"Hey, Ginny! Have you seen this?", Harry Potter called to his wife.

"What is it, Hon? Did you find something interesting?", Ginny responds. She climbs up the ladder to her attic to find her husband sitting on the floor and leaning against an old cauldron filled of his school things. There he held in one hand the box that once contained the two-way mirror that was given to him by his godfather, Sirius Black. In the other, he held a book with a brown leather cover.

"I was looking for the Marauder's Map and found the package Sirius gave me. I found a book at the bottom that I had never noticed before. Gin, I think this is my mother's diary!"

Harry continued without a response,"Listen- 'Friday April, 27, 1980. I have another date with James. We are having a lovely picnic by the lake. He said he had a surprise for me. I think it is another poem. What he doesn't know is that I have a shoebox filled of each of his heart-filled poems. I love each one of them. I still can't believe that at one point I couldn't stand him. I was so angry that he would bully Severus as much as he did. When Severus called me, well what he called me' in my fifth year I had looked in Dumbledore's pensieve which at the time carried a memory of Snape's. He had called her a mud-blood.", Harry heard Ginny gasp and continued,"And she had been defending him!'After that, I acted in the same manner as James and Sirius. I called him all those names, I smiled when they hexed him, and I kicked his books when he dropped them. I'm not proud of it, but he deserved it. James and Sirius showed me the side of him that I had never known. He always seemed like a quiet, odd boy. But he was worse than all of James's hexes put together. He was a prejudice, oily haired, crooked nosed jerk who should realize that the muggle-born population is growing larger and larger whether he likes it or not!'

Harry flipped to a page dated Saturday April, 28, 1980. " Oh here we go. 'James and I had marvelous dinner. We started with salad. When we were about have the grilled chicken, James offered to pour some shampane. I saw a shine in the glass. I realized there was a ring inside. James took it from my hand dropped to one knee and proposed!' This is the record of the year my parents got married", Harry shut the book and smiled at his wife.

"Oh, Harry! That is lovely. Here let's see when the marriage was", Harry handed the diary to Ginny. Her eyes popped out,"June, 18."


"June, 18, Harry. The date of your parents marriage. The date of-"

"The date of our marriage."

Ginny started to smile,"Harry. It's destiny! I'm calling Hermione!"