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Summary: Bulma gets Amnesia. She loses her memory. How will she regain her beloved past? How will she renew the love for her friends and a specific Sayian? The Answer? Vegeta.


Retrograde amnesia-the loss of pre-existing memories to conscious recollection, beyond an ordinary degree of forgetfulness. The person may be able to memorize new things that occur after the onset of amnesia (unlike in anterograde amnesia), but is unable to recall some or all of their life or identity prior to the onset.


It was midnight at West City. Everyone was getting ready for bed. The clouds began to tear…as did a small child with lavender hair.

Why you ask? Because his innocent mother has been submitted with Retrograde Amnesia. How you may ask? Well, it all started when she was walking home on a sunny nice day from work.


"Finally a good little exercise. I hate being in that office for such a long time, dang my legs feel so weak." Said Bulma as she started walking down the sidewalk. It was a normal day at work, but normal=boring. She wanted to go home, which thank God it was time. She smiled warmly as the warm rays tickled her cold skin. Judging on the fact that the Janitors don't know how to turn on the heater.

She was wearing her expensive black business suit, with some black high heels, and of course her leather brief case. Yes, she could have just tooken out one of her brilliant inventions; a capsule. However, it was a nice day out and as she said, she just wanted some exercise.

A few commoners waved at her, she smiles and waves back. Bulma was excited to go back home, take a nice hot shower, and spend some quality time with the Prince of all Sayians. She smirked at the thought and decided that maybe it was enough walking for one day. She reached in her brief case and took out a capsule.

She hears a snap.

A twig? Maybe. Or an animal nearby.

She shrugged and capsulated her motorcycle. She looked around once, there seemed to be no paparazzi nearby. She actually walked a mile. Bulma frowned when she suddenly hears a thunder. "Aw man it's going to rain! I thought the weather guy said, "Nice and Sunny!" Jerk." She scowled and sat on her vehicle she put the keys in and started the ignition. She was about to storm out into the blurry sky when suddenly…

"Hey baby, how's it goin'?" said a stranger who walked out of an alley that was a few feet behind Bulma. Her stomach dropped as his voice pierced through her ears. He was a criminal no doubt about that. Nasty greasy beard, sweat dirty hands, and extremely dirty thoughts. Bulma gulped. Adrenaline started to kick in as she franticly started the engine. She tried and tried but it just wouldn't start!

She hears the man's boots heading towards her. Her eyes begin to tear as she keeps failing with the stupid machine. "Why won't it start? Oh no!" Sweat begins to stream down her face as she hears the steps stop. Bulma would've turned around to see where he was but the trepidation told her otherwise. She couldn't believe this. Why do these things always happen? Why can't the world just be in peace, with peaceful people? Yeah right.

She suddenly feels a cold hand slide into her neck. "Get away from me!" she jumped out of the vehicle and started running. Running. For her life? Yes.

She pants as she begins to loose energy. Tears cover her face, her vision blurs. Suddenly she hears a loud whistle coming from the man. The whistle was a signal, because at an instant another man appears. Tall, skinny, Australian man. He grinned evilly as he was able to capture Bulma. She shrieked, and changed her direction when a rope is suddenly tied around her mouth.

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