Hey everyone! I'm back again with a new Total Drama story, this time one with a special focus on superpowers!

There are so many of them out there, yes, so why start yet another? Well, I decided to do this because many times I see people out there submitting rather mundane characters that have some insane/uncomplimentary power combos and I wanted to do something different, exploring all the different power types I could find AND combining it with my favourite animated show as well!

This story contains twenty-four Original Characters as contestants, and a few other OC's as interns, most of my own creation with two interns borrowed from two other writers on this site and a few familiar faces. Some you may have seen them around in other Total Drama stories. Others you may have not. This is a collection of characters that were either accepted and I didn't really like the way that the author(s) I submitted them to wrote them, some that were rejected and have since been improved upon, others that I made up since and one that you would have seen in a certain TDA Aftermath, who I liked so much I wanted to try writing his character.

With that being said, on with the show!

Disclaimer: If I owned Total Drama, Heather would have been the official winner and Feral Zeke would not exist.

Chris McLean sat along with several other television executives in a boardroom, pondering the strange things that had been happening in the months that had passed since Total Drama World Tour had ended. That season was full of strange things in itself but nothing had compared to what had happened lately.

It had put a halt to planning for season four immediately and indeed revolutionized the world as he and his other fellow humans had known it.

Around a month after TDWT had ended, the impossible had happened. An extremely large meteor had come hurtling towards the earth, hurtling at breakneck speeds. He himself had been in Mexico with Chef Hatchett and other Total Drama workers who had planned to get in lots of rest and relaxation.

Instead, the terrible news came over a helicopter while they were all having some fun on a sandy, tropical beach.

Chef wasn't though...

Someone had buried him neck high in the sand while he was sleeping- and now he was loudly complaining about his predicament. Instead of helping him out, Chris just stood there, laughing.

"WHAT YOU LAUGHING AT, PRETTY BOY! THIS AIN'T FUNNY!" Chef yelled, fury contorting his features. Chris only laughed even harder.

"Attention all beachgoers!" It called in English and Spanish. "We have just been informed by the Cancun Meteorological Service that a meteor, the largest ever one recorded, is heading towards Earth right now. It's almost as big as our planet is and is due to crash in... oh about ten minutes. So all I have to say is... RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" the announcer screamed in a panic as the helicopter quickly buzzed away.

Everyone on the beach just stood there frozen for seconds until someone started screaming. Then, chaos ensued as panic spread in the crowd.

"I'm going to die now, aren't I?" Chris stood there, sobbing.

"No you ain't boy! RUN!" Chef yelled, having finally freed himself of the hole and started sprinting towards the hotel.

Meanwhile, around the world, the mood of terror was the same.

In Paris, people ran around screaming their lungs out around the Eiffel Tower. A mime, who stood near to all the chaos eating a croissant, had the pastry knocked out of his hand by a panicking teenage girl. Then he started panicking as well and ran with the crowd.

In China, on the Forbidden Wall, locals and tourists alike were running around like lunatics, some even running in circles. A mother just barely snatched her young child out the stampede in time.

In Italy, near the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the mood was just the same. In a Pizzeria across from the famous Italian landmark, when the patrons watched a news report of the event, many of them sprinted for the door, many throwing away their meals in their panic. The pizza chef himself flung the pizza dough he had been tossing in the air and sprinted for the back door, like many of his fellow workers, allowing his creation to flop to the ground unceremoniously.

In Manhattan, all the screens on the buildings displayed signs of "Meteor Impact That Will Wipe Out Mankind Imminent, PANIC!" or other messages similar. People were scattered in all directions, many fighting each other over who got to ride in the taxis that were themselves going in all sorts of directions.

In Tokyo, near the Tokyo Tower, the Japanese were in a similar mood. Many of them were at yet another Anime Convention when the fateful news came over the intercom. "The world is ending!" They screamed, running around in panic. Indeed there were several people in costumes looking ridiculous as they ran, but of course, no one was thinking of how they looked.

In London, people were running up and down Lambeth Bridge screaming and crying. There were so many people there, that some were knocked into the Thames River and if you were to pile the amount of Double Decker busses trying to get through the masses, they would go much higher than Big Ben, which towered over the chaotic scene.

Back in Cancun, Mexico, people stood in the hotel lobby nervously, many in their swimwear, not bothering to change. Who would? They would all die in less than ten minutes anyway, so why bother changing?



3... They counted down nervously, many clinging to each other and crying. In the distance, the meteor could be seen, approaching them from the water.

