Hello Minions! Thank you for the wonderful reviews, I'm glad you love the story; it's extremely hard to write such a complex character like Loki, so I hope I'm doing him justice.

Although this will be kept as a two shot, as it captures a moment in Loki and Neve's relationship, along with any other companion pieces, I am playing with the idea of doing a multi chaptered story, keeping Loki but with a different OC. How does this sound?

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She hadn't really thought about how noisy the banquets were. Perhaps it was because she wanted the space and the quiet, to pull her sister aside and resolve what was between them.

Neve wasn't usually one to get frustrated, but Loki wasn't helping.

At that moment, in the company of the All Father himself, who had sat down to feast with his subjects that night, Loki was running his hand down her spine, and pressing kisses to her neck.

Definitely not helping.

"My love we are in company."

She felt him smirk against the crook of her neck, and wrap a hand around her waist, securing her against him when she tried to edge away.

"They are all drunk…they do not notice or care beloved."

He tried to resume his activities, but she wormed out of his grip, and darted away from him.

"If you cannot behave then I shall leave you all alone here. I must talk to Sif and I cannot do that if you will not stop touching me!"

Her raised voice has silenced the room for a moment, whilst they stared in shock at Neve, who was known to never shout. It was not to last. Within minutes there was ribald laughter and Thor slapped his brother on the back, congratulating him on the handling of his woman.

All he did was stare, his mouth set in a thin line, and green eyes burning coldly.

She had embarrassed him.

Cheeks burning, she turned on her heel and ran from the room, tears welling up in her eyes.

Of all the things Loki hated, it was to be publically embarrassed. It destroyed his carefully crafted technique of fading into the background and observing. It gave him attention. The wrong kind of attention. After all her years of watching, all her years of seeing his displeasure and discomfort because of this, and now, she had done it to him also.

Where she was running to she did not know. Her thoughts were consuming her, her anguish because of the pain she had caused her love was overriding any rational thought.

She was surprised then that Sif found her first, curled up in a ball in the corner, sobbing.

For once her sister was silent, simply taking Neve's hand, and waiting until she had quieted.

And then the room was still and peaceful.

"I'm sorry if I've caused you pain by being with him."

It was a whisper, but it spoke volumes.


Sif's voice was naturally louder, and it pierced the air and broke the piece.

A sigh.

"It is I who is sorry sister. I did not think that he truly loves you, that you were infatuated with someone who was only using you to achieve his own pleasure. The scroll…I…I thought that he wanted you to study how to please him, not that you…well…"

"I do want to please him."

"Neve, I…"

"You had good intentions, but I know Loki is for me, that I will bind myself to him for the rest of my life and never look back, but…"

"You cannot do it totally unknowing."

"But I cannot be totally ignorant. I do not want him to regret his decision."

Sif smiled sadly and turned to cup her face.

"How could he, when you are the most wonderful being I have ever met?"

She kissed her forehead and stood, touching her shoulder as a signal of farewell, before leaving her sister to her solitude.

Neve felt her heart calm, and she shut her eyes, a small smile on her face at the knowledge that she and Sif would be well.

He was standing in front of her when she opened them again.

She took the proffered hand and stood up. He did not pull her close, or smile. He had not forgiven her.

A look at their linked hands, and she swallowed, before bringing his hand up to her lips and kissing it softly and reverently.

"Neither of us likes the attention Loki."

Still he looked at her, and offered no response.

She sighed. Reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck, whispering an apology before claiming his mouth with hers. Kissing him deeply, pouring all of her love and feeling into that one kiss.

His reaction was instant, picking her up and laying her down on the floor, never breaking the kiss.

That night, in an empty, golden walled room, they consummated their love for each other, whispered frantic words of love and commitment, before being bound to each other for as long as they both would live.