Implying Owls Are Birds

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: Oh ho ho. Look what I made, /vp/. Look at what I made. Doh ho ho.

Swellow, Fearow, Dodrio, and Unfezant were all in an office, talking about what to do as they all wanted to be better. Pidgeot was kicked out due to being a big jackass.

"All right, we need a new approach. Something to get people to notice us more." Swellow stated as he pointed at the chart. "We need to be better."

Fearow spat out his drink, wiping his beak with his right wing. "What do you mean, they notice you! You're strong, you're fast."

Swellow sighed as he nodded. "Yeah, but Staraptor over there outclasses us." He sighed as he turned around, seeing Staraptor signing several notebooks of fangirling Cherrim. "He even manages to get the grass types."

"Well, we obviously gotta train more. That'll get their attention for good." Dodrio stated as his two heads were fighting over the bird seed.

Suddenly, Noctowl burst into the office, wearing a great red tie.

"Hey guys, can I get a word in?" Noctowl asked.

Swellow, Fearow, Dodrio, and Unfezant all glared at Noctowl. Noctowl chuckled nervously as he started sweating.

"This is a BIRD conference," Unfezant stated as he adjusted his red mask, "We have no need for owls."

Noctowl sniffled as he frowned, lowering his head. "Oh, but I thought..."

Suddenly, Gavantula landed right on top of Noctowl, knocking him out with ease. The four flying types screamed in shock as they all flew out of the office, Staraptor scratching his head at what just happened.

Gavantula evilly laughed as he opened a bag of Lays potato chips, popping one into his mouth as he chuckled, "You know what they say, the more, the merrier!"