Wedding Day

She wears a slim dress, fine and silky, a traditional Chinese wedding dress. There's a smile on her face. Her dark hair hangs down over her shoulders in curls, some of it held back by a chain of white flowers with tiny green leaves.

Around her the crew of Serenity are gathered. All but Mal have cheerful looks on their faces. She's not surprised. Mal has expressed his dislike for her choice to marry Wash on more than one occasion. He's being civil though and keeping his mouth shut, and she appreciates that much. It should be a good day yet.

She looks around at the place they chose to get married. It's simple, nothing more than a hillside with open fields and lots of trees and lush grass, but in the simplicity of it, there is a beauty rarely seen or fully appreciated. Wash had suggested it to her one night as they stared out at the stars from the bridge. He'd told her, "It's pretty and outdoorsy and you'll love it."

She had been sceptical, but now that she's standing here, wearing her wedding dress and surrounded by the people she loves and considers her family, it is more than pretty. It is everything she could have ever wanted from her wedding day. It's peaceful and beautiful and there's a measure of hope in their air, like everyone is thinking that if someone like she can get married to someone like Wash then maybe there is hope for them too.

"You ready?" Kaylee whispers, stepping closer to talk to her, her pink dress flowing out behind her.

Zoe glances at her, and as she does so, she catches sight of Wash. Wash looks as handsome as ever in his suit, his hair combed to look more tidy than usual. There's a sparkle in his eyes and she's reminded of why she fell in love with him and why they are all gathered here today. Her gaze travels a bit further and she catches Mal with a slight grin in place.

Zoe turns, smiles at Kaylee and nods. "I'm ready."