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A Hotter Touch, A Better Fuck. "Something New."

Blaine is a bit nervous as he waits for his boyfriend in the McKinley High parking lot. The reason being, he doesn't want to run into Karofsky. Blaine wasn't scared of him, oh no, he didn't want to start a fight because he knew Kurt would get mad. And if Kurt was mad then that meant that he wouldn't be getting laid tonight and god knows he doesn't want that.

Just as Blaine is getting ready to walk into the school to get his boyfriend Kurt comes strolling out.. He looks around and spots Blaine leaning up against the car door. Kurt smiles before running toward him.

"Hey!" He breathes against Blaine's neck.

"Hey yourself." Blaine hold his boyfriend briefly before he pushes him away to inspect his shirt. "Hmm, 'likes boys' eh?"

Kurt looks down at his shirt and blushes slightly. "Oh yeah, we sang Born This Way in Glee club and we all had insecurity shirts."

"Your insecurity is that you're gay?" Blaine questions.

"No, no, no, no. No, I love being gay." Kurt says hurriedly.

Blaine chuckles, "Alright, as long as you're sure."

Kurt sticks his tongue out at Blaine and runs towards the passenger side door. What was he 10?

"I like your shirt just so you know" Blaine states as he pulls out of the parking lot.

"Well of course you do." Kurt replies, "It's fabulous." He does his signature hair flip.

Blaine throws his head back and laughs more openly now. God, Kurt never change.

"My place today." Kurt instructs.

Blaine nods. "Alright."

Ever since they'd first had sex a week ago they were at it quite frequently. Well, not so frequently. They didn't want to spend all of their time together fucking like rabbits because Blaine liked to keep some romance in the relationship. Yeah, Blaine is the one that has to tell Kurt to back off some days. It's amazing how much more adventurous Kurt has gotten since their first intense make-out session.

Blaine reaches across the seat to place his hand on Kurt's thigh and Kurt shudders lightly, mostly out of habit. Even though they were sexually active, Kurt always found himself shuddering at Blaine's touch. He kind of likes it though.

A few torturous minutes later they were rushing inside of Kurt's house, trying to kiss each other along the way. They didn't stop until they made it to Kurt's room, and Blaine presses Kurt against the door, savagely attacking his neck with wet kisses.

"Blaine!…Oh god… Bed now…Oh fuck" Kurt pushes Blaine toward the bed.

Blaine falls down and lets Kurt pull his shirt off before moving down to remove Blaine's shoes and trousers leaving him only in his boxers.

"I will never get over how beautiful you are" Kurt says, licking his lips in a seductive manner.

"I'm nothing compared to you." Blaine breathes. "C'mere." He reaches out for Kurt and hooks his fingers underneath his shirt.

"You know your shirt should say 'Likes Blaine'" He comments as he begins to take it off.

"But I don't like you, I love you"

"Then it should say 'Loves Blaine'" Blaine starts working on the clothing on Kurt's lower half, letting his fingers idle ever so softly at his abdomen. "You know, when we're done I'm going to write that"

"You're going to ruin my s-shirt" Kurt gasps as Blaine starts palming Kurt's erection through his boxers. "Fuck!" He growls pushing Blaine down so that he's lying on his back before he straddles him, wasting no time in grinding his erection against Blaine's.

"Kurt fuck….Want to fuck you so bad….Oh God" Blaine groans.

Kurt doesn't move to let Blaine flip him over instead presses himself closer to his boyfriend and continues to grind up against him.

"Baby, let me flip you over so I can fuck you." Blaine moans. Fuck, he wasn't going to last long if Kurt kept up with this.

"No. I want to ride you." Kurt growls. "Do you want me to ride you Blaine? Do you want me to slide myself down onto your cock?

Blaine's eyes enlarge in excitement because uhm, yeah he wants that.

"Fuck yes I want that Kurt. I want you so bad."

Kurt stands up and walks over to Blaine's bedside table to retrieve the lube. He removes his underwear and motions for Blaine to do the same.

"Underwear off please"

"As you wish my prince" Blaine says, shimmying out of his own boxers before he lays back down, waiting for Kurt.

Kurt climbs back on top of Blaine and raises himself slightly so that his ass isn't touching anything. He reaches for the bottle of lube and squirts a good amount onto his fingers instead of Blaine's.

"I'm going to prepare myself for you baby, and you have to lie there the whole time." He says as he trails a lube covered finger down his body to his entrance.

"What if I touch?"

"Then I'll leave you to take care of your little problem by yourself" Kurt threatens and without further warning slips his index finger into himself, moaning softly.

Blaine is having a really hard time not touching Kurt. He's so used to fingering Kurt and getting him ready that it feels weird for him not to be doing it right now. It's driving him insane looking at Kurt, who's already moved on to a second finger. He pumps those fingers slowly savoring Blaine's reaction.

"Oh god, Blaine. I can't wait until I'm riding your cock. Your thick cock is going to feel so much better than my thin fingers. Oh fuck!" He wails as his fingers find his prostate.

