The attack on the Mage Guild Fairy Tail had destroyed several buildings in the village along with the main building, but it hadn't disheartened the mages enough to stop fighting against Phantom. In the after math Fairy Tail's guild members stood strong as they went through the wreckage of the fallen dark guild and the ruins of what had once been their own guild. Looking for any signs of survivors, or wounded.

Among the people found in the dark guild's wreckage was Natsu the resident dragon slayer. Bruised and bloody.

And a few feet away was Lucy Heartphilia, the girl that Natsu had tried to save...


Natsu walked through the front doors of the newly constructed bar with flowers in hand and ignored the sudden silence that filled the room as the other guild members stopped their talking, laughing and arguing to watch him walk towards the back where Lucy was.

"Poor Narsu. Having his partner wounded so badly must really be eating him up inside." Someone said softly.

"Wouldn't it eat you up inside if you had been right there and still failed to reach her?" Another argued in a hushed tone. Not wanting to draw the dragon slayers attention to them. The last time someone had said something like that had been after Natsu's former partner's death and the teen had heard them. There had been blood all over the walls and ceiling from the person that Natsu had almost beaten to death.

But that time was considerably different from this time. Even Natsu's partner was different.

He'd already had one woman die on him. He didn't want another to do the same.

That was why he had worked himself so hard to become the best mage in the guild. And if not for his age, he would have already been named as the next guild master. Natsu had such extraordinary potential. He merely chose to use it differently.

And there was nothing wrong with that since his fellow guild members still needed him available in the field.

Still- everyone was starting to worry about the nineteen year old. It had been almost a month since Phantom had fallen and though Natsu's wound had healed up nicely, he wasn't the only person who had had the damn building fall on his head.

Lucy had been trapped under the rubble too. Wounded badly and just barely alive.

Everyone in the guild could recall the way Natsu had yelled and screamed and tried to reach the young woman when she had been uncovered. He'd thought that she was dead. They all had at first. There had been so much blood, and she had lain so still...

Natsu had been utterly terrified that he had lost another partner.

It had taken a well placed blow to the back of the neck to quiet him and stop him from struggling to reach the girl so that the others could get her out of the ruins and start healing her. She'd suffered severe blood loss, broken bones, and some swelling of the brain and they had almost lost her twice.

Yet here it was a month later. Her wounds were completely healed and she had yet to awaken even though the elf woman that treated their master had assured them that Lucy was fine now and would wake up.

Which they had all been relieved to hear yet they couldn't help but still worry. Natsu slipped into the room and quietly closed the door and walked over to Lucy's bed and stared down at her for a moment. God she looked so pale and sickly.

The month straight of non stop sleep hadn't helped her out very much. She'd lost weight, her once golden blond hair had become limp and lifeless. Her complexion was so pale that he could almost see the veins under her skin.

"Luc...are you ever going to open your eyes?" Will you ever come back to me? Natsu wondered as he set the flowers down on the bed next to her head and leaned down so that he was leaning over her and touched his forehead to hers and closed his eyes against the wave of grief he felt building in his chest as he slipped his fingers into her hair, brushing it back from her was so engrossed with playing with the soft strands that he completely missed her fingers twitching on the bed at her side.