Pirate Penguin.

"Too long. I want a game we can finish quickly," said Ninja Chicken.

"What about Super Math Pros?" asked Pirate Penguin. "Wait, forget I said that!"

"I'm in the mood for an old school game," said Ninja Chicken.

"Old School, huh? Well I have a good one right here," said Pirate Penguin as he pulled out one game to show Ninja Chicken.

"Speed the Hedgefrog 5? I love that game! But it's not 2-player," said Ninja Chicken.

"I have a copy of the remake for Qii. We can play at the same time and see who can get the highest score," said Pirate Penguin.

"Hang on a second," said Pirate Penguin as he ran off.

He came back with his TV and a Qii in his arms, struggling to keep it in the air. Finally he put it down next to NC's TV.

"Did you hook up the other copy of it?" asked Pirate Penguin.

"Yup, let's get started!" said Ninja Chicken.

"You are so gonna lose! I'm a pirate! Video games are my element!" said Pirate Penguin.

"Pirates have existed for centuries and video games havn't for even one. How is this a pirate's element?" asked Ninja Chicken.

"Okay, maybe not a pirate's but a penguin's element! Penguin's flippers are built for pressing buttons!" said Pirate Penguin.

"I don't even know where to begin with that," said Ninja Chicken.

"Anyway, let's get started!" said Pirate Penguin.

PP and NC both got to the title screen for Speed the Hedgefrog 5.

"On the count of five, we start!" said Pirate Penguin.

"1…" said Ninja Chicken.

"2345! Start!" said Pirate Penguin.

As they both hit start at the same time, the words "BLUE HILL AREA PART 1" covered the screen.

"You are so going down," said Pirate Penguin.

"Bold words for someone who just lost their first life," said Ninja Chicken.

Pirate Penguin looked onscreen to see an enemy ran into him when he wasn't looking.

"Hmph," said Pirate Penguin.

Pirate Penguin had gone up, seeing that he got into the Super Area after Part 1 of Blue Hill.

"This is awesome! I just beat Part one and got the blue destruction gem in the Super Area!" said Pirate Penguin. "I bet Ninja Chicken is miles behind me!"

Pirate Penguin looked at Ninja Chicken's screen to see he was already at the first boss battle.

"Whoa! I need to catch up if I want to beat NC," thought Pirate Penguin.

"Yup you do! And yes, I found out how you heard my thoughts," said Ninja Chicken.

Pirate Penguin and Ninja Chicken were in the middle of the game; both collecting over 1,000,000 points, but Ninja Chicken had more.

"Hmmm, I'm obviously not going to beat NC at this rate. I need something that will get me a ton of points!" thought Pirate Penguin. "Fortunately, I have just the tools to do that!"

Pirate Penguin tiptoed over to the video game cabinet and pulled out a copy of The Speed the Hedgefrog 5 Cheat Guide.

"Now I just need to get it and find an entry point to the Hidden Area for tons of extra points," thought Pirate Penguin.

But all of the sudden, a shuriken came flying through the air and pinned the cheat guide to the wall.

"I heard your thoughts. No cheating," said Ninja Chicken without taking his eyes off the screen.

Pirate Penguin took his controller back. By now he noticed he had died from time being wasted since he forgot to pause, and now he only had one life left.

"I can't think my idea if NC figured out how I heard his thoughts, maybe if I whispered it to myself instead?" thought Pirate Penguin.

"Well that ain't fair," said Ninja Chicken.

"Neither is listening to my thoughts," said Pirate Penguin.

"I guess I'll just have to find the Hidden Area by myself," whispered Pirate Penguin to himself. "Y'know, for such a good idea of averting NC from finding out my plan, that's not a very good plan."

Pirate Penguin then looked at Ninja Chicken's screen then saw that he was three levels ahead of him, and one away from the final boss.

And to make things worse, he had three times as much points as PP.

"This is going to be tight," thought Pirate Penguin.

"At least for you," said Ninja Chicken.

"Quit listening to my thoughts!" said Pirate Penguin.

Pirate Penguin searched the whole level for a portal to the Hidden Area and found nothing.

Eventually, Pirate Penguin saw the clock was at nine minutes. The time limit per level is ten, so he had to hurry up.

It was then, Pirate Penguin's character was stopped in his tracks as he fell down a trapdoor. But in the pit the trapdoor led to, there was a black hole, which was a portal to the Hidden Area. He was about to run through it when a whole bunch of enemies fell from the ceiling on both sides of PP.

"This should be challenging," said Pirate Penguin.

Then as all the enemies shot a laser, PP ducked and they shot each other.

"Or not," said Pirate Penguin.

He then jumped through the black hole.

Pirate Penguin grew a huge grin on his face as the words "HIDDEN AREA" covered the screen.

Every square inch of the area had big gold coins, which were each 100 points.

After Pirate Penguin got all the big gold coins, he left for the exit, but to find there were ten, one for each level. Pirate Penguin went in the last one to see the words "FINAL AREA" cover the screen.

Ninja chicken had just gotten to the same level and noticed something on Pirate Penguin's screen.

"PP, you may have gotten a lot of points in the Hidden Area, but it's only equivalent to MY current score," said Ninja Chicken, noticing both their scores were 462,543,600 points.

"Then I guess the winner is who can beat the final boss first," said Pirate Penguin.

"I'll beat you to the ground," said Ninja Chicken.

"Oh yeah? And why's that?" asked Pirate Penguin.

"Even if you do beat him on your LAST life, you're so much slower than me that I'll be ahead," said Ninja Chicken.

"Well we'll only find out if we play!" said Pirate Penguin as he ran towards the boss room.

To both of their surprises, a giant robot version of the protagonist, Speed the Hedgefrog was the final boss.

Pirate Penguin had no idea how to beat it at first. He just dodged all it's attacks until he could find a way to hit its head, which was probably the robot's weak spot.

Then Pirate Penguin noticed how its fist comes down into the ground and came back up near its head to repeat it.

Pirate Penguin jumped on the fist, and when it came back up, he was in range to hit the head.

Pirate Penguin did it once, and then noticed Ninja Chicken was actually one hit away from beating it.

"Any last words before I beat you?" asked Ninja Chicken.

"Two, SUPER SPEED!" said Pirate Penguin.

With the press of a button, PP's character started glowing gold and flew.

"When did you get Super Speed?" asked Ninja Chicken.

"I got all eight Destruction Gems earlier and the Hidden area had enough Big Gold Coins to trigger it," said Pirate Penguin as he flew through the robot's head with his invincible form.

Soon Pirate Penguin had obliterated the robot and the credits started playing while Ninja Chicken's character died while he wasn't looking.

"Okay, I'll admit it: I'm impressed," said Ninja Chicken.

"That's why you don't mess with Pirate Penguin FOOL!" said Pirate Penguin.

"You do realize I pick the next and final round, right?" asked Ninja Chicken.

"Yeah, so what do you have in mind?" asked Pirate Penguin.

"This was just a break from this battle if you ask me, although it does count us to be two to two now," said Ninja Chicken.

"We're to two to now?" asked Pirate Penguin.

"Yeah, haven't you been keeping track? Anyway, Round 5 will be the final round, so I want it 2B Epic!" said Ninja Chicken.

"What do you have in mind?" asked Pirate Penguin.

"Space Duel," said Ninja Chicken.

"AWESOME! But how're we gonna get to space?" asked Pirate Penguin.

"I'm sure Astronaut Armadillo can arrange a rocket launch for us," said Ninja Chicken.

"This is going to be EPIC!" said Pirate Penguin.