Hey, all! Just wanted to let you all know that Until the End has been posted! Go and check it out!


After all your wonderful submissions, I was given the hardest choice ever to actually choose one of the great titles you guys sent me. They were all really amazing, and I wish I could have picked more than one. Unfortunately, I can't. But I think I will run the contest again for the next one in order to give everyone another chance.

Well, without more of me rambling, the next title will be…

Until the End

Submitted by xJenzaFreakx

Congratulations, and I hope to have the newest story up by Oct. 10th. ^_^ Now, here's your extended summary of Until the End.

It's been a year since Kitty's been out hunting, and a lot has changed in that year: she and Dean finally got married, Skyler went to college, and Kitty is facing her biggest challenge yet! Well, if you can count being pregnant as a challenge… But Kitty has also been keeping secrets in that year, and they all come out when Sam comes home. Will these secrets remain hidden? Will they be accepted? Or will the secrets destroy everything that Kitty holds dear to her?