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When Tim turned the fire on in the house where they had found the baby he walked towards the fire and crouched down. He took the out the letter that Jeanne had left for him asking him to choose. He looked between the newly formed family and watched Ducky check the baby out to make sure he was okay. Then he looked at his family. The family that he had chosen. How could Jeanne ask him to choose between her and his family? He couldn't leave his family. They were all he had and he couldn't leave them.

He took the envelope out and read it again and then put it into the fire and watched it burn. He sat there for a minute more. Jeanne really didn't know the real him. She didn't know that his team was his family and she had no idea what she was asking. How could he leave with someone that didn't even know him? How could he be expected to leave his little family?

He finally got up and walked towards his father figure his little brother and Ziva because he really didn't know how to categorize her. He smiled as he was reunited with his little family and then they finally left as Ducky said that the little boy was healthy. They were going back to headquarters and write up their reports and then go home.

He smiled once again as they made their way towards the headquarters. He was so happy to have his little family around him.

The End