A bit of explanation for what happened to Konoka between her disappearance in Chapter 13 and her return in Chapter 17. Negima belongs to Akamatsu Ken, this is parody, thanks to my co-writers and reviewers.

Decadent Habits
Chapter 13.5 - Haruna Redux

So she'd found Konoka sitting on the stairs, crying her eyes out, and being both a good person and insatiably curious, she'd brought her back to her room and gotten the story out of her. Said story made the story she'd gotten out of Asuna earlier look tame. Bluntly, what her friend was getting up to turned her stomach. But she forced herself to keep in mind that Konoka was, despite everything, a victim in all of this.

That evening, she got her friend settled in to one of the spare rooms, and hit the hay herself. Her dreams were always vivid, and usually involved sex, since she didn't have nearly as much of it as she wanted or people thought she did. And considering everything else, it wasn't all that surprising that the dream found her making love to her older brother.

It didn't bother her, since it was just a dream, just a manifestation of her wish that she could be closer with the cool sibling who'd never had much time for her. He'd been almost eighteen when she was born, late in life, to their parents, after all. The fact that he had a wife, girlfriend, mistress and concubine was pretty impressive, especially when added to her suspicion that he also had something going on with his two sisters-in-law.

And then, in the dream, the door to the room where she lay beneath him slid open and their mother walked in. "Ah, I thought this would happen eventually, " she said sagely. "I could not resist him either, after all. Oh, come now, Haruna-chan, surely you didn't really think that my worthless husband was your father? Why would I take him back to my bed? When my son is so manly ..."

She was pulling off her kimono to join the two of them when Haruna finally woke up, breathing heavily, quite disturbed, and aware of wetness between her legs. Fortunately, her hands were nowhere near there, so she could take comfort in the fact that it was purely physiological, rather than anything ...

Haruna frowned and lifted up the covers. "Konoka, get out of my bed."

"I'm lonely, " Konoka replied, looking up at her piteously.

She's a victim. She's a victim. She's a victim.