Chapter 17 Recap

During New Year's Eve, Konata and Kagami ventured to Comiket. For the former, it was a blast. Not so much for the latter, who kept running into problems. Later, the two of them set up a fun-filled New Year's Eve party at the Izumi household. All of the girls had attended the party as well as their parents. It was a lot of fun, and rather risque in some parts, especially the Truth or Dare game.

Friday January 4, 2008

It was decided sometime that between Tuesday and Thursday that our three main couples (Konata/Kagami, Yutaka/Minami, and Tsukasa/Miyuki) would go out on a date all together on Friday night. The only thing was the none of them knew about it. This event was actually planned as a surprise by the four other girls: Ayaka, Nanami, Mariko and Chiyoko. You see, they had wanted to see what it would be like if all three couples were together. They had sent out invitations to all six of them, and arranged for limousines to pick each couple up and drop them off at Tokyo Tower at around 6:00 that night.

From the lobby inside, they were keeping an eye out for the arrival of the three couples. "Oh boy this is gonna be great!", Ayaka exclaimed. "I don't know. I have a feeling we should have told them about it", Nanami responded. "Why are you so worried about it?", Ayaka asked. "What if they get mad at us for doing this", Nanami answered. "Oh come on. Don't be such a worry wart", Mariko, looking through binoculars, told her. "I'm sure they'll love being together", Chiyoko, looking through a telescope, agreed. "Heads up, Chiyoko. It looks like our first couple is here", Mariko announced. "Right you are, Mariko. They're here", Chiyoko noted.

Going forward with the story, Konata and Kagami were the first to arrive at Tokyo Tower. "Well, Kagamin, here we are again", Konata said. "Yeah we are Konata, kind of weird isn't it?", Kagami added. "Hey look, there's my co-workers.", Konata noted. "Yeah, what are you guys doing here?", Kagami asked. "Oh no reason really", Ayaka stated, trying to stifle her laughter. "We just came for the sights", Nanami added.

About 2 minutes later, Yutaka and Minami also arrived at Tokyo Tower. "Wow, what a big building", Yutaka exclaimed. "Yes, it is", Minami noted. "Hey, look Minami-chan. There's Konata and Kagami", Yutaka noticed. "You're right, Yutaka. I wonder what they're doing here", Minami wondered. At the same time, Konata and Kagami noticed this as well. "Hey what's going on here?", Konata asked. "Yeah, things are starting to get strange here", Kagami stated. "Oh you'll see", Mariko told them, giggling a bit. "Yeah, all your questions will soon be answered", Chiyoko explained.

Another 3 minutes later, Tsukasa and Miyuki arrived at Tokyo Tower too. "Look Yuki-chan, there's Kona-chan and Kagami", Tsukasa pointed out. "Yes, I see that, and Yutaka-san and Minami-san are here as well", Miyuki noticed. The other couples noticed this too. "And there's Tsukasa and Miyuki too", Yutaka noticed. "Really? Wow, who would have thought?", Minami noted. "Okay, I want to know what's going on here right now!", Konata insisted, rather annoyed. "Yeah, what's the idea? Did you guys plan this?", Kagami asked.

"Well, as a matter of fact, we did", Ayaka explained. "We wanted to see what it would be like if all six of you were together", Nanami continued. "So we decided to organize this whole shindig for you guys", Mariko chimed in. "It'll be like a triple date for you guys", Chiyoko noted. "Well, why didn't you just tell us in the first place?", Konata asked. "Yeah, we wouldn't have minded at all", Kagami added. "This should be a lot of fun", Tsukasa gushed. "Yes, I would love to partake in this", Miyuki chimed in.

"Wow, a triple date!", Yutaka exclaimed. "Wow, this is an impressive feat", Minami concluded. "And you guys don't need to worry about paying anything", Ayaka told them. "The four of us will cover all the costs", Nanami added. "We managed to put all of our finances together and give you guys a fun filled evening", Mariko explained. "So go on up to floor 2. We already reserved seats for you guys at Taiyo-Ro", Chiyoko concluded.

With that, the six girls got to Taiyo-Ro. The waitress said, "Ah yes, party of six. Your booth is ready". They found that the entire place was empty except for them. "Oh, about that", the waitress continued, "The 4 girls here earlier reserved this restaurant for a private party for you guys". "Wow, a private party for all of us", Konata stated. "I didn't think you could do that here", Kagami answered. "I've never been here before. But I've heard that this place has a really good Chinese food buffet", Tsukasa noted. "I have been here a few times, and the food here is delicious", Miyuki told her.

At the same time, Yutaka and Minami turned to each other and gave each other a little blue box, and in them were matching heart diamond earrings. They both were joyful when they got their earrings. "Minami-chan, they're almost as beautiful as you are", Yutaka explained. "And they're also almost as cute as you are, Yutaka", Minami told her. With that, they hugged and kissed each other for like a whole 2 minutes. "Now how cute is that?", Konata asked. "Very cute, I'll say", Kagami answered back.

Later after checking out the Guinness World Record museum and Tokyo Tower Wax Museum, the girls wound up on the observation deck, and they found themselves looking out on the skyline of Tokyo. It was a crystal clear night and the sight of all the buildings lit up was absolutely beautiful. Because Yutaka was so small, Minami lifted her onto her back so she could see. "Wow, it's so beautiful from up here", Yutaka noted. "Yes it is", Minami agreed. Tsukasa and Miyuki noticed it as well. "What a beautiful sight, isn't it Yuki-chan?", Tsukasa asked. "It certainly is, Tsukasa-san", Miyuki answered, "And the music from Club 333 that we're hearing just adds to the ambience of it".

Meanwhile, Konata and Kagami were once again appreciating the view. They were also very deep in thought. "Hey Kagami", Konata said to her. "Yes Konata", Kagami answered back. "Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we got married someday?. Not right now, of course, but someday", Konata asked. "You know, Konata, I actually have thought about it", Kagami admitted, "And it might actually seem like a good idea". With that, they put their arms around each other and kissed each other gently on the lips.

Later on as they were leaving, Ayaka, Nanami, Mariko and Chiyoko were waiting at the entrance. "Well, what did you guys think?", Ayaka asked. The girls all gave thumbs up and expressed their approval. "Well, I'm really glad it worked out", Nanami responded. "Oh we almost forgot to give you guys these", Mariko remembered as she handed out little silver necklaces with heart shaped charms to each girl. "These necklaces will be mementos of this night", Chiyoko explained to them. With that, the six girls eagerly thanked them for what they had done for them that night. And they knew, that for all of them this would be the start of something special and what would last for many years to come.


Author's Notes:

Chapter and fanfic completed on November 10, 2011

Well, folks, this is the 18th and final chapter of the story. I wanted to make this last chapter something that involved all three couples in the story doing something together for the first time. It's been a long ride, and it hasn't always been easy, but I had a lot of fun making this story over the last six months, and I hope you guys had as fun reading this story as I did making it. So a very special thanks to all of you for sticking with it until the end.