Morg: Heyo! This is the end.

Ikuto: A moment of silence please.

Amu: Not like anything important is ending.

Morg: How dare you!?

Ikuto: Is there a lemon in this?

Amu: I hope not, and even if there is, she doesn't own us so it doesn't matter.

Morg: You'll just have to read and see!

Ikuto: Lame.

~Killed With Kisses~

The silence was something that Utau was grateful for. It meant that Kukai no longer needed to be hooked up to all those horrible machines. She hated to see the fun loving boy in such a state, but it was needed. Amu and Ikuto had had to do a full body scan on the boy after they finally managed to reach her private beach house safely. They did it in order to check to make certain there was nothing else planted in his body. In the end, all they found were the wires connected to his brain. Amu assured them both that she and Ikuto would be able to remove them without doing any permanent damage to Kukai. The boy had trusted them and was now recovering.

Being that Amu had just left, Utau stared at the sleeping boy. She partly wanted him to wake up so she could tell him that Amu had just told her that he'd be fine, but she mostly wanted him to wake up so that he could tell her himself that he was fine. Utau wanted the energetic Kukai back.

Sighing as she leaned back in her chair, Utau felt her muscles cry out in protest. She wasn't completely healed herself, but that wasn't going to stop her from looking after Kukai. It wasn't like she had wires connected to her brain and was forced to attack her friends and then herself. No, Utau could deal with her soreness. Ikuto and Amu had assured her that she'd be fine in a few days anyhow.

That being the case, the super star wasn't sure if she wanted to be normal. Well, her version of normal. Sure, she enjoyed singing and being famous and everything that came with it, but being kidnapped and tortured had put some things into a new light for her. "I don't even know if I can continue singing now. Surrounded by all of those people."

Shudders ran along Utau's spine as she muttered to herself. Yep, there was no doubt in her music loving mind that she had lost a few brain functions. "Maybe I'll just retire and live in some cottage somewhere. I've got enough money for it."

"Wouldn't you be lonely?"
Trying not to show how startled she was that a new voice was joining in on her conversation, Utau gave a small shrug as she stared down at the boy lying on the bed. "I might."

Yawning, Kukai stretched his arms out without really moving much of the rest of his body. He was still exhausted, both mentally and physically, and he wasn't in the mood to really move yet. His headache was no joke. "I'll just have to keep you company then."

Feeling her chest expand in a way breathing couldn't make it, Utau slid her hand into the other's. "Wouldn't your family miss you?"

"Naw, there's too many of us anyways. Besides, living through this made me realize what I can and cannot live without. It wasn't my family that I was thinking about when we were all in danger."

The hand that she held squeezed hers, causing Utau to smile.


Things had gone pretty much back to normal for them. At least, as normal as one could after being kidnapped, tortured and experimented on. Still, Rima found that some things just couldn't return to how they were.

Standing in the doorway to a practice room in Utau's house-because the popstar would obviously have one-Rima couldn't help but sigh internally while watching the man she loved trying to do some dance moves. The keyword was trying. Nagihiko's body just didn't move as gracefully as it did before. A little piece of Rima's heart broke at the sight.

Frustrated, Nagihiko switched off the music and slumped to the ground next to his water bottle. He didn't realize that Rima was there until she let the door shut behind her. "Hey babe."


Hearing the way she said his name, Nagihiko smiled at her to reassure her. He realized then that she must have been watching him. "I can't seem to move like I used to. It's a bit frustrating but my muscles just don't work the way they did."

The man was good. Rima had to admit it. He did an excellent job of hiding his emotions, but she still saw them. "Don't give up. You love dancing. There are physical therapists that you can see and if you practice I know things will work out. Just… don't give up."

Holding out his arms, Nagihiko waited for his little lover to fill them. Pleased that Rima was quick to move across the rather large room despite her short legs, Nagi cradled her against him. "Don't worry so much, love. I might be a little frustrated, but in all honesty, I can live without dancing. Sure, I enjoy it but it was always my parents' dream for me. I just wanted to see if there was at least one thing that hadn't changed in my life."

Turning in the arms that she loved to be in, Rima looked deep into Nagi's eyes before leaning forward to kiss him gently. Her arms found their way around his shoulders as he held her back. Pulling away, the short girl smiled up at the man she loved. "Some things haven't changed."

"Like what?"

Happy to see a real smile on his face, Rima leaned in for one more short kiss. "My feelings for you haven't changed. I love you."

Finally feeling right for the first time since they were rescued, Nagihiko smiled at the girl he loved. "I love you, too."


"Yaya wants to go to the beach and to that rocky place too."

Watching the girl that sort of dragged him into a relationship, Kairi couldn't help but feel something was off. Everyone had reacted differently once they were safely at the house they were currently residing in. Kukai instantly went into brain surgery and Utau refused to leave his side. Rima had cried and Nagihiko had been there to hold her while shutting his own emotions down for a while, though Kairi knew that she'd return the favor and help him when it was time. Kairi had even asked to be left alone for a few days. The only one seemingly not affected was Yaya. She was still her energetic self, but something was off. Something that made Kairi watch her with more care than he was used to.

