A/N: I could decide whether to go with Past-tense or Present-tense and figured there story is both soo... This is how River began, how she was first found, how she learned to deal with that which scared her. Or something like that.

Born In The Blood Of Others

The first time River pulls the trigger and kills someone it's an accident, one she doesn't regret.

She was aiming for the shoulder, but there were so many bullets flying over-head that the clear shot she had got lost under a spray of blood - an arterial bleed from her falling, now dead, Professor's throat - across her face, hot, thick and metallic in her mouth.

The second time River pulls the trigger and kills is out of a fast burning fury.

River was locked in a vengeful grief. Bodies hit the ground as she fired at anything that moved, until only her heart was left, faltering and spluttering, as her gun finally gave out with an ominous spark.
She stayed crouching low, her hands steady and unrelenting on her gun as she counted nineteen dead and then she turned to her own team, her friends. Her stomach churned like a raging sea and she screamed, the blood curdling sound that tearing up the silence.

The sound of whooshing and wheezing falls on deaf ears, even as it grows from a gentle whisper to a screeching echo that surrounds her, when she feels her red-clotted hair being rifled by a strange wind she jumps, slips and lands on her arse with a sickly splash. A scream twists and knots in her throat as it's pushed aside by a pained and hopeless sob. Strong arm pulled her up and hold her tight as the breathe of her name is whispered in an alien voice against her ear.

That was the day she met the Doctor for the first time and with blood as war paint he taught her how to run and to never ever look back.