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A Hotter Touch, A Better Fuck. "Who Knew Skype Could Be So Much Fun."

"I can't do this." Blaine grumbles to himself.

He's currently sitting in his room, in nothing but his boxers, staring at the rather large vibrator Kurt bought for him all a while ago. He's used every single excuse to never use them, but tonight he actually really needs them.

He was supposed to go out with Kurt and then come back to his house for a round of sex, but Burt had insisted they have their family night tonight instead of the usual Friday. Why? Well, Burt and Carole were going away this weekend and wanted to get some time in with their boys. And that's all swell, but the problem now is that Blaine has no way of getting off. He could do what he normally does and jerk off, but he actually really wants something in there. He was going to bottom tonight and the fact that he can't now has left him both horny and frustrated.

Until he remembered that he actually has sex toys, which are still brand new and in the packaging. He's actually looking for any reason to not use them, but he can't come up with any.

"Oh, fuck it." he says. He wants to be fucked, and he doesn't give a crap by what at this point. Blaine grabs the lube on his nightstand and lays down on his back.

"Okay, Blaine it's all good, just pretend that you're about to have sex with Kurt. Yeah," he says to himself, and starts to tease his skin, grazing his nipples with his fingers. He keeps a hand up at his chest and lets the other fall to pull his boxers down, exposing his cock. He holds off on touching it because he knows that that's what Kurt would do. He just loves to tease Blaine.

After teasing at the skin around his cock for a while, Blaine finally wraps his hand around the appendage, stroking in long, leisurely strokes. The drag is still a bit too dry for Blaine so he pops the cap on the lube and squirts some into his palm.

Ah, much better. Blaine starts to pick the pace up, only trying to delay using the toy any further. But he knows he can't avoid it much longer. He grabs the toy and places it next to him before coating his fingers with lube, and circling one against his entrance. He moans loudly; his parents aren't home so he can be as loud as he wants. He loves when Kurt does this, loves how much of a tease Kurt can be. Slowly, just like Kurt would, Blaine dips his finger in, going up to the knuckle before he wiggles it slowly. He pushes the finger out and pushes back in two. Instantly crooking his middle finger to brush against his prostate. Blaine doesn't like the pressure of just two fingers so he adds two more, and practically yells. He's never used four fingers before, and he's actually really liking It. He likes the increased pleasure pain feeling. And the pressure, oh my god, the pressure. It's absolutely amazing.

Blaine rides his fingers for a little while longer before he finally removes his digits and reaches out for the toy, coating it in lube. He slowly brings the toy to his entrance, and imagines what Kurt would do if he were here right now.

He would lean down and kiss Blaine right before he enters him, but Blaine can't kiss himself so he's going to have to go with his rough Kurt image, where Kurt all but thrusts his cock into Blaine' awaiting hole. The thought of Kurt hovering over him is enough for Blaine to shove the vibrator into his stretched hole, groaning loudly at the intense pain of it. He had only just admitted to Kurt that he loves the pain of the first push in, and Kurt has gone wild with it.

"Fuck," Blaine hisses, doing as Kurt would do when he's going at it rough, starting to move the toy in and out. He twists the toy sharply so that it's hitting his prostate, and Blaine arches his hips up. It only takes Blaine a few more thrusts to remember that he's using a vibrator, and he searches blindly for the switch at the bottom. He finds it and without realizing it turns it up all the way, causing him to nearly fly off of the bed by in shock of the sheer power of the toy. It's a new toy, never been used, of course it's going to be really fucking strong.

Trying not to overwhelm himself, Blaine switches the vibrator to the second lowest setting, and even at that level it's still strong. But the vibrations feel so fucking good. Blaine starts thrusting the toy in and out, moaning loudly at the intense pleasure he's feeling. Finally, he understands how Kurt can love these things.

Just as Blaine really starts to get going, his phone rings annoyingly loud. He's about to throw it across the room, but he recognizes the ringtone as Kurt's and seizes his movements to grab the phone.

"H-hello," he says, breathless.

"Hey babe," Kurt greets cheerfully.

"K-Kurt, I thought you were going to call later." Blaine says, trying not to moan. Which was proving a lot difficult since he still had the toy in his ass; that was still vibrating

"Well, dinner ended early so I thought I'd call you."

