Holiday Vacation

"GOOD MORNING, SAITAMA PREFECTURE! It's Friday December 21st 2007, and the time is 6:30 AM. For those of you paying attention, there are only 4 shopping days left until Christmas", the voice on Konata's clock radio shouted out enthusiastically. She pushed the button to shut it off as it shouted, "First off, a look at this morning's headlines". As Konata looked out her bedroom window, she could see the sky starting to light up. "Come on, sun, arise from the depths.", she thought to herself.

Sure enough, after a few minutes of waiting, the sun finally started to crawl up into the sky. She smiled then said to herself, "All right, now only one more day, and then the weekend! I've got everything all planned out. Tomorrow, me and the girls are going to go see that new Bleach movie (Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion). And tonight right after I get off of work, I've got a date with my Kaga-min. Oh man, this is gonna be the best weekend ever!". Suddenly, she remembered, "Oh yeah, after today, no school for two whole weeks! This is gonna be GREAT!".

As Konata put on her school uniform, she thought to herself, "Gee, you know. Yu-chan's not up yet. Usually, she'd be up by now telling me to hurry up and get ready". After she finished, she knocked on the door to Yutaka's room and said, "Hey Yu-chan, come on. We've gotta get ready for school". She opened the door and saw her cousin already in her school uniform but laying on her bed, coughing and sniffling. "Oh, good morning, onee-chan", she said as she stood up, sounding extremely stuffed up.

Konata looked at her and said, "Oh, you are up. But you don't look so good this morning". "Well, my head's pounding, my throat feels like it's on fire and my muscles are throbbing, but don't worry, I'll be all right", Yutaka tried to reassure her older cousin before letting out possibly the biggest sneeze she had ever sneezed. Nasal secretions came running out of her nose, and she fell back onto the bed, letting out a faint groan as she landed. Konata felt Yutaka's forehead with her hand and told her, "You're burning up, Yu-chan. Hang on right here. I'll go and get the thermometer", as she ran out.

Konata came back about 30 seconds later with the digital thermometer and placed it in her cousin's right ear. The temperature gauge read 39.5 degrees Celsius (or 103.1 degrees Fahrenheit). "Yep, I knew it. Right back to bed, little lady", Konata said. "What do you mean Onee-chan?", Yutaka asked. To that Konata answered back, "As far as I can tell, you've caught one hell of a bad cold, though it might be the flu, I'll have to ask Miyuki-san about it later. And don't worry I'll pick up your report card for you". "I can't stay home today", Yutaka complained, "I'm supposed to meet Minami-chan after school this afternoon!".

"You can't go out today, Yu-chan. It could make your condition worse. Now would you please get back into bed", Konata reiterated. However, after seeing Yutaka's sad face and huge puppy dog eyes glistening, she reassured her, "Oh Yu-chan. I'll tell you what, I'll ask Minami if she can come to the house instead. I'm sure she won't mind". Yutaka's face lit up as she said, "Oh thank you, Onee-chan!". Konata replied, "No problem, Yu-chan. I know how much you and Minami like each other", as she walked down the stairs. Before Konata left for school, she asked her dad to call the school to tell them that Yutaka would be absent today.

On the bus

Konata got on the bus and plopped down onto her normal seat. She then heard a familiar voice greeting her with, "Good morning, Konata-san. How do you do?". Konata turned her head to see Miyuki in the seat adjacent to hers. She replied back with, "Good morning, Miyuki-san. I'm fine, thank you". It was then that Konata saw that Miyuki had a cast on her right arm. "Hey, what happened to your arm?", she asked. "Oh, well you see, I fractured it yesterday", Miyuki explained, "I was carrying my books inside and I ended up tripping on my shoelaces and falling onto the concrete stairs below me. It was an accident". Konata, who usually found Miyuki's klutziness to be a "moe point", cringed at the thought as a big sweat drop emerged on her head.

"Oh, I'm so sorry", the little blunette sputtered. "Don't worry. It'll heal within a few weeks", her pink haired bespectacled friend responded back, "And by the way, where is Yutaka-san?", she added. Konata responded, "Out sick. She must have caught a really bad bug, and I can't tell whether it's a cold or the flu". "Well, let's see now. Did she have a high fever or any bodily aches?", Miyuki asked. "Yeah a pretty high fever, 39.5 degrees Celsius", Konata replied. "That would be exactly 103.1 degrees Fahrenheit", Miyuki stated. "And for aches, she said her head was pounding, her throat was on fire, and her muscles were throbbing, and, oh yeah, she sounded really stuffed up. I could barely understand what she was saying", Konata continued. "Well, Konata-san, it seems that Yutaka-san has a fairly potent combination of the common cold and influenza", Miyuki confirmed, "The best thing for her is to get plenty of rest and to drink plenty of fluids". "All right, I've got that. Rest and fluids", Konata stated.

At the same time, the bus reached the Hiiragi house. The door opened and Kagami and Tsukasa walked in, and sat down. "Hey you guys!", Konata exclaimed. "Good morning Kagami-san and Tsukasa-san.", Miyuki said eagerly. The twins waved and said "Good morning!", and took their seats. Kagami sat down next to Konata while Tsukasa sat down next to Miyuki. It was pretty quiet for most of the remaining part of the trip. However, right before they got to school, Konata turned to face her friends and told them about how she had gotten the advance tickets for the new Bleach movie. "Yep, thanks to the wonder and magic of the internet, I've got us 4 genuine tickets for the 8:00 pm showing of Diamond Dust Rebellion at the Big City Screen theater tomorrow night", she said proudly.

As the students got out of the bus, Konata looked at Kagami and asked, "Are we still on for tonight?". Kagami responded, "As far as I know we are. We're meeting at the cosplay cafe, right?". "Uh-huh", Konata stated, "As soon as I get off of work, you and I are going out for a night on the town". "I can't wait", Kagami said eagerly. "Me neither", Konata added enthusiastically, "Oh, and by the way make sure you get there a little while before I get off work. I have a special surprise for you before we go out".

"Oh really?", Kagami asked, "How early should I get there by?". Konata answered her with, "I think maybe about 15 to 20 minutes before the end of my shift". Kagami responded back, "All right, I'll be there". With that, they kissed and got off. As they separated, Konata shouted out in a hilariously melodramatic fashion, "I'll see you soon, my love!". Kagami blushed in embarrassment as she thought, "Konata, I know we love each other but now is not the time to be showing it". She couldn't help but to be embarrassed, even the whole school already knew about it. In fact, their relationship was a very popular topic among the students.

Author's Notes

Bleach: The Diamond Dust Rebellion was released to Japanese theaters on Saturday December 22, 2007.

The official sunrise for Friday December 21, 2007 was 6:46 AM Japan Standard Time. Thank You, Weather Underground, which is also where I got all the weather statistics from.

"Onee-chan" is the Japanese word for "older sister".

A "moe point" is a trait that an anime character has that makes them either cute or sexy