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I run to Varys, wanting to tell him first.

"They're back!" I yell breathlessly when I find him.

"Good, good, my little dragon." Varys says, before disappearing into a wall.

I follow him through the passage to a balcony where we can see everyone returning.

"Any observations?" Varys asks me.

"Well…The Stark girl, the one with the fiery hair…Arianna. She's eyeing the Kingslayer…"

"Oh, please, call him Jaime. Mustn't call people names."

"Yes, Varys. The other Stark girl, the pretty one….Sansa. She can't keep her eyes off of Joffrey. Tyrion looks amused…"

"Is that any different from normal?"

"No, Varys."

"Then don't mention it."

"Cers-The Queen looks infuriated at the new Hand. Kyriana seems to be talking the ugly Stark girl's ear off…"

"The ugly Stark girl? What did I say about name calling?" Varys sighs.

"Don't call people names. Arya, I meant. Not the ugly Stark girl."

"Right. You've been remembering names well, I'm very impressed. Now, tell me who they left behind." Varys says.

I inwardly groan. He gives me tests like this all the time.

"Well…The eldest son, Robb, the mother, Catelyn, the bastards, Jon and Jacklyn…" I start.

"Are the bastards full siblings or half?"

"Half, Varys."

"Then don't lump them together like that. Keep going."

"Theon Greyjoy, and the youngest, Rickon." I say, thrilled to have made it.

"Very good. Remember who you are."

"A Tyrell bastard." I sigh. He asks me this every day.

"Are you a Tagaryen?"

"Yes." I answer, deciding not to play along.

"You'll make this harder on yourself… Now, are you a Tagaryen?"

"No, why would I be?" I answer robotically.

"That's more like it." Varys says, and we go to meet the Starks.

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