2... Chris clung to Chef and cried miserably.

1... Chef started crying too...

The meteor made impact, causing a massive earthquake the world over.

People clung to anything they could grab, desperate to keep a grip onto something.

After a few minutes, it was all over.

The meteor impact had come and gone.

No one in that hotel was hurt.

No one the world over died because of that meteor (except for one German man who had died of a heart attack when he got the news of the meteor in the first place!)

When those in the hotel realized this fact, they looked around at each other in wonder.

Then they started cheering.

"YES! YES! YES!" Chris cheered, jumping up and down. Problem was-he still clung to Chef while he did it.

"KNOCK IT OFF!" Chef yelled. Except Chef didn't look like Chef anymore...

He looked like The Thing from The Fantastic Four.

"Ha-ha!" Chris was doubled over in laughter, laughing at how Chef looked.

"What?" Chef asked. When he looked down at himself, he almost had a heart spasm.

"Since when did I look like The Thing from the Fantastic Four?" he yelled. However, it was not only him that had changed appearance. Indeed, like him, others in the room experienced changes in their looks.

One man had tentacles sprouting from his face and a woman had black, feathery wings extending from her back.

Others acted differently, like our own Chris McLean for example.

All sorts of metal objects began clinging to him. First a nail, then a bucket and then-

"Okay, who brought the sword?" Chris shrieked as he dodged a scimitar, which lodged itself into a nearby wall where his head had been moments earlier. A Japanese woman across the room who was glowing bright green waved timidly. Chris sighed.

"This isn't going to be easy, now is it?" he asked Chef.

"Not a bit!" Chef answered.

Back in the meeting room, the executive sitting at the head of the table broke the silence...

"So, since the fact that the meteor incident months ago brought our plans for a fourth season of Total Drama to a crashing halt..." everyone in the room bolted upright as she spoke. She tucked a strand of red hair behind an ear and adjusted her black-framed rectangular glasses in front of her sharp green eyes.

"...we need to come up with a new theme for this season. Any ideas people?" she asked, leaning on the table.

"Any? Any at all?" No one answered.

"Okay then. We'll go with my idea then!" she flicked her hand and then suddenly, a digital image appeared in the room of a global map.

"Since that meteor crash months ago gave us all in this room, and indeed everyone in the world superpowers, why don't we go super!" she exclaimed.

"You mean... A season based on these new superpowers that everyone has now?" Chris sat up, interested.

"That's right."

"That's not a bad idea at all!" Chef exclaimed nearby. He looked rather strange. Not because of the fact that he was actually wearing a suit, but the fact that he still had on his Chef's hat, even with the suit. He no longer was as rocky as The Thing, but he still had an orange tint to his skin tone.

"I have some contestants from around the world lined up to enter. I started the audition process already and I've already picked the 24 victims... I mean contenders... for the season!" she continued.

"But then why-" a man, who greatly resembled Santa Claus except his hair was blonde, spoke up. "- the hell were you asking us for ideas, Amelie, if you already have the season half-planned!" he said, impatiently.

"Because, Pearson," she snipped. "I thought it polite."

Pearson rolled his eyes.

"Anyway..." she pointed to the map, which suddenly had 24 red, glowing spots on it, most of them notably in Canada, and all the others scattered across the globe wildly.

"Most of them that auditioned are Canadian, of course. Two are Americans and the rest have gone global." She said, as she got a stack of booklets out.

As she distributed them along the table, each executive present noted that each booklet described a different person. It contained their picture, name, nationality, and other random pieces of information about them.

"So, any ideas where this new season should be held?" Amelie asked.

"Why don't we do a return to Wawanakwa? Sure we've used that venue before, but it would definitely be different with all these different powers and the international mix we're getting with these people from all around the world!" Pearson exclaimed.

"Except we'll probably have to reinforce the buildings there to contain their powers. Don't want the whole place blown up when some of them get into fights, now do we?" Chef piped up.

"Agreed, Chef. That will be taken care of. I'll make sure of that." Amelie said.

"What do we call this new season though!" She asked.

Muttering erupted around the room.

"Well?" Amelie asked, impatient.

Chris stood up, wiped his brow and coughed nervously.

"How about... Total Drama Hero Island?" he suggested. "It's simple, yes I'll admit that, but..." he started.

"Yes, yes..." Amelie paced up and down the room. "Total Drama Hero Island. All in favour of Total Drama Hero Island as the name of Total Drama's fourth season, say I!" she said.

