Deities smiled upon Eames as he undressed, never shifting his eyes from one god in particular.

Every step Arthur took further into the languid waves, made Eames struggle with his trousers, suddenly,

Persistently in flames all around only the dampness on Arthur's skin could assuage.

Every step seemed like he was in a dream out of his control, each step taking him back two, rage,

Need building in him as Arthur mover further away, until… The benevolence of the gods rose again,

Deigning Eames a moment where Arthur stood, holding his hand out, and with a thought, he was there.

Sun slanted her last fingers upon Arthur's making the man look golden, bronzing Eames I return.

One last blink witnessed the kiss the two me had lost in, in the sea which could only be called love.

"Not real," Arthur murmured, his eyes closed as if to close off the truth in it.

"The two of us, no projections. Where's the difference?" Eames brushed his nose against Arthur's.

Having given Arthur this, Eames considered himself lucky. Arthur grounding him, words tingling.

"Even when it could always be like this, we must get back… To find another dream, to make it real-"

'Depends on the dream.'

Repeating Eames's words into an open mouth with a gentle kiss, Arthur raises his loving, hooded eyes.

"Eerily familiar", Arthur mumbles, frowning at the almost lost memory.

"Another thing I learned from Yusuf," Eames breathes warmly in Arthur's neck, arms never letting go.

Moon, the bright, red, full, impossibly large magical orb lit them approvingly as the men sank entangled.