Authors Note: Ok I know I already have a royal story with Forbidden Fruit but I'm so into Prince of Persia right now XD It's such a great movie so I came up with another royal story with Dean as King. What a smexy king! Please review.

Sam entered Dean's chambers and found Dean just staring out the window. Sam gave a small smile at his older brother and leaned against the door.

"Something catching the king's eye?"

Dean was startled at the sudden intrusion from his thoughts and glanced over his shoulder to find his brother in his chambers. He looked back out the window and sighed, "What am I doing Sam?"

Sam gave Dean a confused look unfolding his arms and keeping them by his side, "What do you mean?"

"Three wives, no children…I am 33 and not getting any younger. The city needs a queen and for her to bear me a son to take over the royal throne when my turn is up," Dean sighed closing the curtain and turning around. Sam could see the look of disappointment and distress all in his brothers face, "Dad would have my hide if he was still alive. He would be on me wondering which one I've chosen to bear the child and when I look at all three of them not one can keep my interest. First wife, Princess Suzie, married her because Dad had requested it on his death bed. He wanted to see me married before he died. Second wife, Princess Laura, she was a little prettier than Suzie thought she'd be a little more fun in bed," Dean shrugged, "Not likely…then third wife Princess Rissa, I only married her for the political part so our people will be joined as one. And not one Sam can even keep the most intellectual conversation or keep me entertained in bed."

Sam frowned at his brother. Dean was restless, bored and they all knew what that was going to turn the Palace into. Something they didn't like to see. The King always had to be happy.

"Well, I have some happy news," said Sam placing a hand on his brothers shoulder, "King Robert will be here any minute. We can sit around drinking and talking about the war stories we all have."

Dean smiled, "That would cheer me up brother."

"I thought so," Sam grinned, "Let's go see if he's here."

Princess Danielle road in the carriage with her father King Robert towards Winchester Palace. She hasn't been here since she was a little girl right before the war had started and her father and the Winchester men had went to war for a couple years while Queen Mary took care of her while her father was away. She smiled remembering the memories she had with Queen Mary going into the market place and picking up priceless items, Queen Mary will braid her hair every night before bed, tell her a romantic story of princesses and princes to get her to sleep and Princess Danielle loved every moment of it.

And when the men came home they were older and Princess Danielle could never keep her eyes off the oldest brother Prince Dean. He was Prince then but now he was King with three wives. And when she heard he got married her heart shattered, she knew her chance to be with him was gone.

King Robert looked at his daughter seeing the look on her face, "Something on your mind dear?"

Danielle looked at her father and grinned, "No father…just excited to see the Winchester men. It's been a very long time."

"Indeed it has." He leaned over and kissed his daughters forehead, "How long?"

"Hmmm, ten years. I was twelve when you came back from war."

"Ten years," sighed King Robert shaking his head, "You're making me feel like an old man Danielle."

She laughed and kissed her fathers cheek, "Sorry daddy."

Danielle looked out the carriage window and smiled seeing the Winchester home. The carriage stopped and her heart raced against her chest seeing Dean walk out the door. She bit her bottom lip sitting back and letting her father get out first.

"Bobby," said both Dean and Sam walking down the Palace steps.

"Dean and Sam…oh should I say King Dean now," said Bobby with a smile, "King…and you're younger than me."

Dean laughed shaking his old friends hand. He looked towards the carriage and saw Danielle coming out and felt his heart and breathing stop at the sight of her. Their eyes locked and she smiled at him. Dean looked back at Bobby, "Bobby you get re-married?"

Bobby gave him a look and looked behind him, "They should call you King Idjit, that's my daughter Princess Danielle."

Dean swallowed hard. His daughter, Princess Danielle.

Danielle smiled at the two Winchesters, "I know it's been a long time," she said and both of them smiled at her.

"It sure has," Dean mumbled walking past Bobby and to her. Both Bobby and Sam arched an eyebrow watching Dean. "You were twelve last time I saw you…now you're-"


"22…" Dean repeated as he looked her over. "In all my travels I've never seen such a rare jewel."

Danielle's cheeks turned a rosy color as she glanced at her father while Dean took her hand in his and kissed it. Her cheeks turned redder as she looked back into his eyes as he kept his lips on her hand.

