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"MOM!" Alice yelled and it rang through the house.

I grasped Alice's arm lightly as she started to tremble. What am I supposed to do? Everything I know about childbirth comes from movies and TV should I boil some water and tear up some blankets? What…no Bella she's not giving birth under the stairs.

"Esme!" I yelled into the house.

Esme entered stopping quickly her shoes making a high picked shriek as they hit the hardwood floor. I was trying to stay calm. Just remember to breath I told myself over in over in attempts to stop a panic attack. It was like time had stopped and nothing was happening. Why was nothing happening?

"Mom I think the baby is coming." Alice spoke with a mixture of shock and fear as she placed a hand over her stomach.

"Come on darling, just remember to breath. Remember what we practiced." Esme took a few deep breaths and I followed her instructions to the letter.

"Bella go and tell the boys there out in the yard."

I didn't want to leave Alice. I think my legs turned to Jell-O and my grip on Alice's arm was the only thing keeping me standing. Esme gave me a pointed look and my brain just seemed to snap into action.

I ran through the house throwing open the double doors to the back yard. Emmett and Edward stopped tossing the football and turned to look at me as Jasper looked up from his book.

"Guys the baby is coming…like right now." I gasped saying the words out loud had my head rolling I think I may faint…god this is like biology all over again.

Emmett seemed frozen and Edward and Jasper jumped on top of him excitedly pushing him to the floor. Emmett threw them both of in a swift movement and seemed to move their weight without any bother. They made there way into the house I lead the way to the living room where Alice and Esme were sitting on the couch. Esme rubbed the back of Alice's hand and checked her watch.

"Emmett could you get the car ready? The bag is in the closet by the door on the top shelf."

"Should we call dad, let him know?" Jasper spoke and I felt like I had no use at all.

"Yeah you do that, tell him we'll be there soon." Esme was calm and collected as she spoke.

I walked around to Esme's other side and took Alice's hand in mine. Her grip was like iron and I got a feel of some of the fear she must be feeling right now. I brushed my thumb against the back of her palm. Her green eyes were marred with worry and I could tell she was in no way expecting this.

"You better have that name ready," I tried to smile.

Alice bit her lip nodding only slightly. Emmett rushed back in bag over his shoulder.

"Right everything is ready to go." Emmett came to my side and I let him help Alice to the car.

"Bell…a." Alice let out a strangled yelp.

"I'm right behind you Ali, I'm gonna get a ride with Edward and Jazz." I reassured her.

I got in the back of the Volvo and Alice went with Esme in the Mercedes. Edward started the car and began to follow the black Mercedes.

"I can't believe Emmett's going to be a father, that's scary. Do you think we should phone Rose?" Edward rambled while turning the wheel.

I'm confused why would Emmett be the father?

"Yeah it's crazy, I already called her she's racing here as we speak she doesn't want to miss the birth of her first child."

"What are you guys talking about?" I leaned forward to get a better view of their faces. "Why is Emmett the father and how is this Rosalie's child?"

"Well it's Emmett and Rosalie's baby they are adopting it. Didn't Alice ever mention that? I thought you knew." Jasper tilted one side of his mouth in an almost dumfounded expression.

"No she failed to mention that." I bit sarcastically. I couldn't believe I thought she was keeping the baby how could I have been so stupid. I thought over the last few months seeing if maybe she had mentioned it in passing but there was nothing. She made no mention of it at all maybe I should have seen it coming I mean Alice never bought any baby clothes and I never heard her speak about a nursery or anything to do with the future but then why was she naming it? "Well if the baby is Rosalie's then why is Alice getting to pick the name?"

"She said she could." jasper answered simply and I couldn't argue with his logic.

We arrived at the hospital and we were only minutes behind the rest. The maternity section of the hospital was small but there was a waiting room with couches and the usual old magazines. We got settled in but there was an anticipation well maybe that was just me. I couldn't sit still like them I got on my feet using the movement for a distraction as thoughts raced a track in my head. If Alice knew Rose couldn't have children did she do this on purpose? No…no she wouldn't do that, that's crazy. She wouldn't right?

"Stop pacing your making me dizzy." Edward grabbed the front of his hair leaning forward like he was going to throw up.

"I can't I need to know what's happening. Why are they taking so long to tell us anything?" I complained making a scene as one of the nurses just stared at me but I could care less.

"It takes a long time we could be hear for hours even a day so just calm down."

I stopped pacing and took in Edward's words. A day? Wow usually you just see the last push looks like it takes about ten minutes.

Emmett came back down the hall and we all looked to him for any information. "Bella…Alice is asking for you. Just go down the hall third door on the right." I walked around Emmett as he stayed to talk to his brothers.

