Chapter One

"The Summer that changed everything"

That summer I had packed up all my stuff and reluctantly left my home to keep both my parents happy, and to keep my sister- Lisa happy, since she wanted to get out more than anybody. My father was a lot like me, he didn't particularly want to go Kellerman's either, the only reason being was to keep his main patient happy, who was eager to get him up to Kellermans for the labour day weekend for a while now, my father simply gave in to get him off his back. My mother and sister were a lot like each other in ways, my mother enjoyed helping Lisa pick out her dresses and they both shared the same girly interests, wanting to always go out and socialize.

"Oh..." My sister sighed, as she sat in the car, on the ride home. "I wish we could've stayed longer." Lisa looked down, and began chewing her nails as she spoke with such despair. "Well, we would have dear, but you're father has work again soon and Kellermans was closing for the fall." My mother explained, putting on more lip stick in the front seat beside my father. "Can we go back next year Daddy?" Lisa said in a pleading tone, leaning against the back of the leather seat. "Please?" She begged. "We'll see, we'll see." He commented, keeping his eyes on the road. "No doubt Baby will wanna go back too." My sister made a snide remark, kneeling back on her seat, giving me a smirk as she rested the heels of her shoes on the seat beside my legs. I threw my book at her, with a loud laugh, motioning her to 'shut up'. I wondered about Johnny for a moment, and whether he would be working there next year- I knew he'd gotten the sack since he wasn't supposed to be messing around with the guests, but after his grand finale with me I wondered how they could let him leave. "So..." Lisa urged speaking in a tone only I could hear as my parents bickered in the front. "When are you gonna see you're dancer again?" She smirked again. "I don't know." I commented truthfully, we hadn't made plans to meet up, it was just a simple goodbye, but the goodbye didn't hurt because for a reason we both seemed to know we'd be seeing each other again real soon. "Oh come on! Do you expect me to believe that?" She scoffed. "Last night you just did the best dance off I'd ever seen and now you're telling me you don't know when you're gonna see him again?" Lisa said this with such disbelief it was hard for me to believe my own head.

"I don't know Lisa!" But I found I wasn't the same tone of amusement, she had made me think that maybe perhaps I was just another blow off that he was just messing around with me until the summer end. "What's the matter?" She said, sitting up, her face wiped with all joking. For a second I felt as though I might cry, I wondered how I had lived every day of my life with Johnny not being in one of them. My head buzzed, my heart thumped and I was close to begging my father to turn the car around, when I was reminded of what Johnny had slipped into my pocket as I said goodbye, he had winked at me- but I didn't check to see. My hand zoomed to my left pocket of my jacket, where I found nothing but a scrunched up piece of paper. I pulled it out, my fingers frantically pulling the folds apart. It read in scrawled handwriting; 'Johnny Castle,' along with his phone number, with an address at the bottom and a small note. 'This is my dad's address, write to me there- Looks like I'll be taking up that job as a plasterer after all, at least until I find some work in the meantime.' My heart rose, and I found myself beaming again, before showing Lisa the note. I laughed in relief, even the mere sight of his name made my heart turn to mush- I wanted to be with him again, but sadly I couldn't, at least not yet anyway. "God, you're starting to turn into a lovesick teenager." Lisa frowned in a sense of disgust but I knew by her tone she was only joking, she sat back down on the leather car seat, resting her feet beside me, biting her nails again.