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"Road trip for no apparent reason, whoo!"

Barry Allen looked in the rearview mirror of the car to see an excitedly bouncing redhead grinning back at him. His thirteen-year-old nephew had been wiggling in his seat ever since they'd left Central City an hour and a half ago. The kid had no clue where they were going or why, all he cared about was getting to miss two days of school.

"It's not a completely pointless trip, you're still going to school tomorrow." Barry informed the teen, holding back a laugh as his shoulders instantly fell.

"What?" Wally was indignant, red hair flopping haphazardly into his eyes as his mouth hung open.

"I have a meeting with someone in Gotham tomorrow and I thought you might enjoy going to the academy and checking out their science labs." It was amusing how fast Wally's moods could do a one-eighty.

"Seriously? Awesomeness!"

With an hour and a half left until they reached Gotham, Barry wondered if it wouldn't have been better to leave the kid sulking.

"Dude, nerd alert!"

Wally's vibrant green eyes, which had been excitedly taking in the state of the art chemistry lab, narrowed as they rested upon a ground of well-muscled boys around his age dressed in the crisp uniform of Gotham Academy. Seemed like even high prep schools had their fair share of mindless meat.

"Ignore them, they're just sore that students with brains outrank them." A kind voice assured him as a hand rested on his shoulder.

Turning his head to the left, Wally's eyes were graced with the sight of the cutest boy he'd ever seen. Sparkling blue eyes smiled back at him along with lips that looked just the slightest bit chapped and completely kissable. Oh shit, bad thoughts, he wasn't supposed to be thinking of other boys like that, bad Wally!

"Are you new here?" The dark haired boy beside him asked, hand still resting on the taller redhead's shoulder.

"Um, no, I'm actually just here for the day 'cause my uncle had a meeting and I'm really into science even though Central City schools couldn't care less about anything that's not sports related so Uncle B said I could hang here for the day even if I have no idea how he managed to swing that and then those guys-" The younger boy suddenly covered Wally's mouth with a hand to stop the mile long sentence.

"I think I've got the picture." Damn, the boy had a nice smile. "So, Central City science geek, shall we find a seat?" Wally felt like bristling at the name but instead nearly melted when a smaller hand took his and tugged him towards an empty lab desk just as the bell rang.

"Oh, by the way, name's Richard Grayson. Call me Dick." Dick turned to give Wally a wink, causing the bottom of the redhead's stomach to promptly give out.

"My god, you are amazing." Wally gasped out, hand pressed to his protesting side as his sweaty bangs fell annoyingly into his eyes.

"You're not half bad yourself. I usually don't get much of a challenge unless I'm playing with my dad." Dick replied, breathing only a bit heavier than usual. "You up for another round?" He raised a challenging eyebrow at Wally, causing the other boy to grin and spring back onto his feet.

"Bring it on Grayson!"

After getting his behind owned in basketball, Wally was ready for gym class to be over so he could go nurse his wounded pride. The cocky grin Dick kept flashing him was not helping, even if the kid did earn it.

"Since when do math nerds beat science geeks?" Wally demanded, watching sulkily as Dick bounced the basketball they'd been using with ease.

"Since I'm just that amazing." Dick's laugh had a light cackle to it when he was excited, Wally noted with puppy like affection. Gah, bad Wally!

"Ew, nerd love." The boys who had laughed at Wally in Chemistry class were now making kissing faces at the new friends, making a surprisingly dark scowl flit across Dick's face. "Why don't you kiss each other?" The larger blond guy shoved Dick towards Wally, and before either of them knew it Dick had stumbled into their first kiss. And then stayed there.

Wally's eyes were wide open, and so saw the panic shining clearly in the blue eyes inches from his own as Dick hastily tried to withdraw but ended up tugging painfully at Wally's teeth.