I pushed open the door and Alice was already looking much calmer. I moved apprehensively toward her unsure of how to act. I guess she wanted me here so I must be doing something right. I took her hand in mine and my eyes followed a slow path up her arm to her face. She didn't look as scared as she was at the house and I was glad about that. I leaned down brushing some of the wayward spikes of hair out of her eyes and placed a soft kiss on her forehead.

"Hey how you feeling?"

"Much better now they gave me some drugs."

I chuckled at the slightly dazed expression she put on but I still wanted to know one thing. I thought about waiting but I couldn't I needed to now. I was about to ask when a nurse came barreling in. I was about to leave when Alice pulled my hand back towards her chest.

"Please stay." Alice whispered quietly like a frightened child that became lost and just needed someone to hold onto.

I put my chin on the edge of the pillow so we were eye to eye. "Of course…there isn't anywhere else I'd rather be."

Esme and Emmett came in with man I knew as doctor stone. He looked towards us and raised his eyebrows but didn't say anything. He checked the machines silently and spoke in hushed words to the nurse.

"Alright Alice it's almost time to start pushing just a little while longer."

Someone let out a sigh and we all turned in the direction of the noise. "Thank god, if Rose misses this she would kill me." Emmett whipped a few beads of sweat from his brow as he sighed in relief.

(A few hours later)

Doctors must have no sense of time because I've been holding Alice's hand for more than two hours and still nothing.

"Hey Ali, can I go get a drink?" I looked towards our hands and she blushed and let go of my hand as I stretched the sore muscles.

"Yeah sorry my mind was wandering."

"I'll be back in a few." I left the room and heeded towards the vending machines. My lips were like sandpaper and water seemed to just call out to me. Checking my phone I had five text and two missed calls all from Angela. Crap I forgot to call her. I quickly texted her telling her there was an emergency and that I was really sorry. Then texted Charlie hopefully he would be able to figure out how to read it.

I passed Rose pacing the hall her laser like gaze focused on the floor, I wanted to say something reassuring but we didn't really know each other that well. I stopped and looked at her when we heard a yell come from Alice's room. We both turned our heads like a deer hearing a cracked branch. The doctor, a nurse, Emmett and Esme were all in the room and it was beginning to feel a little full.

I thought about leaving as I edged backwards my back almost flushed with the wall. No one even noticed me they were all to busy crowding around Alice as the doctor gave little notes like 'push' and 'breath'. I really wish I had stayed with Edward and Jazz as Alice screamed in agony. There was about twenty minutes of yelling and I'd never heard Alice curse so much in my life it would have been funny if she weren't in pain. Then the room was silent as we heard the cries of a newborn baby.

"It's a boy!" Doctor stone called and Emmett pumped his fist in the air.

The new baby boy was wrapped in a blanket and given to Alice who looked like she was about to pass out. Alice looked down into his eyes and I could tell they had a bond instantly. You could almost see it.

"Have you chosen a name yet?" Esme Asked.

"Yeah…Reilly." She spoke softly and gazed into little Reilly's eyes. I liked Reilly. I could see already he had a head full of midnight black hair.

Alice passed him to Rosalie and she cradled him gently in her Arms as she began to cry. "I'm not crying…I just got something in my eye."

Emmett embraced her into a gentle hug and they looked like the perfect family. Edward, Jasper and Carlisle entered the room and you could tell this baby was going to be so…spoiled.

"Where's my grandson?" Carlisle called.

I ignored the room for a minute focusing on my heartbeat, which seemed to be coming from the other side of the room. Alice seemed to have fallen asleep somehow in all this commotion and Esme started ushering everyone out the room.

"Come on she needs her sleep. "Esme said

"I just want to sit in here for a little while. "I told Esme and she nodded closing the door. I sat on the seat moving it closer to Alice's bedside.

(Some hours later.)

I pried open my eyes and my corneas burned in the light. Alice was still asleep and I must have dozed off to. Rosalie was standing on Alice's other side just looking over her.

"How long have I been out?" I asked hearing the gravel in my own voice. I coughed lightly trying to clear it.

"About four hours."

Wow that was long, I didn't even know I was tired. "Where's Reilly?" My voice was course and I could hardly understand what I had said.

"He's in the nursery."

I wiped my eyes and moved to sit back against the chair. "Is she going to be okay?" I nodded toward Alice.

"Yeah she should be fine." Rosalie smirked "Anyone ever tell you, you worry to much."

"Yeah once." I smiled remembering the day I was last in the hospital. That was the day she told me she loved me.