"I!" everyone in the room exclaimed.

"Well that settles it then. Total Drama Hero Island it is. Let's get to work then!" she exclaimed, bustling out the door.

Everyone looked at each other slowly as she disappeared down the corridor outside. Then suddenly, there was a mad dash for the door.

"OUTTA MY WAY! Chef yelled, powering up, forcing many people to back away from him. He then powered down and bolted through the door.

A dark-skinned woman with her hair in braids suddenly became intangible and phased through a nearby wall to avoid the chaos.

"Wow, they're really eager to get out of this meeting, huh?" Chris muttered, as he dusted off his suit outside in the corridor.

It was all of this that Chris thought of as he stood on the Dock of Shame, looking out into the distance.

"Mr. McLean!" Billy the Intern appeared next to him in a blur.

"Ack!" Chris jumped about a mile into the air. "Don't do that!" he said, brushing himself off.

"Sorry, but it's time to start filming, Mr. McLean!" Billy said.

"Oh. Uh. Yeah. Whatever." Chris said, waving him off. Billy shrugged, then ran off in a blur again.

Chris turned towards the camera.

"Welcome to the fourth season of Total Drama, folks!" he started off by saying.

"As you would have noticed, we're back here at Camp Wawanakwa, the location of the very first in the Total Drama series, which started with Total Drama Island and was then followed by Total Drama Action, and almost a year ago, Total Drama World Tour..."

"And of course, you would have also noticed that about a month after that, A GIANT METEOR CRASH-LANDED INTO THE EARTH AND GAVE US ALL SUPER POWERS!" he exclaimed, waving his arms around wildly. Chef, standing nearby could be seen rolling his eyes.

"Everyone here, from me, to Chef and even the interns have superpowers! And obviously our contestants do too." He paused.

"So what else do we have new for you?" he asked.

"This time we have an international mix thrown in! Yep, that's right! We're welcoming contestants from all over the world who all want to compete for a chance at winning one million dollars! Canadian dollars, of course. Naturally, most are Canadian. The others... well, you'll find out later on... TOTAL- DRAMA- HERO- ISLAND!"

"Our first boat is about to arrive carrying our very first contestant!" Chris announced.

A muscular boy stepped off the boat. He was tan, had messy, shoulder-length black hair, chocolate brown eyes and wore a white-T-Shirt with a white paint-splattered apron over it, red jeans and white sneakers.

"Manny! Welcome to the show! How's Rio?" Chris asked.

"Pretty nice right about now. Got some great painting opportunities there..." Manny said, speaking with a Brazilian accent sitting down on a nearby rock. Then, suddenly he whipped a sketchpad and pencil out of nowhere and began to sketch.

"Not much for talking, now are you, Manny?" Chris said. Manny merely nodded.

"Oh well. Time to introduce our next contestant..." Chris consulted his PDA. "...George!"

The boat pulled up to the dock and off it stepped... no one?

"Wait, where is George? He's supposed to be on this boat!" Chris exclaimed. Chef merely shook his head and shrugged. Chris sighed.

"Well, if he doesn't get here soon, I'm going to have to... AAH!"

Chris almost jumped a mile back when a boy with light blue spiky hair, blue-green eyes and two small silver hoops in each ear who was wearing a white T-Shirt with a large smiley face on it, jeans and black flip-flops teleported in front of him, grinning.

"DON'T DO THAT GEORGE!" Chris shrieked. George merely laughed.

"That I cannot guarantee, Chris. That I can't." he replied, grinning. Chris merely frowned.

"He does that much more and he'll be the first to go..." he grumbled to himself.

George strolled casually over to Manny. "So dude, what's up?" he asked him.

"Nothing much, yet."

"You're right. It IS boring!" George exclaimed.

"Well, maybe our next contestant will make things a little less boring... it's Marisol, everyone!"

The boat pulled up to the dock to reveal its passenger- a wheelchair-bound Latina girl with curly, shoulder-length black hair and brown eyes wearing a pink jacket with silver buttons over a white vest, black jeans and black and pink wedge heels.

"You invited someone in a wheelchair to a contest like this, Chris?" Manny said, shaking his head.

"He's one sadistic man..." George agreed. "Even more than I can be sometimes... How the hell do you expect someone in a wheelchair to get around this island!"

"She signed up for it herself; she had to know what she was in for!" Chris said, smirking.