Blaine can't take it anymore, punishment be dammed. He grabs the lube and slicks up his fingers while Kurt's eyes are shut, and reaches up to insert his index finger along side Kurt's moving digits.

"Oh my fucking god!" Kurt howls as Blaine starts moving the finger. Kurt begins to move his hips, bearing down on the fingers inside of him, and in a matter of seconds feels himself nearing orgasm. If he doesn't watch out he'll end up coming sooner than expected, and god knows Kurt doesn't want that.

"Fuck Blaine, now!" Kurt removes his fingers from within himself, but Blaine's fingers remain. He silently moves them around for a little while longer enjoying the orgasmic noises coming from Kurt's mouth.

"Baby, please let me fuck myself on you already." Kurt mewls, inadvertently grinding down onto Blaine's fingers some more. "You wouldn't want me to come before your cock gets to have it's fun would you?"

Uhm no, Blaine didn't want Kurt to come before he got a chance to bury his cock deep within that tight heaven. Groaning slightly Blaine removes his fingers and reaches down to align his cock with Kurt's hole.

"Do it then."

Kurt takes a minute to lube up Blaine's cock before he lets himself slide down in an excruciatingly slow pace, making sure that Blaine feels it. Blaine gets impatient and grabs Kurt's hips to slam him down forcefully, finally connecting them fully.

Kurt groans and wiggles his hips slightly to get himself adjusted.

"Fuck Kurt, baby, move now!" Blaine all but demands and digs his fingernails into the soft flesh of Kurt's hips.

Kurt begins to move at the same pace as he had when he impaled himself on Blaine's cock, slow and torturous. Too slow for Blaine's taste, he tightens his hold on Kurt's hips and slams him down onto his cock eliciting a loud moan from the other boy.


"You were moving too slow so I thought I'd help you." Blaine helps Kurt move up and down rapidly, much faster than Kurt would have gone had he been moving on his own accord.

"Fuck yes!" Kurt moans and rolls his hips every other thrust down so that Blaine's cock can hit his prostate just the way Kurt likes.

"We've never…fuck!… gone t-this fast before." Kurt states, reaching down to stroke his cock, which was leaking pearly drops of pre-come.

"I know, and I can't believe we've never gone this fast before. This feels…fucking amazing." Blaine arches his back and it only pushes his cock deeper into Kurt, who's still riding him expertly.

"Blaine, shut up and go faster." He orders.

Blaine begins to move his hips faster, and that combined with Kurt's movements, and Blaine's guiding of his hips absolutely drives Kurt wild. He's almost certain he sees colors, and not the usual Technicolor, no he's talking about actual colors of the rainbow here. God, he will never get tired of sex with Blaine. He doesn't care if Blaine's the only guy he's ever been with, Kurt never wants to give up the feeling of being filled with Blaine's cock. Never.

"Baby, sit up" Kurt urges, and Blaine while confused does as Kurt says and sits up so that he and Kurt are chest to chest, and his cock is hitting Kurt's prostate in the most perfect way possible.

"Oh God Blaine!" Kurt leans back slightly so that his and Blaine's bodies are forming a slight V and begins to move just as rapidly as he was moving before, his fingers raking Blaine's back to the point where he was certain he drew blood.

Blaine takes a moment to enjoy Kurt grinding up on his cock before he starts to thrust much more harshly than before bringing out not only breathy little moans, but loud, erotic whimpers from Kurt.

"Blaine, Blaine, Blaine…. Oh god I'm so… close."

It only takes Blaine three or four more thrusts before Kurt is coming all over Blaine's stomach with a piercing cry of his name. Not long after Kurt falls over the edge, Blaine joins him yelling out Kurt's name, not as high pitched but just as loud as Kurt had.

It takes them a few moments to come back down to earth and then they fall back onto the bed, sweaty and worn out.

"Uhm.. Wow." Blaine says, not being able to say anything else as Kurt had melted his brain with amazing sex.

"Yeah." Kurt returns simply.

"How did you find out about that position?" Blaine wonders. They had never done anything like that in their previous sexual rendezvous' which had Blaine wondering how his boyfriend had come up with that heavenly position.

"I read it somewhere." Kurt flushes beat red and looks down.


"A book."

"What kind of book?"


Huh. Blaine kind of had an idea of where Kurt had gotten the position from, but he wanted to tease his sweet boyfriend more.

"Was it a pornographic book?" He asked, drawing a gasp out of Kurt.

"Uhm. Maybe."

"Babe, I told you many times. You don't have to be ashamed of anything sexual when you're around me. Now if you don't tell me where you got that position from then I'm going to have to assume you're cheating on me with some other gorgeous, probably taller blond hard body" Blaine was only teasing him. Kurt would never cheat on him.

"Blaine!" Kurt says, slightly offended. Why would Blaine think Kurt was cheating on him? "I would never cheat on you."

