A/N: A short fic about female Shepard and Miranda, written for a contest on deviantArt (BioWare Club Challenge: Kiss-a-thon)

Wanted to try something different, thats why its in first person :)

She stood there, at the console, probably running some diagnostics, oblivious to her surroundings. I leaned on the doorway, looking at her, up and down. Man! She has such a perfect body. Not short, but not too tall. Curves in all the right places. Hair as black as coal and eyes as blue as the sky over Earth. And that smile. I could watch her smile all day long, and it still wouldn't be enough.

Small smile danced on my lips as I quietly started walking towards her. She was so focused on her work, she didn't hear me approach.

I slid my arms around her slim waist, pulling her a little towards me. I inhaled her scent, as I kissed her neck. She was startled at first, trying to turn around and face the one who violated her personal space. But she recognized me soon enough, and she relaxed in my arms, leaning her head backwards, to rest on my shoulder.

It feels so good to have her in my arms.

I turned her around, so she could face me, and she smirked, wrapping her hands around my neck, as I leaned to kiss her on those beautiful, full lips. She welcomed me instantly, and our tongues locked in battle for dominance for a few moments, until I won.

I explored her mouth with my tongue, while pushing her towards the console. A small moan escaped her lips.

She put one of her arms on it, so she could sit and I lifted her a bit, not breaking our kiss.

My hands traveled up and down her legs and she locked them around my waist, pulling us even closer together.

I was just about to lift her from the console, when we heard giggling behind us.

We broke the kiss at the same time, though we stayed in the same position, my hands on her hips, and one of her arms around my neck. I turned towards the sound, as she drew a gun from my holster pointing it towards the intruder. I looked at her, eyebrow arched in a question, but she ignored me, so I turned around once again, to see Morinth, looking at us, smirking, with a lust and excitement in her eyes. Tali was peeking from behind her.

"Dont let us disturb you, please, continue what you were doing." Morinth said with a sly smile on her face. I frowned at her, turning to face her fully.

"I presume Kasumi was here too, because I know you dont giggle and Tali... would sound different." I said mockingly, crossing my arms beneath my breasts.

"For a thief with her reputation, she sure isnt very stealthy, while spying on other people." Miranda said dangerously, lowering my gun. I let out a small sigh of relief. It wouldnt do us any good if my crew started fighting each other, instead of Reapers and Collectors.

She was still sitting on the console, leaning on my shoulder with one arm. I could feel her breath on my ear as she spoke. I wanted nothing more than to turn around and kiss her again, but there was this small problem with spectators.

So I took a deep breath to calm my fast beating heart, before I spoke again.

"We'll have a briefing in 20 minutes about our next mission. Dont be late." I said sternly, ending any discussion with that.

Morinth smirked, knowing look in her eyes, as she turned around and grabbing Tali's arm. "Come on, let us find our amusement elsewhere. I heard that Garrus was looking for a sparing partner."

I waited until the door closed behind them, before I turned towards Miranda again "So... Where were we?" I smirked as I leaned to kiss her once again.

A/N2: I know that Miri isnt a romance option for fem!Shep, but she was SUPPOSED to be :P so I couldnt help myself and had to write this. Its based on the romance scene with Miranda in the engine room... Oh and, here, the crew knows its Morinth and not Samara :)