Taking her hand in his, Natsu tugged on it gently to force her to move as he started wading through the flowers in the field around them, taking note of the various details that he had added to his dream weaving without realizing it. There were extinct flowers- like the thunder flower- a blossom that was silvery grey with petals that shimmered like water. Then there was the small formation of trees that he used to use as a tree house when he had been young.

He had even created the last minute details of the various things he had stolen from hunters and villagers just to create his tree house. Smiling fondly at the memories of his childhood even as he recalled all the times his adopted father had roared at him for going so close to humans where he couldn't protect him. He pulled Rissa along until finally coming to a stop just outside of a massive cave half hidden by a thicket of trees and tall grass.

"Come on. There's something I wanna show you." Natsu said excitedly as he let go of Rissa's hand and took off running, then jumped over a large, thick tree root and landed softly just on the other side of it. And jumped up and down in place a little bit to see if Rissa was following him like he had wanted and saw that she was a slowly (perhaps a little too slowly to suit him) making her way over to him, causing him to sigh in irritation.

This woman. Here he was trying to show her what growing up had been like for him and share some of the wonder of being a child being raised by an actual honest to god dragon- and she was dragging her feet! Didn't she realize that sharing this part of himself with her was rare? He never shared such things. In fact getting even the most basic information about his past and childhood was much like pulling teeth.

The hand went in the mouth...and then you lost it because the jaws clamped firmly shut and refused to open ever again so that you had no choice but to cut it off. And then what did you have? A hook. And those damn things weren't good for anything unless it was combat, or you were a fisherman... Or in desperate need of a backscratcher.

Whatever happened to come first, he supposed as Rissa finally reached the tree root and glared at it before lifting a leg and kicking it hard enough for the thud to reverberate in his ears as she asked in a peeved tone, "And just how the hell am I supposed to get over to you?"

"I could climb back over and carry you." He offered helpfully and nearly fell over when she growled,

"No thanks. Keep yourself and your hands over there."

"But if I do that then how will you get over here?" Natsu asked curious as to how she would respond and started to get angry when she deadpanned,

"I won't. I'm leaving now."

"Hey! I went to the trouble of weaving this dream so that I could share a part of myself with you-" He all but shouted only to have her shout back,

"Well, who asked you too? I've never asked for this information about you're past for a reason, ya know." It was because once she knew it all, every part of what made him tick- there would be no retreating anymore. No escapes or withdrawls. She would be well and truly stuck with him then. In every way that counted. After all, dream weaving was a form of intimacy without the physical sharing of the body.

If she continued to see his past, it would only bind her to him even more tightly.

Natsu was silent for a few moments, his heart aching in his chest at Rissa's refusal until he decided to change tactics. If he couldn't show her his past- then perhaps he could summon hers forth from the deepest recesses of her mind.

Anything was better than being refused by his mate over and over again. He needed to put an end to this senseless fear in her and lay it to rest. And perhaps seeing her past would help him do just that. Plus it might clue him in to what sort of person Rissa had been before her soul had resurrected itself inside of Lucy's body.

That alone spurred Natsu to lift a finger to his lips and whisper the incantation to change the dream that he had woven while calling forth forgotten memories from Rissa's mind and thought for a minute that he had her right where he wanted her until she let out a panicked scream and the dream around him shifted and churned then rippled like water until it finally settled and all he could see was a village nestled in a valley, awash in a sea of red orange flames and black smoke.

He stood there on the top of a hill watching the village go up, his golden eyes reflecting the flames eating away at the village in horror as Rissa appeared next to him looking equally horrified by what they were seeing and asked in a low, trembling voice, "Natsu, how could you?"