"Well you won't tell me where you got that position from so I'm assuming…"

"I got it from a pornographic book, okay!" Kurt huffs out, exasperatingly. "I bought a book on all sorts of positions and I decided to go with that one first."

Blaine looks down at Kurt. Really? A book on sexual positions? Well that could be a lot of fun.


"You're not mad?" Kurt asks, nervously.

"Kurt are you ser-. No, I'm not mad at you." Blaine assures him. "I'm intrigued actually."


"Okay, you have to stop saying really."


"It's quite alright, love." Blaine smiles then gets a brilliant idea. "So, uhm can you show me?"

"The positions or the book?"

Blaine's eyes widen at Kurt's question. Wait, not now Blaine you just had sex with him. His ass can't take so much so soon.

"Well show me the book now, we can try the positions later.

Kurt says nothing, but detaches himself from Blaine and goes to his nightstand to take a large item wrapped in what looked like Alexander McQueen scarves out from within it.

"You wrap it in high end scarves?" Blaine asks, shifting his position so that he's sitting Indian style. Kurt loses track of his train of though for a while, Blaine's sitting Indian style on his bed. Naked. Blaine's naked while sitting Indian style. Oh god, he could feel himself get hard again.

"Already?" Blaine asks in amazement as he takes in his boyfriends half hard member.

"It's the way you're sitting." Blaine looks down with an adorably confused face. "Do you think that maybe you could, uhm, cover up. At least for right now."

Blaine chortles quietly before he reaches behind him and grabs a pillow to cover himself up.

"Better?" Kurt nods. "Come sit over here then."

Kurt quickly scrambles to Blaine's side with the scarf wrapped book clutched closely to his chest.

"Okay, you have to promise me you won't laugh." Kurt warns him. "Because if you laugh then I might not be able to live it down and will actually become a nun."

Blaine brings his hands up to his heart dramatically. "Oh no! That can't happen. Don't worry Kurt, I won't laugh. God knows I can't live without your delicious cock."

Kurt laughs, "Okay, did you just describe my cock as delicious?"

"Well it is." Blaine defends.

"I wouldn't know. Now can you please shut up and look at the book?"

"You tell me babe, you're still holding it." Blaine points out.

Oh right.

"Sorry." He holds the book out and Blaine takes it, unwrapping it as gently as possible so as to not damage the scarves. Kurt gets impatient and rips the scarves away. Blaine gives him a look of surprise. Kurt never treated clothes this way.

"Those scarves are last season anyways." Kurt explains and Blaine bite his lip to keep himself from laughing.

Blaine looks down and is surprised at the cover of the book. It's actually a simple cover, black and glossy. Even in his literature Kurt Hummel kept it classy.

The same could not be said about the inside though. Oh don't get Blaine wrong, he's not put off about it, but this is one of those cases when you should not judge a book by it's cover. The inside contains various pictures, diagrams and illustrations of different positions. they were actually very detailed. Blaine had to hand it to Kurt, he sure knew how to pick a pornographic book.

Blaine glances up at the boy in question and finds him with his head in his hands, the parts of his face that Blaine could see were bright red.

"Uhm Kurt." No response. " Look at me baby."

"Nuh- uh." Kurt mumbles.

"Kurt." Blaine repeats firmly. "Look at me. It's not so bad."

"I'm humiliated Blaine." Kurt says, finally looking up at Blaine, his face redder than a ripe tomato.

"Why? Kurt if you're reading this then it means that you must want to try some of these positions with me which means I would have found out about your kinky side sooner or later."

"I'm not kinky." Kurt says, defensively.

Blaine holds the book up, "judging by this, I would say, yeah you are."

"Oh." Kurt says simply.

Blaine sighs and places a kiss on Kurt's shoulder. "Baby, it's fine. You really want to try some of these?"

"Yes." Kurt answers in the smallest voice possible.

"When exactly?"

Kurt's head snaps up. "What?"

"Well this is a pretty big book so I was wondering when you wanted to make a dent on it."

Oh wow Blaine was actually going along with this. Well of course he would, Blaine's a dapper gentlemen to everyone else, but in the bedroom he's actually a real sex god. And no that's not an exaggeration.

"Uhm, whenever you want. I don't really mind." Kurt says, his confidence returning slowly but surely.

"Are you sure you want to continue this today? I wasn't exactly gentle earlier."

Kurt shrugs. Yeah, that's right. If it wasn't for the sheer embarrassment he was feeling then he would have noticed the intense pain in his ass. Oh wait, there was something he wanted to try.

"Well I did want to try number 24. With you on the bottom."

Blaine flips to the page containing the position and his eyes promptly bug out of his head. What? Kurt really wanted to try that? wow. His boyfriend was kinky.

"Number 24, I can do that. Do you want to do it.. like right now? " Blaine swallows in both excitement and slight fear.

"Well my dad will be home in two hours so we have until then-"

Blaine silences Kurt by pressing their lips together and he shoves the pesky pillow out of the way. Finally allowing his erection to spring up like it wants to.

They were going to make good use of those two hours.

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