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A nice, quiet night with no one trying to steal from or hurt anyone else wasn't too much to ask for, was it?

"Of all the cities I could have chosen to take over." Nightwing rolled his eyes as he raced across rooftops, eyes trained on the fast moving car on the street below that was blowing past traffic lights and stop signs like there was no tomorrow. It seemed as if hardly a night went by in Bludhaven where Nightwing had it easy. Most nights it felt like he was on his toes nonstop all night long, so much so that it was almost tempting to just stay in bed like a normal person.

Seeing the perfect opening, Nightwing suddenly leapt off his current building to land squarely atop the hood of the car, startling the driver enough to make the car swerve off the road and nearly crash into a light pole. Having leapt up into a nearby tree right before impact, Nightwing dropped to the ground again as the men in the car scurried out and started to dash away.

"So not in the mood for this." Nightwing growled, beginning to give chase. A streak of red flashing by made him pause, and a moment later he came to a stop before the dizzy criminals who were expertly tied up on the ground. "I totally had that." Nightwing was not pouting, he was absolutely not pouting.

"Of course you did, I just sped it up a bit." Flash sent the other superhero a wink from his place beside the glaring criminals.

"And did I ask for a supercharged hero in my city?" Nightwing narrowed his eyes at the carefree speedster, crossing his arms over his dark clothed chest.

"Whoa there, you're starting to sound like Batman." Flash raised his hands in defense. Nightwing kept his narrow-eyed glare level on the other for a good long minute, neither of the two moving and barely noticing the uneasy shifting the criminals were doing beside them.

"What are you doing here Flash?" Nightwing finally sighed, relaxing his stance to rub at the headache that had been pounding in his right temple all night.

"Can't I check in on my old teammate, show some concern for his well being?" Flash cocked his head to the side, masked eyes taking note of the obvious discomfort Bludhaven's vigilante was in.

"You're bright red." Nightwing noted, causing even more concern to rise in Flash. Maybe lack of sleep and sunlight was finally doing something to the guy. "It's making my head hurt worse." Nightwing explained, cracking open an eye to send Flash a look.

"Ah." Flash glanced down at himself. "Yeah, I can see that. Come on then," he grabbed Nightwing's hand, to sputtering protests, and led him away from the tied up crooks and the harsh street lights. "You really should take better care of yourself." Flash admonished gently, stopping once the two were well hidden in a dark alley between two office buildings.

"If you came here to lecture me I'm definitely kicking you out." Nightwing tried glaring again but found it hurt his head even more, and so had to content himself with keeping his eyes closed while hanging his head. "I hate headaches."

A soft rattling grated on the dark superhero's nerves and made his eyes snap open to see a small bottle of pills being held out to him. Taking them with a relieved breath, Nightwing looked up and gave his old teammate his first smile of the night in thanks.

"Always be prepared." Flash smiled back, leaning against one of the buildings as Nightwing took one of the headache pills dry. "And speaking of being prepared, I just got a reservation at the best Thai restaurant in Central. Took me forever to get my name on that list."

"Hm, am I supposed to care?" Nightwing asked, leaning back against the building opposite of Flash's and closing his eyes again, waiting for the pill to take effect.

"Nah, just wanted to tell someone that I've got a hot date tomorrow night at seven." Flash smirked, knowing that even with his eyes closed Nightwing could feel his eyes slowly sweeping up and down that dark lithe body.

"Yay for thee." The still unenthusiastic tone in Nightwing's voice made Flash move his eyes up to the still slightly pinched face. Unseen by the other, Flash's eyebrows drew together in worry as he pushed away from the wall.

Strong yet gentle fingers rested on Nightwing's temples, pressing softy and beginning to slowly rub the throbbing pain away. Allowing a soft groan to escape his throat, Nightwing let his defenses drop as he became putty under Flash's ministrations. Normally, the training that Batman had drilled into him would have prevented Nightwing from being this vulnerable out in the open, but he knew that with Flash he was safe. Eventually, the pill and massage pushed back the pounding in his head and he was able to open his eyes without wincing.

"Better?" Flash asked, moving his hands down to rest on either side of Nightwing's neck.

"Much. I owe you one." Nightwing grinned mischievously as Flash's face suddenly lit up.