"Don't worry boys. I'm not exactly helpless in that department." Marisol said, speaking with a Spanish accent to her words.

Her chair began to slowly rise off the ship, floated over the rails of the boat and landed at the end of the dock. She then wheeled herself up to Chris, who was just standing there, mouth agape.

"How'd you do that!" he asked her.

"My mother enchanted my chair so that it would fly whenever I need it to. She received magic powers in the meteor crash." She explained.


"Anyway, enough with the flying wheelchair girl. Here comes our next contestant!"

Another boat pulled up and a lean boy of average height with neat, dirty-blonde hair, green eyes and tan skin leapt gracefully off it. He wore a light blue T-Shirt, black jeans, black and white sneakers and a black tiki choker.

"Andy, welcome to Wawanakwa!" Chris greeted him.

"Glad to be here, Chris!" Andy replied, smiling warmly and shaking the host's hand.

George raised an eyebrow at this.

When Andy saw this, he simply said: "I take pride in my manners, even if it is to narcissistic, sadistic hosts like Chris over there!" he said, thumbing said host over his shoulder, who immediately frowned at him.

"Hypocrite!" Chris yelled at him, feeling very insulted.

"Maybe you and I will get along after all!" George said, grinning.

"Who knows? I must say, I find your hair very interesting though, George." Andy complimented him.

"Why thanks! But I find your hair rather... boring. Would you like me to fix that?" George asked eagerly, a pair of scissors and a bottle of orange hair dye suddenly appearing in his hands.

"Um... no thanks. I like my 'boring' hair like this, thank you very much..." Andy said, inching away slowly.

"Suit yourself." George said, looking disappointed as the hair dye and scissors disappeared.

"Our next contestant is coming!"

The next boat pulled up and a Japanese girl with waist-length black hair with red streaks did a mid-air somersault off the boat, landed on the dock on her hands and flipped easily back onto her feet. She wore a white kimono top with a black sash around the waist, black jeans, a Japanese flag bandana in her hair, white sneakers and a silver choker.

The unusual thing about her however, was that she carried a long, katana blade sheathed in a red and black case slung over her shoulder and two shorter swords were on each side of her waist.

"Welcome As..." he was cut off by the girl, who hoisted him easily into the air with one hand and gave him a look that would make most grown men cry. Indeed Chris himself looked close to it.

"Hello Chris. My name is Akina. You will ONLY CALL ME AKINA. GOT IT? I! HAVE! THREE! SWORDS!" She roared, taking one of the swords from her waist and bringing it dangerously close to his face.

"Alright, Akina... Alright!" Chris exclaimed. "Now will you please put me down?" he begged.

Akina only raised an eyebrow at him.

"And please for the love of all that is good and holy, get that sword outta my face!" He wailed.

"Fine." Akina said, smirking and tossing him aside into the lake, then casually resheathing the sword she threatened him with.

"I think you and I may get along, if you keep on treating Chris like that!" George said, stepping up to greet her. They both exchanged high fives before she walked over to join the others, who were also laughing.

"I don't normally approve of such extremes like that, but in Chris' case, I guess it's permissible." Andy said, smiling.

"I have to admit, that would be a nice scene to capture on paper..." Manny said to himself.

Chris sputtered and coughed as he climbed out of the dock, soaking wet. His clothes clung to him and his hair was matted over his eyes. When he was finally onto the dock, he tried blowing his hair out of his eyes, failing miserably.

"I-hate-you!" he panted, glaring at Akina, who smirked.

"The feeling's mutual, McLean." She replied. Chef sniggered.

"Chef, you'll have to-cough introduce the next few contestants while I dry off before I get a cold from Wannabe Ninja Girl!" He said, glaring at said girl who was responsible for him being in this predicament before stomping off.

Chef merely shrugged as the next boat pulled up to the dock. A girl with shoulder-length, glossy, wavy black hair with a sparkly gold headband holding it back, hazel eyes and brown skin stepped off. She wore yellow, shimmery tank-top, black skinny jeans and gold, glittery flats.

"Hey y'all!" she said, stepping off the boat, waving.

"This is Shaniqua, everybody!" Chef said.

She immediately strolled over to the others and stood next to Manny.

"What are you doing?" she asked him, leaning over his shoulder to see what he was working on.

"Painting!" Manny replied, holding the sketchpad closer to him so she couldn't see what he was doing.

"Fine! You won't get any recognition for your... talents if you don't show them to anyone though!" she exclaimed.

