BOBBY: C'mon. How many times have you two died, anyway?
(Sam is stabbed by Jake Talley)
(Dean is shot, hit by a car, squished under a desk, electrocuted.)
(Anna stabs Sam with a pipe)
CASTIEL: There is someone, besides Michael, strong enough to take on Lucifer.
SAM: Who's that?
CASTIEL: God. I'm going to find God.
(Kitty standing on the beach)
Kitty: Who are you?
Skyler: Skyler… I needed to get you away from those guys…
Kitty: Those are my friends.
(Dean laying Kitty down on the window seat at Bobby's house)
KITTY: Just let me go
DEAN: You're going to be fine.


The soft roar of the ocean set the mood as the late summer sun set behind it. California always had the bet sunsets, and especially this beach. Rarely did anyone go there, and there was no one there on that day, except for a lone, classic car.

The history of this car was strange, passing from owner to owner in mysterious ways like being lost in a bet, someone leaving the keys in the ignition, and even being found in a storage locker. By the time that it reached its current owner, it had been rebuilt at least twice to the point that it looked brand new, such as the condition it was currently in. But that's a story for a different day.

Sitting on the hood of the '70 blue Chevelle was a slender body, her blonde hair flaring out behind her back as the sea breeze pushed past her. The blue eyes were shut as the wind pushed past her as her body soaked up the last amount of sun. This was the last time Kitty Lang remembered being at such a relaxed peace.

It seemed as though Heaven replayed all of her greatest moments: dancing in the rain with her sister, Case, the many nights of lying on the Chevelle's hood and staring at the night sky, and every moment she had spent with Dean.

Dean. The only thing Heaven didn't have enough of. Sure, Kitty always had the memories of him, but it wasn't the same. It was like being caught in a wonderful dream, but one you still want to wake up from. And Kitty was beyond ready to wake up. Her story had only just begun.

The radio inside the Chevelle started to squeal and whirl, startling Kitty. The radio never turned on in this memory. After sliding off of the hood of the car, Kitty walked to the driver's-side of the car and slid into the driver's seat. Sure enough, the light of the radio was on. .

"Um…" Kitty stumbled over her words. Who freakin' talks to the car? she internally yelled to herself. "Hello?"

"Kitrina," came a distinct, static-filled voice through the radio.

Kitty was dumbfounded. Hearing her full first name was what started to finally wake her up from the dream. "Castiel?" Her voice was barely louder than a whisper as she spoke to the radio.

"Kitty, where are you?" Castiel asked impatiently.

With a hard roll of her eyes, she replied, "What, I'm gone for years and you don't even bother to say, 'Hi'?"

"You've only been gone for five months, and we don't have time for this."

Five months? Kitty thought to herself. To her, it had already felt like she'd been dead for more than a few millennia. "Okay, fine. What do you want from me, Cas?"

"Where are you?" he asked again, his voice becoming more impatient. "Are you near a road?"

With a quick glance around, Kitty's eyes spotted it. Leading off the beach and into the woods was an old, paved road. "Actually, yeah. There is. How did you-"

"Follow it to-" The transmission abruptly ended, cutting of the rest of Castiel's instructions.

Kitty graoned and leaned into the seat of her car. Where the hell does he want me to go? The first living thing that she gets to do and it barely even supplied her with enough information.

But, like a good little soldier, she did as she was told. Kitty placed the key to the Chevelle's ignition, and the beautiful sound of a strong purr came from the engine as she leaned her foot on the gas. The woods began to close around the car, creating a canopy over the road and blocking out the sun.

None of this had seemed familiar to Kitty, and she began to think that she was leaving her memory. To her, she believed she was about to cross a new frontier in Heaven.

A sound, familiar to that of a gunshot, exploded from somewhere overhead, causing the car to be jerked as Kitty jumped. The woods had started to become less thick, and the Chevelle's speed started to decrease. Something about this place was familiar, and it wasn't until Kitty pulled up behind a beautiful black, classic car that she remembered.

It was the fourth of July, 1996. Case was 21, Dean was 18, Kitty was 16, and Sam was 14. Their dads were working on some job, and Dean and Case had gone out and bought a ton of fireworks. They had almost burned down the field, there was so many going off.

The field. Kitty jumped out of the car and ran into the woods, hoping to get a peak of the memory. Maybe she was still inside her own Heaven, but she didn't really care. She was about to see the three people who were most important to her.

But when Kitty pushed through the trees and into the clearing, it was empty. The memory was over. She had missed it. All that remained was a tall figure in the field. Much too tall to be any of the people from the memory. As she stepped closer, and details started to come into view, Kitty's heart lept into her throught. It couldn't be. How could it be…


Of course Kitty couldn't go missing. She's got way too much to do still