A/N: I'm changing the title of this story It's now just called 'Love the Twins' It's going to be a collection of Holiday pranks. First up is of course April Fools... Next will most likly be Easter and so on... I'm hoping for a different prank for each holiday. Any suggestions will be greatly apresiated(?).

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Summery: Holidays were the best for the Weasley twins... There were so many possibilities.

April Fools. Love, The Twins

April Fools, April 1st and the Weasley twins birthday. It was also the day every year were they pulled a school wide prank.

This year was going to be different they decided. This time they were going to give the girls of the castle a chance to laugh and strictly prank the male population.

Harry Potter was the first one to be hit by the prank as he came down the main staircase into the Entrance Hall. As soon as his foot hit the ground, he felt the change. He looked down at himself and laughed.

He was now wearing a girl's uniform, a Slytherin girl's uniform, but other then the colours it was unlike any other uniform he'd ever seen. The skirt stopped just below his arse rather then the normal knee length. The button up white blouse was tied so that his stomach was plainly visible, and it wouldn't undo. He was also wearing thigh-high white socks and mid-calf 4in high heeled boots.

He laughed again as the twins came down the stairs and their uniforms also changed into Slytherin girls, though theirs were closer to the normal style, still shorter but not nearly as bad as his.

"So are you two not the masterminds behind this?" Harry asked pulling on his new skirt.

"Oh, we are."

"We just decided-"

"To get in on the prank this time,"

"Since we're pranking every male in the school."

"Except the ghosts of course."

"Every male?"


"Even Dumbledore?" Harry shivered slightly, "'Cause I for one don't want to see him in something like what I'm wearing."

"Oh! Don't worry about that Harry."

"Each outfit is designed to fit the person it's on,"

"In the opposite colours they're use to."

"So someone like Dumbledore,"

"Would have a long, high neck, long sleeved plain coloured dress."

"While Snape would be forced into colours."

"Ok, so I get the colour thing but why am I wearing this?" Harry asked pulling on his beyond mini-skirt.

"Well the spell was designed to dress people according to how cute they were,"

"So the cuter they were the more skin's revealed."

"And let's face it Harry, you're beyond cute."

"So, your outfit is skimpy and sexy."

"Fine. Though I have to ask, why'd you also make it change my underwear?"

"Goes with the outfit."

"Even your glasses changed."

"Makes sense, in a twisted Weasley twin sort of way. Shell we wait out here for every one else?"

"Of course." Just then, Ron and Hermione came down with Neville, Seamus and Dean.

Each had a different style of female Slytherin uniforms on. Ron looked to be wearing a normal one along with Neville, though Neville was also wearing heels. Seamus had a shorter skirt but still the full blouse. Dean had a knee length skirt but his blouse was tied.

Hermione started laughing at the exact same moment as the boys started screaming.

Fred and George pushed off the wall pulling Harry with them. "Oi! Will you guys knock it off?"

"None of you are nearly as bad as Harry here." Fred pushed Harry from behind them into the front, causing him to stumble slightly because of his 4in heels.

"Thanks guys." Harry grumbled.

Seamus looked him over, "Yes! Thank you Weasley twins!" He then grabbed Harry and yelled, "My eye candy!"

Harry pushed out of Seamus' arms, "Oh, shut up will you? I'm not anyone's eye candy."

Dean quickly looked him over, "Hate to tell you mate, but in that outfit, you're everyone's eye candy." Harry blushed.

George looked around the Hall, "Huh, guess the spell doesn't think anyone is as cute as Harry."

"Not that we don't agree." Fred added.

Hermione looked at George, "Why do you say that?"

"The spell decides on outfits based on cuteness."

"Even Zabini's outfit's not as-"

"Shell we say skimpy?"

"As Harry's. And Zabini's cute."


"OMG! Look at Snape!" Harry pointed over towards the dungeons where Snape had just appeared. He was now wearing a plaid mini dress in red, yellow and purple. "Never knew he had such great legsā€¦"

"Look there's Dumbledore." This time it was Hermione pointing. "You know. He looks rather plain in beige."

"We're going to go inside. I'm hungry." Ron said as he headed for the doors.

"Ok, see you in a bit."

Harry and the twins continued to watch the boys get their outfits changed. Harry hoping that he wouldn't be the only one wearing practically nothing.

It took awhile but finally someone came out who ended up in the identical outfit as Harry's only in red and gold, though he thought Malfoy's heels were slightly shorter. Harry laughed as Malfoy screamed and tried to take the clothes off. According to the twins, they wouldn't come off until that night. Finally, Draco calmed down and went into the Great Hall.

After everyone was in the Great Hall, George turned to Harry, "Harry? How would you like to really confuse people?"


As George told Harry his idea Harry giggled, "Ok, I'll do it. Shell we head in?"

The twins looped an arm around each of Harry's and they walked into the great hall, went straight pass the Gryffindor table and sat down at the Slytherin one.

"Potter! Weasleys! What do you think you are doing? Go sit at your proper table." Professor Snape pulled down the hem of his dress as he stood up to yell at the three of them.

"But sir-"

"We are at the right table."

"We after all-"

"Seem to be Slytherins now." Harry nodded as the twins spoke then added, "So really it's everyone else who are at the incorrect tables."

Dumbledore laughed, "So it would seem. Well you heard them." He said his eyes twinkling, "Please move to your respective table." Dumbledore sat down to many groans from his students.

Once everyone was settled again Dumbledore stood up, "Now before we begin to eat I have a few things to say. Great work Misters Weasley, Happy Birthday and April Fools! Let's eat!"

As I said above any prank ideas are welcome

Next Holiday is Easter I think... correct me if I'm wrong

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