"I'll hold you to that. Anyways, seven tomorrow?" Flash asked, leaning in to rest his forehead against Nightwing's.

"Seven tomorrow." Nightwing agreed, sliding his arms around Flash's waist to pull their bodies flush up against each other before reaching up for a kiss.

Walking confidently down the street, dark shaded eyes were focused forward while a small smirk gave the only indication that the man knew exactly how many heads he was turning. Being raised by a multi-billionaire definitely had its benefits, especially when it came to sense of dress.

Dark washed jeans hugged leanly muscled thighs like a second skin while loosening around the calves. A hard, nearly indestructible gold colored utility belt was easily hidden underneath a dark blue cotton button down shirt, the top two buttons tastefully left undone with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows. Ebony black bangs fell softly over a smooth forehead, falling just short of covering the dark designer shades that were hiding sparkling blue eyes.

In other words, Richard Grayson looked like he'd walked straight off of a photo spread. The civilians of Central City never stood a chance.

The deep red sun was just beginning to set over the city, casting elongated shadows of everything its rays touched as Dick stopped in front of a posh looking restaurant. Purple Leaf was written in curly gold lettering, proudly displaying the restaurant's name to the street, and standing in front of the place looking cool as a spring breeze was the man who'd stolen Dick's heart and never had the courtesy to give it back.

"Hey handsome," Wally grinned as Dick approached, pulling the still slightly shorter man into a hello kiss, subtly slipping in a little tongue even as passerby stopped to stare at the two. Allowing his eyes to briefly close, Dick thoroughly enjoyed the kiss for a moment before nipping at Wally's upper lip to break it.

"Come on, before we give your civilians heart attacks." Dick smirked, lacing his fingers with his boyfriend's before leading the way into the restaurant.

Soft lighting coupled with a soothing oriental soundtrack and a nature-based atmosphere gave the restaurant an intimate air about it, making it one of the top restaurants in the city. A petite lady in a sky blue dress and sash with her hair in an intricate bun led Dick and Wally over the small koi pond to a small table in a secluded corner.

Taking their seats, Dick removed his shades before picking up his menu to start perusing the different dishes while Wally, oddly, left his menu untouched on the table. Noticing the other's lack of movement, Dick glanced up and felt an eyebrow start to travel up as his eyes were met with Wally's green ones intently watching him.

"You know what you're ordering?" Dick asked, wondering what he'd done to put that besotted puppy dog look on Wally's face that hadn't been commonly seen since he was fifteen.

"You." Wally replied instantly, causing Dick to duck behind his menu to stifle his sudden burst of laughter.

"And here I thought you'd gotten over your cheesy pick-up lines." Blue eyes shadowed by the paper lantern hanging over the table peeked over Dick's menu to meet Wally's again. "But seriously, do you already know what you're getting?"

"Mmhm." Wally was still looking at him, right hand propping his head up. Deciding to ignore his boyfriend's odder than usual behavior, Dick dropped his eyes back to the menu to decide what he was going to eat.

"Ready to order?" A girl in a lilac dress was suddenly beside their table, pad and pen in hand.

"Yes, we'll have an order of shrimp cakes, an order of vegetarian rolls, an order of pork skewers, and I'll have an order of pad thai and a lemon soda." Wally told the girl, smiling his charming smile at her while Dick just sat by in amusement.

"And I'll have the pad see oon and a mango smoothie." Dick turned his own easy smile to the girl as he handed her his menu. "So, what's got you so happy today?" He turned back to Wally, who'd gone right back to gazing at Dick the moment their waitress left.

"I'm just happy to spend time with you is all. We've both been really busy lately." Wally shrugged, causing Dick's heart to clench slightly as he reached across the table to take Wally's hand in his.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that. It's just, you know, cop by day, insomniac by night." Dick smiled a bit apologetically, gently squeezing the hand in his.

"I know, don't sweat it." Wally raised their hands to his lips, placing a chaste kiss to the back of Dick's. "Like I said, I'm just happy we have now." The two of them shared a smile that was all their own before their waitress returned with their drinks and appetizers.

"Mango? Feeling a bit fruity there love?" Wally laughed at Dick's choice of drink.

