I didn't listen to his words. I just kept struggling beneath him desperate to get free, which only got me restrained more. His firm weight on me however was still keeping me in place and his gun was still sticking me in the thigh. I groaned with discomfort and I felt my leg move against his gun and for some reason he emitted a weird groan- no it was a moan. I decided it was time to put two and two together. I moved my body in left and right motions only to hit his 'gun' again. He growled out this time and in one motion he pushed his lower half into mine and I felt the tip of his 'gun' against my panties. Through all of my struggling I hadn't noticed my night gown had moved up and I didn't notice he had gotten between my legs. I gasped out at the feel of him.

I tried moving from under him again which only got me another deeper thrust and I bit my lip sustaining the moan that wanted to come out. Damn my body.

"Stop, stop." I panted. Hugo growled against me and placed on hands on both my wrists holding them together while the other rested on my neck. He didn't grasp my throat, he simply placed his hand over it. His eyes started to darken a bit and I didn't like the look.

"You're going to help me kill Hellstrom if you don't I am going to... persuade you to help me." he said threatening. I frowned at him and looked away. There was no way I was doing anything for him.

"I don't help Germans." I said looking back up at him to see he looked even more pissed then before.

"Oh, but you would spread your legs for Helllstrom wouldn't you." he said angrily and his hand went up my legs and I felt my panties being pulled at and I felt a rush of panic and excitement. I tried to remove my wrists from his vice grip.

"Stop!" I demanded.

"Why, you're enjoying this as much as I am." he said still pulling at my panties. I know he has the power to fully rip them off, but he's holding back. I shook my head.

"Stop I'll help you, but just stop." I said struggling more. He looked at me with a dark expression.

"Good." he said and moved off me which I quickly rolled on my side and pulled my nightgown down trying to slow my breathing. I quickly got off the floor and glanced at him to see him watching me. I didn't know what to say at first until something did catch my attention. I shook my head.

"Why do you need my help, he is just one man...who I don't really want to see die, but my point is you shouldn't have problems killing-"

"Stop... talking." he said as if annoyed. I stopped immediately and waited for him to reply.

"He is more guarded then the Gestapo men are. They were easy targets, he however is becoming a challenge and you are my open door to getting to him." he explained. I couldn't help, but look away with sadness. I never thought I would admit this, but Dieter had been a good person. He was always kind to me and seemed to accept the fact we could only be friends, but I cared for him, that I would openly admit. I heard Hugo's boot steps coming towards me and I looked at him to see he was dead in front of me.

"You will tell no one of your encounters with me." he said. I hid my scowl. This meant I had to see him more then just tonight. "You will do exactly what I say when I say it."

I looked him dead in the eyes and saw the darkness in his eyes.

"Don't make me do this." I softly begged. He slowly leaned into me and I felt my heart clench up as his lips were at the base of my ear.

"You don't have a choice." he said softly. I frowned and moved back from his face looking away again.

"What do you want me to do exactly?" I asked glaring at him. He didn't seem to care about my stare as he moved back.

"I will be spying on your encounters with him. I will watch how you two interact and then I will tell you what I want from you. When do you meet him again?" he asked. I sighed and hated my answer.

"Tomorrow. I am meeting him at the La Petite Opera House, I am singing tomorrow for a few french homeowners and he wanted to hear me sing. Tomorrow at eight o'clock." I said in a regretting tone. He tilted his head as if something had interested him.

"You sing?" I asked skeptically. I rolled my eyes.

"It doesn't matter, look is there anything you want tonight because I would like to go back to bed." I stated with my arms crossed. He looked me over one last time before shaking his head.

"No. I will see you tomorrow night." he said. I sighed heavily again and turned from him. Then I wandered how he even found out where I lived. I slowly turned.

"Wait how did you-" but before I could finish my question, he was gone. I looked to see my window was open. I ran my hands over my hair. This couldn't be happening. I rushed to my room and closed my door. How did I get myself into this mess. This man, this German, comes into my house and command I help him kill my friend... who was a Nazi soldier. Well it was either that or he rape me right on the kitchen floor. I feel so flushed. The way his body was on mine. He was so forceful and I felt the want build up inside me.

This could not be happening. I wanted to protect one... German friend yet I was lusting for a German Nazi killer.