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Sometime in the near-future...

Footsteps. Heartbeats. Radio chatter. The checking of ammo. The soft and shallow breaths of frightened men. These sounds echoed throughout the abandoned and dilapidated building that the mutant sat in, waiting. He had been running across the country for days, trying to get to the west coast. Armed men had been chasing him the entire way. Running was getting him absolutely nowhere with these men. They were persistent and always were able to track him. And he thought he was the greatest tracker in the world. The footsteps began to grow increasingly louder and the smell of the men was beginning to circle around in the mutant's brain. Slowly, he moved towards a wall that divided the hallway. After he had made his way towards it, the mutant pressed his ear onto the wall and listened. He heard a deep breath and then silence.

Without hesitation, the mutant drove his fist into the wall, unleashing a trio of foot long metal claws from his knuckles that buried themselves into the soldier's brain. The mutant pulled his claws out of the man's skull and shook his hand of the blood and brain matter. The mutant rounded the wall and began to creep down the hallway silently. Up the hallway, he saw a light move from the left and then to the right as a group of men headed in his direction. Before he could turn the corner, the men had spotted.

"We have visual on target! Repeat, we have visual on target!" one yelled. The men began to fire down the hallway.

Shit...the mutant thought as he unsheathed his second set of claws and raced towards the men. Bullets ricocheted off the metal bones beneath his skin that had endured much more than 5.56 mm rounds. The men began to panic as they realized that their weapons were having no effect and the mutant leapt into the air, releasing a feral roar as he began his descent towards the men, claws first. The mutant sliced through the jugular of his first assailant, blood gushing from his throat. He then sent his claws crashing into his sternum, breaking it instantly and dislodging his heart from the rest of his body.

The mutant then leapt forward, sliding his claws through the second soldier's spine, separating his legs from the upper half of his body. When the mutant turned to the third man, an explosive round collided with the mutant's face, ripping through his face and exposing the metal skull underneath. The third soldier backed away in fear as the mutant's skull healed almost instantaneously.

"What the hell are you?" the soldier yelled. The mutant could smell and hear the urine that squeezed its way out of the soldier and stained his pants.

"You're huntin' me, bub. I guess that makes me an animal." the mutant replied as he swung his claws through the soldier's head. The mutant looked up quickly and raced down the hallway and headed towards the steps that lead to the lobby. The smell of soldiers grew stronger and the mutant stopped in front of the steps and looked down. The mutant growled softly and the men looked up in fear.

"Shit! It's Wolverine!"

"Fire! Fire! FIRE!"

Before the second command could be given, the mutant had already launched himself down the steps, claws unsheathed and teeth bore. The first slash severed a man's arm cleanly at the elbow and the second sent his head flying down towards his firing companions. The soldiers frantically fired up towards the mutant, the smell of fear embracing the feral man's nose. The mutant lunged forward again and landed on the ground floor and jammed his claws into the eye sockets of one soldier, slicing through the visor glass with ease. The remaining men fired shots and the mutant ran forward, using his victim as a shield to absorb most of the fire until the carcass was almost completely ripped apart.

The mutant threw the remains of the body to the side and ran forward as he prepared his final assault. The mutant elbowed a soldier's assault carbine downwards and then sent his elbow crashing into the soldier's throat. The mutant then roared and the two bewildered survivors could only stare as the mutant ran them through with his claws, eviscerating them both. The mutant stopped briefly only for the click of a cocked gun to ring in his ear. Another man stood in the door and the mutant roared his displeasure and ran towards the man, leaping in to the air and preparing to deliver the final blow. Then came the shot.

The bullet buried itself into the mutant's forehead, causing his trajectory to spin completely out of control and sending him corkscrewing into the cracked concrete below him. The mutant landed with a thud and moaned as his body was quickly attempting to heal itself as it would at any other time. But it didn't. There was still a gaping wound on the mutant's head, although bleeding had stopped. Before the mutant could muster the strength to rise to his feet, the shooter's shadow was over him and all the mutant could see was the barrel of the man's gun.

"I'll see you when you wake up, James." the man said as he pulled the trigger.