"Hey, don't knock it until you've tried it." Dick reprimanded, pushing his glass across the table and snagging a shrimp cake with his chopsticks on the way back. Slowly munching on the sweet juicy cake, Dick watched as his boyfriend took a cautious sip of the golden colored smoothie.

"That is actually pretty good." Wally conceded, pushing the drink back across the table before picking up a pork skewer. Carefully hiding the soft smile that formed on his lips, Dick took a sip of his fruity concoction before turning back to the food.

Conversation throughout the meal flowed easily, ranging from happenings on the job to the latest world gossip. Thanks to the atmosphere of the restaurant, it felt as if the two of them were at one of their places on a lazy Saturday night just spending time with other. Dick hadn't realized how much he missed date nights until work had forced him to miss the past two weeks' worth of them. Then again, leave it to Wally to find a roundabout way to get some quality time with a nighttime hero.

"And then this kid, who I swear has it out for me, starts throwing a temper tantrum that would drive even sweet old M'gann insane within minutes. If the recess bell hadn't rung when it did I think I might have strung the kid up from the light fixtures." The dishes had been cleared, leaving the table open for Wally to lean over as he finished up his story of his latest foray into kindergarten teaching.

"Now that I would have loved to see." Dick laughed, a full stomach and warm environment relaxing him into the back of his seat, fingers idly toying with his half empty glass.

Wally loved it when Dick laughed, his eyes shone in a happy carefree way that Wally imagined hadn't been felt since Dick was a young child. It was a beautiful sight, and Wally would never grow tired of seeing it. The nights when that smile and those eyes were the last thing Wally saw before drifting off to sleep and the mornings when they were the first sight he saw were the moments that made him.

"Sweetie, you're staring." Dick was smiling sweetly when Wally snapped back into reality, causing a sheepish grin to overtake his features.

"Yeah, I kind of do that a lot where you're concerned." Wally admitted, inwardly cheering when Dick rested his forearms on the table to lean forwards.

"Hm, I never said I minded it." Dick's words were spoken softly, lips brushing right up against Wally's.

Securing Dick's head in place with a hand, Wally closed his eyes and licked along the pliant seam of Dick's lips, letting his tongue slip into that sweet tasting mouth when Dick parted his lips in invitation. A mixture of sweetness and spiciness met Wally's tongue, causing him to moan in oral ecstasy as he tasted every crevice of Dick's mouth.

If it had been any other night, Wally would have been more than happy to stay locked at the lips with his boyfriend until a blushing waitress politely cleared her throat, but tonight was different. There would be plenty of time for that later, but right now there was something pressing that needed to be addressed.

"I want to take you somewhere." Wally was only slightly out of breath when he finally managed to pull himself away, sorely tempted to just say screw it and dive back in at the pout Dick was sending him. "It'll be worth it." He promised, leaning in for a quick peck before getting the check, determination to not get distracted making him miss the serene knowing look Dick was giving him across the table.

Walking hand in hand down the night hushed street was causing Wally's heart to beat way too fast even for him, and as much as he wanted to hide it he knew that nothing got past the perceptive ex-partner of Batman. Indeed, Dick could tell that something was gnawing at his boyfriend's insides but decided to let him be until he felt like sharing. Wally always spilled in the end. In the meantime, a nice quiet walk in the moonlight without trying to chase down a runaway car was nice.

Dick had been to Central City many times before, but there were still some places that he hadn't discovered yet. As Wally led him to the edge of the shopping district towards a quieter residential area, Dick started to lose sight of the familiar and take in the new. Pavement turned to soft grass teeming with awakening nightlife as fireflies darted here and there around the couple. It was almost too romantically cliché, almost.

As a grassy hill rose before them, Dick felt an eyebrow raise in question but followed Wally's lead without a word. Atop the hill was a weather worn stone resting beside an old willow tree half bent over with its branches falling protectively over the stone, creating a curtain of soft green that flowed softly to and fro in the wind.

"I used to come up here when I was little and the other kids were being mean to me. Uncle B always told me that this place was magical, and when I got older I started to understand what he meant." Wally stepped towards the edge of the hill, hand never letting go of Dick's. Over the precipice, the entirety of Central City was lit up and sprawled before them, alive like a giant creature breathing in contentment. "Helps remind me what I'm fighting to protect." Wally's voice was quiet, eyes bright as they took in his city.