"O-oh that's g-greeaohmygod." Blaine moans when he shifts himself forward and the vibrator presses into his prostate. "Ohhh yes."

The other end of the line falls silent, and Blaine lets out another breathy little moan.

"Blaine," Kurt says. "Did you just moan?"

As if to answer Kurt's question Blaine moans again, and he hears Kurt gasp at the other end.

"Are you jerking off?"

"N-no, I have a vibrator in my a-ass oh god it feels so fucking good." Blaine whimpers, reaching down to push the toy farther in.

"You're using your toys?" Kurt asks, Blaine notices how his breathing quickens, and he can tell that Kurt's currently in the process of pulling his own pants down.

"Y-yes, I really wanted you to f-ohgod-fuck me but you were busy, so I decided to use a vibrator. Oh god Kurt I can't believe I didn't use them before, this feels fucking a-amazing." Blaine breathes out, quickening the pace of his thrusts. On the other line he can hear the faint sound of Kurt's hand rubbing his cock, and Blaine wants nothing more that for him to be here with him.

"God, you have no idea how badly I want to see you fucking yourself with the vibrator I bought for you," Kurt says, letting out his own moan. "Baby, are you close?"

"Y-yes. It's the vibrations, Kurt, oh my god."

"I want you to come, baby. Come now, because I want to do something else with you and I don't want you to come too soon. Kurt commands and Blaine let's go, his orgasm tearing through his body.

"Oh fuck baby, you sound so hot." Kurt states, while Blaine comes down from his high, sensitivity kicking in due to the still on vibrator in his ass. He takes it out and turns it off.

It takes Blaine a while to notice that Kurt still hasn't come yet. "Kurt, do you want me to make you come?"

"Yes, but I don't want to do this over the phone."

"Come over then." Blaine suggests. His parents aren't home, who's to say Kurt can't come over.



"No. I want you to see me, but I don't want you to touch me."

Blaine thinks for a minute, his brain too pleasure addled to comprehend what Kurt's saying. "Oh, you want to skype?"

"Bingo," Kurt laughs. "I'm going to hang up now, have your computer on because I'm calling you in exactly three minutes."

"Why three?"

"Because I need three minutes to get ready for you, baby." Kurt purrs, and Blaine's cock makes a valiant attempt to re-harden again. Eh, give it three minutes.

"Okay, I'm hanging up now." Kurt warns, and the line goes silent.

Blaine rushes to his computer and turns it on along with Skype, and his webcam. That only takes a minute, so now Blaine has two full minutes to ponder at what Kurt is planning. Clearly he wants to show Blaine something that's going to make him want to tear his hair out. But what is it?

Before he can come up with a few scenarios Kurt's call comes in. Blaine answers it a little bit too fast, and the first image he sees is of Kurt laughing.

"A little eager?" He smirks, and Blaine nods. "Ohh, I see you're naked already. Good."

Blaine peeks down and silently curses to himself. All he can see is Kurt's milky white chest, and that's a good sight and all, but the appendage Blaine wants to see is a little more in the south direction.

"Blaine in order to reward you for finally using your toys, I will use one of mine on myself." Kurt informs Blaine, stepping back from the camera, revealing his perfect body, complete with fully erect cock. Blaine licks his lips and grabs the lube he keeps in his desk drawer, placing it on the desk just in case he needs it.

Kurt adjusts the camera so that it points directly to his bed, where that shiny black box Blaine's grown to love and hate rests. Kurt takes a deep breath and struts back, placing himself in the middle of the bed.

"Can you see me?" He asks.

"Yes, very clearly."

"Okay," Kurt opens his box and pulls out his favorite vibrator, which is huge, and his cock ring.

Oh fuck.

"You haven't seen me play with myself yet have you Blaine?"

"Only that one time a couple of weeks ago, but it was very brief." Blaine reminds him.

"Oh right." Kurt notes. "That was a tame round. You haven't seen me get really into it. And you haven't seen me use this bad boy," he hold the vibrator up. "And you haven't seen me use this," he hold thee cock ring up "as well."

"N-no." Blaine stutters, feeling his cock begin to harden.

"Tell me what you want me to do, Blaine." Kurt purrs, tracing the vibrator down his stomach. "I'm rewarding you, tell me what you want me to do."

