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~Killed With Kisses~

Having memorized all of her possible escape routes, Amu knew how to get out. The fact that they'd caught up to her again didn't faze her. She knew what to do to get away, and if it came to that then she'd do it. Her freedom meant that much to her.

"Come on girly, the Guardians are here to take you home."

Amu gritted her teeth and prepared to jump from the roof. Her body was specially enhanced to take any sort of abuse. A six story drop wouldn't even bruise her. Unfortunately, before her feet could leave the ground a pair of hands grabbed her shoulders and flipped her backwards onto the roof. Amu lay pinned under the big worker from the organization she was desperately trying to escape from. "Let me go and I'll let you live."

The man straddling her waist smirked down at her. "They didn't tell me that you were so beautiful. I bet we could work out some kind of deal that will convince me to let you go for a little while longer. I can always catch you later."

Amu stared up at the man for a moment before resigning to her fate. "What did you have in mind?"

The smirk widened as the man leaned down to place his face close to hers. "Why don't we just start with a couple of kisses and go from there?"

Wanting to scream as his slobbery lips crushed down onto hers, Amu did what she did best. She stole the man's life right out of his lips. Unknowing how she actually does it, Amu began kissing back. She sucked in what would seem to be air from his mouth. In reality it was his soul. The man atop her began to struggle as he realized that his life was indeed in trouble. With her arms now loose, Amu moved them around his head to hold him there until her task was complete. No matter how the man twisted and turned, he couldn't shrug her off. Finally he stopped everything. No more breathing, no more moving and no more living. "Sorry but one was enough."

Amu shoved the corpse off of her and moved quickly to her feet. These men were never sent alone and she was certain that his partner would show up at any moment. The cause of this man's death would be almost impossible for anyone else to discover. He simply died, but this is why Amu was created. She could kill without leaving any trace. This is why the group that called themselves The Guardians wanted her back.

Using her sleeve to wipe his spit from her lips, Amu moved to the edge of the roof and jumped. She never hit the ground as she flew away from the scene.


The small town she took refuge in was barely large enough to contain a school. It did, however, so Amu decided to stay. Maybe this time she'd be able to stay in the town longer than a few weeks. At the most she'd stay for a couple of years, or until she graduated from the high school. Living a normal life was the only thing she wanted.

The moment she'd found out that she'd been created to kill, Amu had escaped and has been on the run ever since. At first she didn't know that she could kill so easily. It was an accident the first time, but her power did save her from being raped.

Blending in was her second nature. Amu waited until school had started before she made her way into the building, heading straight for the office to register. The secretary helped her fill out the forms and gave her the entrance exam. Amu made sure to get some of the questions wrong. There was no point in letting anyone know that she was a genius.

"That's it then dear. Here is your schedule and uniform. You can start tomorrow. Please be on time."

Amu smiled and ducked out of the office, making her way out of the building. She'd been able to make another clean entry. "Stupid humans."

The small apartment that she'd managed to rent for a small price was actually above a garage in someone's backyard. The older couple had no problem with letting a young, pretty girl stay there as long as she didn't make too much noise. Parties weren't her thing. People weren't her thing.

Amu decided that she'd give the humans at her school a chance. There was no knowing if they were just like all the other people she'd met. It was always the same. Everyone was either so afraid that they wouldn't speak to her or they thought she was too good for them. For once she wished to be treated as a normal student. To be treated as just another human even though she wasn't.

Finding her new home secure, Amu made her way back out to scout the town and look for anything unusual. She could take no chances. The Guardians had come close several times to capturing her when her guard was down. Now it remained up no matter what.

School let out just as Amu was walking past it on the sidewalk. She watched the kids flee the oppressive building in pursuit of the big world outside its gates. Laughing and talking, friends met with friends and made their way home.


Amu turned in the direction of the shouting to see a boy with reddish brown hair sprinting straight for her. There was no time to step out of the way so Amu did the only thing she could. Using her hands to guide her high enough, Amu jumped the boy as he ran under her. Her hands made contact with his shoulders as she flipped through the air.

Silence met her ears as she regained her footing. Her first thought was that she'd blown it already. That was until a girl started clapping and cheering. The boy that had almost ran her over, came back to give her a thumbs up and a huge grin. Amu felt herself smiling in return. "Hey! I'm Souma Kukai. Sorry about that!"

"Hinamori Amu. What were you doing?"


Amu felt her face deadpan. That much was obvious to her, but apparently this boy didn't think that he needed a reason to be running at top speed the way he was. "Oh I seeā€¦"

"That was an amazing jump. You should play sports."

Amu rubbed the back of her head before turning around to walk away. Now wasn't the time for a conversation. People were still circled around her and it made her feel uncomfortable.

"Hey! Wait a minute Hinamori! Are you going to school here?"

Amu turned back and smiled. The sounds of people gasping in the crowd easily reached her ears. Yes, she knew that she was beautiful, but it was because she was genetically enhanced that way. There was no need for everyone to be so amazed by it. It wasn't natural. "Yes, I start tomorrow."

Kukai grinned again before waving his hands as he turned and started running again. "Then I'll see ya tomorrow!"

Amu watched as the boy left before she departed as well. The kids watching the interaction slowly made their way away all the while telling their own versions of what they had seen.


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