Dick knew exactly what his boyfriend was talking about. Growing up as Robin, he knew firsthand how difficult it sometimes was to remember why he kept putting his body and mind through what he did on an almost nightly basis. In his first month of superhero duty, Robin had been taken by Batman up to the highest point of Gotham in order to see the city and its people as a whole. Batman had told him that night to always remember the sight, and sixteen years later Dick could still remember the awe he felt at seeing the large city that he was protecting.

"Wish I had a place like this in Bludhaven, having to go back to Gotham every time I feel like throwing in the towel gets a bit wearing." Dick had tucked himself snugly against Wally's side, arms naturally winding themselves around a slim waist as one of Wally's was wrapped securely around Dick's shoulders. "Wish we didn't live so far away from each other." Dick's words were quiet enough without being spoken into Wally's neck, but Wally was used to the muffled sentiments that came from him.

"I know. I wish we didn't either." Wally gently coaxed his boyfriend away from his side so that they could face each other. "More than anything though, I wish we never had to be apart for as long as we live and long after we die. Since that's unfortunately impossible, I think I can settle with the next best thing."

"Wally," Dick's eyes had widened exponentially when Wally's hands moved from his waist to holding his hands as he got down on one knee.

"Richard John Grayson-Wayne, you have been my best friend for years. You have been my cornerstone through every single rough patch of my life, my light in the dark, my reason in turmoil, and my heart beating steadily within me. Every day I am reminded of how incredibly lucky I am to have you in my life and how much I love you, and more than anything I want to spend every day of the rest of my life proving just how much I love you. So, would you do this clumsy, sometimes irrational, and completely in love man the honor of becoming my husband and tacking on another name to your growing list?"

Eyes having never left Dick's, Wally could see the tears gathering and spilling over as he gave his speech. The moon illuminated the night and turned the salty streams gliding over Dick's cheeks into quicksilver as he gave his kneeling boyfriend a smile that could rival the brightness of the stars.


It was choked and Dick was mortified to hear his voice starting to crack, but the absolute joy that spread across Wally's face made it worth it a thousand times over. "Like I'd want to marry anyone else." And with that, Dick decided it was a good time to tackle his future husband to the ground and kiss the living daylights out of him.

The door to Wally's third floor loft was flung blindly open as two bodies nearly fell in due to their trying to undress each other without breaking lip contact. Buttons went flying every which way as Wally practically ripped Dick's shirt open to get his hands on heated flesh, mouth leaving Dick's to lick a trail down towards a collarbone.

"If you leave a mark somewhere I can't cover up again, I'm making sure you won't walk straight for a week." Dick gasped out as he felt Wally bite down on sensitive skin and begin to lightly suckle while his hands were busy removing Dick's destroyed shirt.

"Is that a threat or an incentive?" Wally wondered, releasing the skin at Dick's neck to move lower, happily latching onto a stiffened nipple. Hands held Dick's hips steady as his body arched towards the delicious heat engulfing his nipple, desperately searching for more. A resounding click later and Dick's utility belt landed on the ground along with his pants, leaving him standing in the middle of the room in nothing but his tented boxers.

"Well this is hardly fair." Dick muttered to himself before forcing Wally's back into the wall, making short work of getting the other man in an equal state of undress. "Much better." He nodded in approval, moving down to his knees so that he was level with a covered crotch.

Mouth watering at the sight of Wally's obvious arousal, Dick leaned forward to mouth at the straining material of Wally's boxers, causing a whimper to float down from above. Deciding to tease a bit more, Dick allowed his tongue to come out and lave at the fabric covering an increasingly heating phallus, moving steadily up towards the waistband.

Half lidded green eyes never left Dick's as he grasped the elastic of Wally's boxers in his teeth and started to slowly pull down, letting the cool loft air hit heated skin patch by patch as cotton slid enticingly over excited nerves. Boxers taken care of, Wally now stood leaning against the wall naked as the day he was born, skin already covered in a light sheen of sweat and lips parted in anticipation. He was the most arousing sight Dick had ever seen.