"You looked like you were gonna pass out for a while back there."

"I think I was." I laughed.

"Look after her okay" Rosalie asked making her way towards the door.

Of course I would it's almost like my job except I like it, "Will do."

It had to be hours before Alice seemed to wake. We were the only ones in the room as Jasper had just left to get something to eat.

"What time is it?" Alice asked before her eyes were even open.

"It's almost six."

"I've been asleep that long." Alice yawned and it was kind of cute. Her cheeks seemed to be a rosy pink colour that went perfectly with her pale skin.

"Yep you've probably slept off most of those drugs they gave you."

"Dammit." Alice clicked her fingers making a face and I was glad she was still the same Alice.

"Hey Ali can I ask you something?"

"You just did but sure."

"Why didn't you tell me you weren't keeping the baby?" I leaned in closer as I spoke keeping my voice a light whisper.

"I…I don't know." Alice seemed a little dazed but thought hard about the question. "I'm to young to look after a child and Rosalie wanted a child it just seemed to work out. I didn't really think about it."

How could she not think? "So you never thought for a moment about keeping him?"

"He wasn't a he at the time and no I didn't I was scared and alone." Alice spoke without wavering.

"But what about when I was there you weren't alone. I wouldn't have left you alone." I knew what I was saying was crazy in no way was I ready for a kid.

"What did you think I would happen Bella? I have this baby and we all live in my room one big happy family." Alice spoke the truth her voice getting slightly raised and ending with an exhausted chuckle.

Was it so out of the realm of possibility that Alice thought it was laughable I mean it could have worked right, "I thought it was possible." I stood and turned my back on Alice not wanting her to see my face. I don't know why I thought it was possible I just did. Her laugh seemed to cut through me, I felt upset at her blatant dismissal.

"Come on Bella you know it isn't." Alice's voice took on its usual calmness as I heard the sheets rustle and I knew she was sitting up now.

"Why not?" I thought it was possible, we could have been happy together. I felt tears start to well up but I kept them at bay and headed for the door.

"Bella…Bella wait!" Alice shouted but I was already gone. I just needed a moment.

I flowed the yellow stripe in the floor heading nowhere in particular and as I was walking the halls. I heard the sounds of subtle crying and moved in that direction. There was a large window and all the newborn babies well there were only three but still I was instantly brought to the little green eyes of Reilly Cullen. I tried the door and luckily it was open so I moved inside to beside Reilly's crib. He rolled a little and stared up at me. I picked him up gently cradling his head pressing his small body against my chest. The blanket fell loose a little and he got his arm out and stared motioning up and down. His hands were so tiny I put one of my fingers in his whole hand feeling how soft his skin was. Then he gripped my finger so tight. I had no ideas babies were so strong or maybe it's just him. I felt a tear creep into my eyes and I tried to blink it away but I couldn't move my hands.

"Wow you're strong aren't you. You're going to need that having Emmett as a dad, Emmett's going to be a good dad. I'm sorry I'm not going to be able to see you grow up. You're to young to know now but I would like to be there to see you grow up. I mean maybe I'll just get to see you on Saturdays and then you might call me auntie Bella and I can be like one of those aunties that's not really and auntie just a friend of the family but there like family and maybe I can be that for you. Then when your eighteen you can ask me to buy you beer and I'll say no and you'll hate me for a while but then I'll give you some and I'll be cool again. You need to know that you always have people that love you it doesn't matter who your mom or dad are."

"Bella." There was a gentle knock at the door and I turned to see Rosalie leaning against the frame. "I'm sorry."

I had no idea what she was sorry about but it felt like what Alice and me had just argued about. "Don't be sorry Rosalie, Your ready, your gonna be a great mom, I know I'm too young to even think about looking after a kid."

I swayed a little with Reilly in my arms and he closed his eyes a little.

"I know but I just feel like you came into this family expecting one thing and preparing yourself and I know that even though you aren't ready that doesn't mean you weren't willing to take up the task."

Rosalie's words seemed to bring a smile to my face. I handed Reilly over to his mother "Hey Rose can you tell Alice that I love her and I'll be back tomorrow morning." I just needed some time to think and a shower.

"Sure thing." Rosalie spoke cuddling into her new baby.

I got home pretty late but as soon as I was through the door Charlie shot up of the couch and was mid question before I could even take my shoes off.

"Bells how did it go? What happened? Is Alice alright?" Charlie spoke with concern and I paced slowly to the stairs before I answered.

"She's fine, it was a boy…Reilly seven pounds six ounces. I'm really tired I think I'm just going to crash it's been a long day."

Charlie coughed sticking his thumbs in his belt as he mumbled "Of course, of course goodnight Bells."