James? Who the hell is James?

Searing heat burned through the mutant's skin and his eyes burst open as a feral scream erupted from his throat. Luckily for him, his healing factor had already began to heal him and the mutant panted heavily as he attempted to break free from his captivity. However, the more he pulled, the more resistance he received from the chains. The mutant looked up and saw the man that had shot him standing in front of him.

"Usually, you would throw cold water onto an unconscious human being to wake them. But seeing as though you're a mutant with the most powerful healing factor in existence, I was sure a little sodium hydroxide wouldn't bother you." the man said with a sadistic humor in his voice as he slowly rubbed his chin which had only the slightest inkling of black facial hair. The mutant growled.

"You sick bastard. Who the hell are you!" the mutant growled. The man shook his head.

"Really? You really don't remember anything?" the man asked. "I thought you would remember the man that put you through the most excruciating pain that any man could endure. I'm sure you remember the adamantium bonding, don't you?" the man asked. The mutant's scowl deepened.

"Tell me who the fuck you are!" he roared as he unsheathed his claws only for electricity to travel down the chains holding him and electrocute him. The voltage shot through the mutant's metal skeleton. The mutant quickly sheathed his claws and panted as his body healed his burnt and sizzling skin. The man smiled and waved his finger back and forth.

"That was merely a small voltage of 10,000 volts with amperage. There's enough power in this facility for 100,000 volts of electricity to shoot through your body, lighting you up like an Independence Day night sky if your claws stay out for longer than 30 seconds. And considering the fact that you bones are made of metal, a natural conductor for electricity, I'd avoid that." the man said. The mutant frowned. He could literally smell a lie from miles away and this conceited prick was most definitely not bluffing.

"What the hell do you want from me?" the mutant growled. The man began pace back and forth.

"There is something within your memory. Something you saw on a Weapon X mission that I need. The troublesome thing is, your body does more than regenerate physically. You have a very unique psychological healing and that has made finding your repressed memories difficult." The man stated. The mutant growled.

"You did it to me! Weapon X wiped my memory..." the mutant yelled.

"YOU may attribute it to Weapon X and the adamantium bonding but I know, even Xavier knew that it was because your brain repressed every traumatic event in your life. Everything from the numerous wars to the deaths of those close to you. Everything has been repressed by your brain. Weapon X had nothing to do with your blank mind, James." the man stated sternly. The mutant growled. The man kept calling him James. Who the hell was James? Was that what he called himself before he became Logan/Wolverine? Or was that his name from the very beginning?

"Well, if you knew it was so hard to get inside my brain, then why the hell would you waste soldiers tryin' to get to me?" the mutant spat.

"Because..." the man said as he smiled and typed in a few codes. Gas wheezed out of a small box and a metal helmet rose from it. "This is what will be your psychotherapy, James. A machine using a few blueprints stolen from Xavier when he created Cerebro. If Xavier could use Cerebro to detect mutants and even hear their thoughts, why not hyper-engineer this device to access a mutant's psyche? A brilliant plan that took thirty-five years to create when Xavier created Cerebro in less than three months." the man frowned slightly and then removed the helmet from the box.

"As you can imagine, it requires immense power to use this device and so I've been stripping mutants, specifically telepaths of their powers in order to make the machine functional. I've already used it on one mutant...and I'd like to warn you to watch your back...that is if I allow you to live after I get what I need." the man said with a slight chuckle. "The only qualm I have with this machine is that you must live through your memories in sequential order, starting from your first trauma...the awakening of the beast." the man moved close to the mutant, who could do nothing but growl as the man placed the device on his head and hooked it into the wall.

The machine began to whiz softly and quietly but the mutant's sensitive ears could hear the whizzing steadily picking up until finally the noise engulfed the room. The mutant began to scream loudly as he could feel the device tighten around his face and a cord slither into his ear. The cord jammed itself into the mutant's brain and buried deep inside his brain, wrapping itself around his hippocampus. The mutant felt the cord begin to wrap tighter and the mutant's vision began to phase out. The last thing the mutant could make out was the man sitting down at a computer screen.

And then darkness.