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Chapter Three

"Well don't you feel like crying?"

"But Baby, honestly- the guy hasn't returned any of your letters." Lisa tried explaining to me that Johnny was a player that only messed around with girls over the summer. "But Lisa, he told me- he said I was different- he told me he hated being used by the women who came to stay at Kellermans!" I protested. "Hah!" Lisa laughed, almost knocking her mirror over. "He told you he hated being 'used' by women?" Lisa laughed again and rolled her eyes. "And did you actually buy that Baby? He's a guy- he uses chicks. He probably just said that to get you off his back about the subject." She said, still doing her hair- how I wasn't sure of. "That's not true!" I claimed. "He loved me!" I said, my stomach churning as I said this, because I really never remembered either of us telling one another we loved each other. Lisa was right- he used me. "Look Baby, I'm not being nasty, you're my sister, I gotta' look out for you, but he hasn't written back to any of your letters and I think he screens all your calls." She was quite blunt about the subject, a bit like my father. "It's been four weeks." She pointed out to me, as I sat on my bed, thinking this entire situation over. "Look, all I'm saying is maybe Dad wasn't that wrong about the dancing thing." Lisa explained, finally taking her eyes off herself to look at me. "You were great out there, that night- with or without Johnny I'm sure you'd be great with another partner." She smiled, but I butted in, with my face full of all sorts of emotion. "No, but Lisa, you don't understand- every time I've danced it's been with him! He taught me everything I know, the only reason I could dance with him was because I loved him, dancing with someone else would just be wrong, and I don't think I could do as well." I said, panting, unable to take a breath through my speech. My sister furrowed her brows. "Oh Baby, stop being dramatic. How would it be wrong dancing with another person? Guys are guys, get over it- you were hit by a player, move on. Am I still fretting over Robbie? No. I'm going to see Jonathan Tracy tonight." She said his name with such pleasure; it sickened me. "Oh!" I frowned, and half shouted at her, making her look up at me. "How would you know? You've never been in love! The only reason you get over guys so fast is because you're just as big a user as they are!" I was now shouting in such agonized rage- I stormed out of the bedroom, grabbing my hooded jacket, the one I had worn when it was pouring rain and Johnny had taken me in his car to learn the lift back at Kellermans. "Hey Baby! You can't go around talking to people like that! I'm glad lover boy didn't write back, he probably realised you're just a jerk!" Lisa shouted, her words were harsh, but they didn't hit me painfully, because I was deep in thought and emotion. I thudded downstairs, refusing to cry- I couldn't, What me and Johnny had was real, I needed to think all of this over again, but by myself. "Where are you going honey?" My mother called from the kitchen. "I'll be back later." I retorted, slamming the front door behind me as I pulled on my jacket.

The sun had quickly turned to a heavy rain storm, as though the weather were mirroring my emotions. I sat on a bench in my local park, watching girls on bikes cycle around screaming from getting wet, old women who toddled along pitching up their umbrellas and a young boy who lifted up his small dog and ran home.

I simply sat here, on the bench as the rain bounced off it, with my hood up, sheltering me from the rain. My hands were dug deep within my pockets, as I thought about what Lisa had said. Maybe she was right- Johnny had treated me like a fool, and I was stupid enough to go along with it. He scammed me, I had helped his friend out and he had dumped me as soon as I had went home, as though he were using me, being nice to me because he had to- I was a fool for ever have believing him. I just wanted to be loved, and me being only seventeen, I was bound to get my heart broken, I mean he was Johnny Castle, older women, younger girls, all beautiful and glamorous- they loved guys like Johnny Castle, then there was me, a young schoolgirl and nothing else, I wore shorts and frumpy cardigans, I didn't attempt any make-up and my hair always stayed the same, he surely wouldn't have found anything interesting in me. For the first time, in a long time, I had allowed small tears to roll down my soft cheeks- not because I was missing Johnny, but because suddenly I felt my heart sink- I had been used, I was a laughing stock. It maddened me, but I couldn't be angry now, I was heartbroken. I let a small sob escape my lips as I brought my wet sleeve up to wipe my arrogant tears away. I was a fool, a mess, a rebound- whatever I was it wasn't good. I had truly loved Johnny Castle, I had fallen for a player- and even though he had used me I would give anything to be back in his arms again, just say the word. But he was gone, and I'd never see him again as I knew my father wouldn't go back to Kellermans, and even if he did, I doubted Johnny would still be there, as if I wanted to maintain another summer romance anyway. I swallowed loudly, not allowing the second sob to unfold through my lips, it created a heavy, painful lump in my throat, but I refused to let it out, and this entailed more tears- I tried with all my might to think about something else, to think about college, Lisa, the cereal I had poured out this morning, but I found my mind constantly zooming back to the one thing I wanted to block out- Johnny. With another loud sob, I brought my hands over my eyes to find myself sobbing into my jacket sleeves painfully- thinking of nothing but Johnny and how I loved him, as much as I wished to deny it, as much as I protested to Lisa that I didn't care if he didn't write back, I knew that I'd only ever admit the truth to myself, and here I was, alone, with no one to share my secrets to, sobbing over a boy- I felt betrayed and pathetic, Lisa was right- I was just a lovesick schoolgirl, and my romance was over before it had even begun. I sat on the bench, letting my sorrow eat me up to the harmony of the rain, until a few hours later I had gotten out most of my grief- I walked around a while, so the redness in my eyes was fully gone before I faced my parents- but as I left the park that day, in the pouring rain, I promised myself it would be the first and last time I cried over Johnny Castle- I would go on to college and join the Peace Corps, I would find new friends and do something other than writing to Johnny to occupy my time- I promised myself that I wouldn't think or care about Johnny again- I would move on with my life, and if we crossed each other's paths in the future, I knew I would be a step ahead of him, a little wiser all the more. And with that knowledgeable thought in my head, I returned home.