"Ow, ow, stop!" Wally grabbed hold of Dick's shoulders to still him before gingerly running his tongue over his teeth, only to be met with somebody else's. "Um, Dick? You have braces too, don't you?" Wally asked slowly, already knowing the answer as he ran his tongue over both his and Dick's teeth.

"Just got them last month." Dick's eyes widened in realization before shutting tightly. "Fuck."

"Not really the time for that."

If they had not been connected at the mouth, Wally would have run for his life at the glare Dick was giving him.

Dick Grayson was a dead man, a dead man sitting awkwardly in Wally's lap in the main office waiting for his executioner.

Once the P.E. teacher had made his way through the ring of laughing students to see the predicament Wally and Dick were in, he'd ordered them to the nurse's office. Shuffling down the (thankfully) deserted hallways while attached to a boy a foot taller than himself by the mouth was awkward, to say the least.

Upon entering the elderly nurse's office, she'd taken one look at the furiously blushing boys before hastily raising a hand to muffle her laughter. She'd directed them to sit, which had been a painful ordeal of pulling and wincing until Wally finally grabbed Dick by the hips and pulled the indignant boy down until he was practically straddling the teen.

Keeping up her professional demeanor as best as she could, Nurse Kelley took a look at the boys' interlocked braces to see if she could separate them. After several minutes of experimental probing and tugging, to both boys' protests, she declared them inseparable by anyone but an orthodontist. They were well and truly stuck.

Then came the phone call.

"Hey Bruce, I know you're in a meeting right now but I'm kind of in a…situation." Dick spoke carefully, as every time he moved his lips they brushed against Wally's and sent tingles down Dick's spine.

"Explain." Bruce's voice was clipped, and Dick could just picture the man's eyebrows drawing together.

"My braces are stuck to another guy's and refuse to let go." Dick let out in a rush, accidentally biting on Wally's lip in the process, causing him to yelp before glaring at the younger boy.

Dick's words were met with dead silence for so long that he was beginning to think that the man had either hung up or passed out. Most likely, he was sitting in Wayne Enterprise's meeting room at the head of the table with people staring at him, wondering why in heck he ever adopted his kid.

"I'll be there in twenty minutes."

So now here Dick and Wally were, sitting in the main office waiting for Bruce Wayne to come save them.

"You're the adopted son of Bruce Wayne, the Bruce Wayne. I'm dead. He's going to shoot me. He's going to shoot me right here the second he sees us." Wally was muttering to himself, causing Dick to roll his eyes.

"And that's not even the half of it."

"Stop shifting!" Wally begged, not liking how the close proximity of their bodies coupled with Dick's agitated movements were affecting him.

"Well stop muttering to yourself, your lips tickle." Dick instantly regretted those words, shutting his eyes as the light blush that had refused to go away deepened again. "What did I do to deserve this?"

"Was kinda asking myself the same question."

Just then the office door opened and a well dressed man walked in, frame not large but commanding. Wally found him to be the most terrifying person in the world at the moment.

"Um, hey dad." Dick waved at the man, still situated snugly in Wally's lap.

Bruce Wayne stood there for a good long moment, simply taking in the sight of the mess his son had managed to get himself into this time. The intense gaze made the boys shift uneasily, which simply tugged at their joined mouths and made them wince.

"You know kid, when I said have fun I don't think I meant this." A laughing voice said from behind Bruce as Barry stepped forward, easing the tension in the room with his easy smile. "I must say though, this way of meeting each other is much more interesting than what Bruce and I had in mind."

Wally and Dick exchanged glances before turning back (as much as they could) to their guardians with questioning looks.

"Now is not the time, we should get you two separated first." Bruce shot Barry a warning look, causing the other man to take a step back as the boys attempted to stand from their shared chair with as little jostling as possible.

"Please tell me it's not passing period." Dick wouldn't be able to show his face in school again if he was forced to walk out of the building attached at the lips with another guy.

"No such luck, now come on." Bruce held the door open for them.

"Wally, just so we're perfectly clear, you are never kissing me again."