Getting back to his feet, Dick forcefully pushed his own restricting boxers down before crushing his lips to Wally's, slamming their bared hips together in the process. Tongues tangled, hands gripped at already mussed hair, eyes closed in ecstasy, and hips shamelessly rutted against each other to create wondrous friction along rock hard cocks. Muffled moans filled the open space like a symphony for what seemed like hours before Wally finally tore his mouth away and grabbed Dick by the hips, lifting him up so that he could wrap his legs around Wally's waist.

Not wasting any time, especially since he had a frisky fiancé in his arms nipping at his neck, Wally moved towards his bedroom and carefully leaned Dick back onto the navy sheeted bed, nestling himself securely on top as Dick refused to release his legs' grip. Lips joined again, this time less frantic and more passionate. They were in bed, their bed, and so had all night and the next day if they pleased to do whatever they wanted to each other.

Wally could feel Dick's eyelashes brushing softly against his closed eyelids as his tongue languidly licked and teased every part of Dick's mouth, arms keeping their bodies so close it was almost crushing. If the world decided to end tomorrow this was where Wally wanted to be when he took his last breath, holding his love as close as their bodies would allow making love with so much more than just their bodies.

All of a sudden, Wally felt his world flip and he opened his eyes to see Dick grinning down at him from his position on Wally's stomach. Blue eyes sparkled mischievously as dark hair fell wildly around his face, lips just this side of kiss-swollen and a few bruises were already forming on his pale neck. God, Wally loved this man.

"Feeling a bit dominate tonight love?" Wally laughed, secretly loving it when Dick went all Alpha male on him.

"Maybe." Dick shrugged, leaning forward to playfully nip at Wally's shoulder. "I was thinking more along the lines of riding you nice and hard until you come screaming my name for all of your elderly neighbors to hear." Dick breathed hotly into Wally's ear, feeling every tremble that wracked through Wally's body at his words.

"God, yes!"

"Not God, but close enough." Dick winked, leaning in for a kiss before reaching towards the nightstand and pausing. Sensing the hesitation in the body on top of him, Wally looked over and felt his overwhelming need to be inside Dick now put itself on hold for a moment.

On the nightstand was a half used bottle of lube that would have been gone much sooner had Dick not been so busy with work, and sitting innocently beside it was their sizeable stash of condoms.

"I've never been with anyone else." Wally broke the silence before it could get too heavy, looking away from the box and back up at Dick. "And I don't plan on ever being with anyone else."

Glancing down into clear eyes, Dick noticed the absolute truth and vulnerability in Wally's words. Feeling his insides melt into puddles of useless goo, Dick secured his left hand behind Wally's neck to pull his partner into a searing, nearly bruising kiss. This, right here, was what love was, and Dick would be damned if he ever let it go.

Still giving Wally the kiss of his life, Dick's right hand blindly snatched the bottle of lube off the nightstand while nudging the box of condoms into the nearby wastebasket. Uncapping the bottle one handed had become second nature to the lovers, and so within moments Dick had his right hand slicked up and gently probing at his hole.

Sensing what his lover was doing, Wally gently broke their kiss and opened his eyes to take in the sight that Dick made. Cock and balls resting heavily on Wally's stomach, Dick had his left hand braced on Wally's right breast while his right hand was busy stretching out his tight hole. With Dick's head back and lips moaning, Wally couldn't resist the opportunity to latch onto that tempting neck again as one hand reached down to stroke the cock laying neglected on his stomach and the other searched out the bottle of lube before joining Dick's right.

With two hands stimulating him from behind and one of Wally's touching him in all the right ways from the front, Dick knew he wouldn't last long if this kept up. Pulling himself up, he reached down to grasp Wally's weeping member in hand and position it right where it wanted to be. Long moans were let out in unison as Wally finally entered Dick, agonizingly slowly being engulfed by warm heat that made him want to thrust even further in, but this was Dick's show and he would control the pace. For now.

Keeping his eyes locked with Wally's, Dick relaxed his muscles as much as he could as he took in all nine inches that Wally had to offer. When he was fully seated with Wally's balls snug against his butt, Dick let out a content sigh and closed his eyes to adjust himself to the feeling of being filled. Leaning up on his elbows, Wally rubbed his nose against his love's before resting their foreheads together, silently guiding Dick to breathe with him until the pain ebbed.