Walking down the path after the peppy girl made Kairi even more sure of himself. Granted their muscles were all a bit on the not-so-good side, but the way Yaya moved was even more strained. It was like she was forcing herself to move how she was, how she used to.

Things clicked in Kairi's mind just as they reached the sand. Without really thinking things through, he grabbed Yaya's arm and pulled her back. They collided rather hard, but he managed to keep them standing as he wrapped his arms around her in a way that made Yaya lean into his chest.

"Is Kairi-koi okay?"

Her mumbled words made Kairi want to sigh. They both needed this. It was about time Kairi took control of their relationship anyhow. "Yaya."


"It's okay now. We're safe, and I'll always be there to protect you in the future."



Kairi was less than surprised when he felt the front of his shirt sticking to his skin. Yaya was crying. She was finally releasing some of the emotions built up inside of her. With her body shaking in his arms, Kairi stood firm. He was going to be the support she needed. Physically and mentally for as long as she needed him. Yaya might have been the one to come to him, but he was the one that wasn't going to let her go.


Looking around the house they were currently borrowing, Amu couldn't help but be satisfied. It was obvious that it was one that the owners rarely used and thus wouldn't be any wiser of their presence, even if Amu and Ikuto decided to stay a while.

Dropping their single bag on the floor so he could wrap his arms around the girl he was made for, Ikuto nuzzled into his neck. "What are you thinking about?"

"The others."

Ikuto should have known that that was the answer he was going to receive for his question. Amu would always be worrying about their friends, even if there was no sign of the Guardians of Easter and they were well on their way to recovering. Utau had even bought a nice little house that she and Kukai lived in together while he healed. Though Ikuto was rather certain that they'd keep finding excuses to be together even after he was better. "They're doing fine. We can check up on them again in a few weeks."

Placing her hands on top of the ones around her waist, Amu leaned back into the embrace she loved. Emotions were truly a wonderful thing. "No, I don't want to keep interrupting their lives. Don't you think they'll be much happier if we don't keep reminding about the things they've had to endure?"

"If you think our friends will be glad that we aren't around anymore then I don't think you knew them well enough."

Amu let those words sink into her mind before she loosened the grip on her waist so she could turn around and face the other humanoid. They did a damn fine job when they created this boy for her. A fact that she wouldn't easily admit. "I don't mean that I want to avoid them forever, but they're going to need time to heal each other. Kairi had just gotten Yaya to open up to him before we left."

Nodding his head before leaning forwards to press his forehead against hers, Ikuto took in her scent. "And Nagi and Rima were making plans to travel around together, though I think Rima said something about taking a train."

Giggling a little, Amu couldn't help but feel the happy emotion that seemed to swim through her body. It was something that always happened to her whenever Ikuto held her the way he was. "So they are working towards their futures, what about ours?"

Smirking a little, Ikuto moved one hand from her waist to cup her chin. Lifting it just right, he closed the distance between them to place his lips on hers. The kiss started out light, but as their systems started to near their fully charged states, he deepened the kiss by opening her mouth.

Amu sighed as Ikuto's tongue slid alongside hers. Their kisses were getting longer and wetter the more they shared them. When he pulled away, Amu kept her eyes close to savor the moment that was passing. "And to think I used to kill with kisses."

"I still wouldn't mind that."

"Mind what? Me kissing other people."

The grip he had on her body tightened as Ikuto pulled Amu closer to him. There was a growl in his voice when he answered her. "No. You aren't allowed to kiss anyone else."

"Then what did you mean."

"That I would mind being killed with kisses."

"As long as they are my kisses, right?"

"What a way to die."

Leaning up on her toes to place a light kiss on the other's lips, Amu smiled. "Good thing they do just the opposite for you."

"One thing is for sure."

"And what's that?"

"You'll never be able to cheat on me."

Laughing, Amu smacked Ikuto's hard chest before he pulled her in for another kiss even if their systems were so charged that their eyes were practically glowing.

There was another thing that Ikuto was certain of. He was made for Amu and she was made for him. No matter if the organization was rebuilt or another came looking for them, they would be together and nothing would change that. "Hey, if you ever get mad at me, you could always try."

Pulling back to scrunch her eyebrows up together, Amu gave her lover a confused look. "Try what?"

"Killing me with kisses."

Laughing again, Amu couldn't believe that this man was her fate, though she wouldn't have it any other way. "You pervert!"

The End


Morg: I think that's a lovely ending. I thought about adding a lemon, but I liked the fluff better.

Ikuto: Whatever. Should've gone with the lemon.

Amu: Naw, this worked.

Morg: So you're admitting to enjoying Ikuto's kisses?

Ikuto: Please, she enjoys more than that!

Amu: Lies!

Morg: So this was the end. Please tell me what you thought of the story! I loved it so much! I love you guys so much!