"Night dad."


The hospital was quiet but it is a small town so that wasn't unusual. I was a frequenter here but usually just bumps and bruises. I'm never in this part of the hospital.

"Hi I'm here to see Alice Cullen." I spoke to a young woman in scrubs.

"Sure just down the hall on the left room five." She said with a smile as she moved some charts.

I walked slowly down the hall. My stomach felt uneasy as I passed door after door and I didn't have any plans on what I was going to say. I just hope she doesn't hate me for leaving yesterday. I reached the door and put my hand on the edge slowly pushing it open. Alice noticed me she was standing looking out the small window on the far side of the room. Her dark blue pajamas made her skin look even paler than it already was.

I bit my lip as I dropped my gaze. "Hi." I whispered and I could hear the gravel in my voice at the first words of today.

I let the door fall shut behind me as Alice crossed the room in a few short strides and hugged me tightly to her small frame. I wound my arms around her shoulders trying to get rid of any space between us. I put my face in her hair kissing the top of her head as she sighed against my chest. My body seemed to relax in her presence like my body missed her body and now knew we were together.

"I missed you." I mumbled into her soft black spikes.

"I'm sorry about yesterday I should have told you…" Alice drawled quickly and I calmly shushed her.

"Shhhh…it's okay I know you made the right choice," I decided to try and move conversation to happier things. "So when do they let you out of this place." I lifted my head looking her in the eye with a smile.

"I should be able to get out later today, but I'm not allowed to do anything to strenuous."

"Damn there go my cliff diving plans." I laughed as I let go but as soon as I did my arms started to ache. Alice sat on the bed and I took my place on the chair. I wondered where Reilly was but I didn't want to ask. "So does this mean I can take you out on a real date soon?"

"I like our dates." Alice pouted.

I couldn't help but smile at her reaction as I did to but it would be nice to go out. "Yeah but still it'll be nice to go for dinner and to the movies and…"

"Shopping?" Alice cut in with a look of pure excitement.

I felt my eyes actually search for an escape. "Or you know we could stay home."

Our conversation was quickly broken by a knock at the door as Esme came in and she was holding Reilly close to her chest. He looked to be sleeping as his little eyelids fluttered shut.

"Hey mom where's Rose?"

"She went with Emmett to get a car seat apparently that was Emmett's one job." Esme tutted and I couldn't help but think that's just like Emmett.

"Do you want to hold him?" Esme asked me and I was unsure if I should.

"Sure." I got up and gently put my hand under his head then placed my arm under his body being careful not to wake him. He didn't seem to notice the exchange at all as he continued to be off in dreamland. I wonder what babies dream about?

I leaned against the edge of the bed and Esme reached for a camera. Why would she want a picture of me?

"You two get together." Esme motioned and I felt Alice move behind me as she wrapped her arms high on my shoulder and leaned forward so we were almost cheek-to-cheek. The flash went off and I think all I saw was white for a second as I blinked it away. Esme took a few more but then put it away. I gave Reilly back to Esme and I think she left to show him off a little more.

"Esme loves to show him off she thinks he's the cutest baby to ever live." Alice sighed dramatically.

"He is, he gets it from you." I laughed as I moved to site beside Alice on the bed taking her hand in mine and mindlessly intertwining our fingers. "Is it hard for you? Letting him go after all this time."

"Yes and no…he's still part of the family I'm still going to see him all the time."


It had been a few weeks since Alice had gotten out of hospital and everything was fine. I hadn't seen Reilly with Rosalie and Emmett living in Seattle and I had started to miss the little guy. I tried to focus back on my book but there was a light knock at the door as Alice came in and I had the weirdest feeling of Déjà vu but brushed it off. Alice hung out here a lot, I think Charlie was starting to like her more than me but I could understand why. She sat on the bed as no words were exchanged and I pretended to continue reading.

"I have something for you," Alice Said quietly.

I put the book down and noticed that she did have something in the hand. I sat up on crossed legs and she put the present in my lap. I was slightly confused as it wasn't my birthday or Christmas or any other holiday I knew of. I picked up the present analyzing the rectangular shape and the slight weight it had. The wrapping paper was green and stripy and I had to hold back from shaking it.

"What's it for?" I asked excitedly

"It's for you," Alice rolled her eyes sarcastically. "Open it."

I tore of the paper with one swoop and I was it was a photo frame simple and black but inside the frame was the photo of Alice, Reilly and I at the hospital and Alice has her arms around me as I'm holding Reilly. It was a great photo I ran my thumb against the edge of the frame as I tried to remember the moment.

"It's a family photo."

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