After a moment Wally felt Dick give a slight nod and raise himself up a bit before slowly moving back down, getting himself reacquainted with the feeling of Wally's cock moving within him. The slight friction that the movement caused made both men tremble against each other, prompting Dick to move faster.

Before long a steady rhythm was built, Wally with his hands on Dick's hips to steady him and Dick bracing himself on the bed as he moved rapidly up and down Wally's shaft, groans and pants echoing off the walls and amplifying themselves. If he angled himself just a bit farther forward he would- "Ah!" Dick gasped out, eyes flying wide open when he felt the head of Wally's cock brush up against something deep inside him.

"I see we've finally your sweet spot, love." Wally took his opportunity and rolled the two over. "Now I think I'm going to exploit it a bit." Wally secured Dick's legs over his shoulders before leaning in so that their chests nearly brushed. Picking up the pace that Dick had set, Wally started to thrust nice and hard at just the right angle to get his lover screaming out in pleasure.

Feeling nails dig into his shoulders, Wally knew Dick was close as his screams became low moans that seemed to tear themselves out of his chest. Reaching down to grasp Dick's cock, Wally's thrusts became almost erratic as he felt the heat in his groin coiling tighter and tighter at an almost alarming speed. A second later and they were gone, Dick muffling his groan of release by biting down harshly on Wally's neck while Wally emptied himself deep inside Dick's heated channel as it convulsed around him.

Waves of orgasm over, Wally no longer had the strength to hold himself up and just barely removed himself from Dick before collapsing on the bed beside him. Chests heaving and eyes blinking away dilation as sweat started to cool, Dick curled himself securely into Wally's arms, licking apologetically at the bite mark he'd left.

"For all the grief you give me about leaving marks." Wally laughed weakly, cuddling Dick close as he pulled the sheets up to cover them. "Love you, Dick."

"Love you too, Wals." Dick gave Wally's neck one last lick, let out a small yawn of weariness, and then snuggled in for a nice long sleep.

The sun was just peeking in through the blinds when Wally was awoken by a gentle tugging at his arms. Blearily cracking open an eye, Wally felt his lips quirk up at seeing Dick trying unsuccessfully to escape the hold Wally had on him without waking the other up.

"And just where do you think you're going?" Wally enquired, leaning forward to give Dick's back a good morning kiss when it stiffened in surprise.

"The bathroom, actually." Dick turned his head over his shoulder, giving Wally a quick kiss before slipping out of the older man's grasp. "And don't even try pouting, you know you like the view." Dick didn't even look back to know that Wally was eyeing his very naked backside walking to the bathroom.

"Ah, I'm caught." Wally sighed dramatically, flopping onto his back and giving his body a good stretch. Hearing the water to the sink turn on, Wally closed his eyes and smiled. This was going to be his life from now on, waking up day after day with Dick trying to escape the strong hold Wally had on him even in sleep and then going to bed every night cuddled up with a softly purring sex kitten. How did Wally get so lucky in his life?

"What are you smiling about?" Dick was suddenly back in bed and burrowing under the covers after being out in the chilly morning air of the loft.

"Not much, just you, me, life." Wally shrugged, rolling onto his side and propping himself up so that he could face the wonderful man laying beside him.

"Sap." Dick chortled, obvious smile hidden by the blankets he'd pulled up to his nose.

"You love me anyways." Wally pulled the blankets down to give his love a proper good morning kiss.

"Hm, lucky me." Dick agreed before a thought came to him, making him sit up. "Hey Wals, you did ask Bruce if you could marry me right?" Dick was suddenly apprehensive. As much as he loved his boyfriend, not even Nightwing would be able to stand up to Batman if Wally hadn't asked permission before stealing Daddy Bat's little bird.

"Calm down, of course I asked him. I do want to live long enough to grow old with you, you know." Wally assured him, pulling him back down under the covers upon catching sight of goosebumps forming.

"Well, that's good to know." Dick smiled, feeling his morning urges start to awaken as he took a lick at Wally's skin, still slightly salty from the previous night's activities. "Did you ask Tim?" Dick asked, grinning evilly when he felt the pliant body beneath him stiffen.


"Don't worry, I won't let the kid kill you for corrupting his dear older brother. Now stop freaking out and corrupt me some more."