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It had been a week since the April Fools joke and the Weasley Twins were becoming bored with small pranks so they started to plan a big one for Easter.

Easter day dawned bright and sunny, Harry and Hermione, sick of trying to wake up Ron, left the common room and headed towards the Great Hall for breakfast, walking through the doors Harry once again felt the magic of something changing, he closed his eyes and turned to Hermione.

"What happed this time?"

She snickered, "Um, you have bunny ears. Turn around?" Harry did so, keeping his eyes shut, "You also have a tail."

His eyes popped open, "What!" He then snickered as well, "And you have feathers." He walked around Hermione, "And wings."

"Well I guess we're Easter bunnies and chicks?"

"Looks like. Shall we wait for the twins and make sure?"

Hermione shrugged, "Why not."

While they were waiting Hermione conjured a mirror so they could look at how much had changed. Harry now had a pair of long, black rabbit ears and at the end of his tailbone, there was a fluffy black rabbit's tail. Hermione now had yellow feathers all through her hair and on her shoulder blades were a pair of little yellow wings.

Looking back in to the mirror, Harry laughed, "You know, it doesn't really look that bad."

"Why thank you our dear Harry,"

"For that ringing endorsement."

Harry and Hermione turned around and saw the Twins with rabbit ears the same orangeish-red colour as their hair.

"So how does this one work?"

"Well Hermione, it's really rather simple."

"Girls, will have feathers and little chick wings-"

"While boys will have rabbit ears and a tail the same colour as their hair."

"Then we have another little surprise as well."

Harry turned to the Twins, "Can we wait again? I want to see Snape with bunny ears."

"Of course. We wouldn't want to miss that."

"Or Ron's reaction for that matter."

So the three boys along with Hermione waited in the Hall again to watch every one change.

It was 15 minutes of laughing before Ron showed up and started yelling about the ears he had acquired, combined with Malfoy's complaining about how they had ruined his hair. Harry snickered as Fred and George full out laughed at the two.

"You know what?" Hermione asked a few moments later.


"Professor Snape looks good with bunny ears, look." She pointed to the potion's master who was trying, unsuccessfully to hide his ears.

"Well, I must say," A voice behind them said, they turned around to see Dumbledore wearing silver ears, "That this is an entertaining Easter. I haven't seen Minerva with wings since her fourth year."

The twins beamed, "Thank you sir! But just wait till later!"




Everyone had to wait until lunch for the second part of the twins prank to engageā€¦ It started with a first year Hufflepuff hiccupping, soon spreading to everyone in the hall. Suddenly they all began to hiccup bright pink bubbles that slowly morphed into pink bunnies that hopped through the Great Hall making candy appear everywhere they went.

Laughing, Dumbledore stood up, "Well Messer's Weasley, how long will these last?"

"The rest of the weekend."

"And where ever did you get this idea?"

"Well, over the summer we watched the Disney Movie 'Dumbo' but we figured elephants were a bit big."

"Thank you for taking that into consideration. Now, I should think that you all should start catching those rabbits, you can keep them if you wish until they disappear."

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