"P-put the ring on." Blaine demands, and Kurt obeys, wincing a little when the ring snaps shut. "Lay back, yes like that so I can see you spread yourself open for me."

Kurt groans, and opens his legs wantonly, giving Blaine a perfect view of his entrance.

"Lube your fingers, and stick them. Two first."

Kurt lubes his hand up, and inserts two fingers, moaning as his middle found his prostate.

"Scissor them, yes like that, spread yourself for me babe. Pretend you're preparing yourself for me cock." Blaine groans, bringing his hand down to fist at his own cock. Kurt adds two more fingers, and rides them for a while until Blaine decides that he can't watch anymore. He needs to see Kurt fuck himself just like he was doing to himself.

"Baby, that's enough. Put it in." Kurt lubes the toy up and brings it to his stretched hole. He teases it for a bit, sliding the slick tip of the vibrator against his entrance. "Babe, don't tease me. I want you to ram that vibrator into your hole."

Kurt moans at Blaine's request, and shoves the toy in in one smooth slide. "Oh yessss." he wails. His back arching up. Blaine stares transfixed at Kurt's filled hole, he has a sudden urge to lick at it.

"Turn it on, as high as it will go." Blaine orders, licking his lips as his hand moves faster.

"I'm not going to last long if I turn it up all the way, even with a cock ring." Kurt warns.

"I don't care, I just want to watch you fall apart."

Kurt nods, and turns the vibrator up to the highest level. He immediately cries out as intense pleasure hits him, and begins ramming the vibrator in and out of his hole so rapidly, Blaine's eyes get tired of following it around.

"Oh yes, look at you fucking yourself with that toy, pretending that it's my cock. Such a little slut."

"Yes, Blaine such a slut, for you. Oh god." Kurt moans, reahing up to tweak his nipples.

"You fucking love my cock don't you? You love it when I pound into you, when my cock hits your prostate just right, oh god Kurt you look so fucking hot., fuck yourself harder. Harder Kurt."

Kurt obeys, thrusting the vibrator in and out at an alarming pace, and he's fucking weeping with pleasure, his toes are curling and he looks like a fucking mess. Blaine stares at him, his own hand tugging at his own cock with increasing speed and he feels himself nearing his second orgasm of the night.

"Talk to me Kurt, tell me how it feels." Blaine growls.

"Feels so -ah- so fucking good. I wish it was you Blaine, I want you here fucking me hard. I want your cock filling me up instead of this fake one. I…oh!…" Kurt starts moving his hips wildly, desperate for a release. He's waiting on Blaine to tell him that it's okay to come. "Blaine, I'm so close, please. Let me come, Oh go I want to come so fucking bad." Kurt begs.

"Okay, baby, take the ring off and come. Come for me." Blaine demands, and like lightning Kurt takes the cock ring off and after a few tugs, comes onto his chest, his hands, everywhere. Kurt looks so fucking hot coming that Blaine can't hold off on his own orgasm any longer and nearly blanks out as his second orgasm of the night hits him hard.

"So hot." he hears Kurt mutter, and Blaine looks at the screen to see Kurt looking at him, the vibrator already out of his ass, leaving his hole slightly gaping. "I love watching you when you come."

"Likewise." Blaine agrees. "That… uhm wow."

"I know. If I smoked there would be a cigarette in my hand right now."

"Don't you dare take up smoking now." Blaine warns, and Kurt giggles softly.

"No. I won't."

"So, I love my toys." Blaine states, and Kurt throws his head back and laughs.

"I knew you would." Kurt says smugly. "Hey, I'm all sticky so I'm going to take a shower. I'll see you tomorrow?"

"Yeah, yeah. I think I should shower too."

"I love you. And thank you for the fantastic phone sex."

"No, thank you Kurt."

Kurt giggles, and blows Blaine a kiss. "Bye." and the screen goes black. Blaine sighs and shuts his computer off. He walks to the bed and wipes down his toy before he puts it away in his drawer. He chuckles to himself quietly. Who knew that he would grow to love a thing he was so intimidated of a while ago.

Blaine adds the vibrator to his list of things he can't live without. Right under Kurt and Kurt's cock.

Blaine shakes his head and walks to the bathroom muttering something along the lines of 'Damn you, Kurt Hummel."

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