"I think he's found number four," whispered Sam towards Bobby.

"If he hurts her-"

"We know Bobby…we know…how about we go get a drink." Sam placed his arm around Bobby's shoulders and headed up the palace stairs as Dean took Danielle's hand and followed them up.

Up in the tallest tower the three wives stared down at the new comers and stared daggers at the new Princess.

"Get ready girls," said Suzie, the oldest wife, "There's the new competition. He's going to try to bed her and make her a new wife. Frankly with you two around I feel there is no need for more competition."

"Then let's get rid of the little brat," said Laura fuming at the sight of her husband holding another woman's hand. She was the most jealous one of the bunch.

"How do we do that?" asked Rissa. "We can't just tell her to leave. King Robert is an old friend of theirs they've known both of them longer than us. Dean would have our heads if we threw them out."

"They're here for a week," said Suzie, "We'll make it nice and uncomfortable for her."


Princess Danielle was still surprised at the room the King had given her for her stay. It was huge and the balcony looked over the city. Her room was also near the King's chambers, something his wives didn't even have. The servants continued putting her stuff away as she walked around the room wearing just a white casual dress. Her dark brown hair was half up in curls and over her shoulder. She ran her hand over the king size bed when she heard someone clear their throat. She looked up and was in shock at seeing Princess Suzie standing there.

Princess Danielle bowed with the servants. She wasn't Queen but she was Dean's first wife and had seniority over everything.

"Princess Suzie, it's a pleasure to meet you," said Princess Danielle standing up.

Princess Suzie just smiled at her and looked around the room, "I see the King set you up in one of the better rooms."

Danielle placed her hands together in front of her and nodded, "Yes, ma'am."

Suzie walked around the room looking at everything and Danielle felt like she was being sized up by the first wife.

"I've never even been in this room," Suzie looked over at Danielle seeing the fear in her eyes and smiled, "You must be something of interest towards him."

Danielle quickly turned to her, "No, no that's not it at all. Dean…King Dean and my father they are war buddies, friends with the Winchesters. There's no-"

"Shhh…sweetheart, we all know how he is," she walked up to her staring her down, "But for your information you keep your pretty little manicured nails off of him," Danielle's eyes widened, "He only sees you as young meat something he can bed and throw out nothing more. You won't be the fourth, there won't be a fourth and for the others I am going to get rid of them to because I am the first and I will bear his children. So if you even look at him so help me-"


Both woman turned their heads to see Dean standing in the doorway looking angry. Danielle was breathing heavily, fear running through her body. Suzie stood straight up staring at her husband. Danielle looked at her then back at Dean who was staring angrily at Suzie.

"Dean…" she started.

"Suzie I want you to go grab the other wives and wait for me in the hall."


"NOW!" Danielle was staring down at the floor as she heard Suzie leave. "Everyone out." The servants placed the items down and quickly walked out shutting the door behind them.

Dean looked up from the door and saw Danielle still standing there with her head down. He walked over to her cupping her chin in his hand as he stood in front of her. Their eyes met.

"I'm so sorry," she said quietly, "I didn't mean to cause any trouble in the palace. I can-"

"Shhh, no princess," he said softly rubbing her cheek with his thumb, "Don't let my wives scare you away. I want you here." He smiled down at her and the back of his hand he softly caressed her cheek. Her heart was pounding quickly against her chest as she closed her eyes savoring his touch.

She opened her eyes knowing she shouldn't be doing this. She placed her hand on his and took it off her cheek, "I don't want to cause any kind of trouble," she walked around him, "It's not why I came here."

"Why did you come?" He turned to watch her. He couldn't keep his eyes off her, she was just so remarkably beautiful. She was perfect.

She smiled, "To see you and Sam and to see the Winchester Palace again. There are a lot of good memories here with your mother and me."

Dean grinned, "She talked fondly of you. She actually hoped one day Sam would wed you because you two are a little closer in age."

Danielle smiled, "It could work."

Dean shook his head taking her hand in his, "No it couldn't."

She frowned, "Why not?"

"Because there is another Winchester that wants to bed you," he brought her hand to his lips once again staring into her eyes desperately searching them.

Danielle's breath hitched in her throat and a tingling sensation hit her lower abdomen with his words. The King wanted another wife and her to be it.