"I don't need recognition if I merely do it for enjoyment." He said, quietly.

"Oh well. Suit yourself hun." She said, striding away.

Meanwhile, the next boat had arrived and off it stepped a girl with dark purple hair in a slanted bob with a black butterfly clip and hazel eyes. She wore a black minidress with a long-sleeved lilac shirt and lilac leggings beneath it and black knee-high wedge-heeled boots. A dark brown guitar case was slung over her shoulder.

However, no one noticed this as everyone was in deep conversation. Even when the girl 'ahem-ed', no one paid attention to her. Except Chef, at least...

He looked from her to the other contestants and back again. Then...

"Yo, maggots your next contestant, Josie is here! So SHUT UP AND GREET HER FOOLS!" he yelled, making them all jump, including Josie herself.

"Wow, you sure know how to command attention, don't you?" she commented dryly as she walked past him.

Marisol wheeled herself over, looking at Josie's guitar case in wonder.

"Hello there, Amiga. I was just wondering if perhaps I could examine the beautiful instrument that lies inside?" she asked hesitantly.

Manny put away his supplies and came over to look at it too.

"Why sure, friend!" Josie said, smiling as she handed it over. "Be careful though. It is my most prized possession and I don't know what I'd do without it..."

When Marisol opened the case, it revealed what appeared to be an electric guitar, black, with dark pink splotches all over it. She lifted it gently out of the case and turned it at various angles to get a better view of the instrument.

"Interesting pattern." Manny commented. "Did you purchase it like this?" he asked Josie.

"Actually, I didn't just get it out of the store like that. I got it custom built." She answered. "Do either of you play?" she asked.

"I haven't for a while. My last guitar and I... let's just say that what caused me to be in this wheelchair in the first place ended my playing..." Marisol said, frowning slightly.

"As for me, I'm more of a visual artist." Manny replied as Marisol put the guitar back in the case.

"It looks electric though. How do you propose to charge it when it runs out of 'juice'?" Marisol asked.

"It is merely the design. It's actually a normal guitar." Josie answered.

"Our next contestant is arriving!" Chef shouted, pointing out the boat in the distance. Everyone else on the dock immediately shut up.

Once the boat arrived, everyone could see that a boy with red hair just at his ears, freckles and brown eyes was aboard.

He wore a white chef outfit, black shoes and a white chef's hat.

"Hello everyone." He said, rather hesitantly.

"Well, if it isn't Gordon from London..." Chef muttered.

"London, England, or London, Ontario?" Andy piped up. The others (including Chef!) immediately started chuckling.

"I'm sick and tired of that joke now..." Gordon grumbled as he stepped onto the dock.

"Wait a minute..." Shaniqua said. "I know I've seen you white boy somewhere before..." she paused to scratch her chin. "But where?"

"If you watched the TDA aftermaths, you probably would've seen me in one of them..." Gordon muttered. (1)

"Don't go messing round my kitchen, you hear? I'm the only Chef on this island and it's going to remain that way, got it?" Chef said, getting up into Gordon's face, who merely raised an eyebrow.

"You don't scare me, you wannabe Chef!" Gordon taunted.

Everyone on the dock inhaled sharply.

"Ooh, white boy totally gonna get it now!" Shaniqua said excitedly.

"I don't scare you, huh?" Chef said, ominously, before powering up.

"Not a bit." Gordon said, smirking.

"By the way," he said, pointing to the area of dock below the elder male.

"The dock will collapse under your weight if you don't power down..." Gordon stopped as Chef interrupted him.

"You little maggot, ain't here to tell me what to-" Chef suddenly plunged into the water below as the dock beneath him finally gave under the weight of his heavier body.

Everyone burst out into fits of laughter.

Gordon merely chuckled. "Tried to warn him, but did he listen? If he thinks he can keep me out of a kitchen here, he's totally wrong!" he said, walking over to the others. George offered him a high five, which he readily complied with.

Chris walked back to the group, now fully dry, hair fixed and looking happy again.

"Oh look, Chris is back!" Marisol said, pointing to him.

"Can't say I exactly missed him..." George said.

"Who would?" Manny asked.

"Agreed!" Andy said.

"I wondered where he was..." Josie said.

"Well wonder no more because I, your wonderful, devilishly handsome host, Chris McLean..." he trailed off as he saw the broken dock and no Chef to be seen.

"Where's Chef?" he asked, looking at the piece of the missing dock, puzzled. "Gonna have to get Flora to fix that later..." he muttered.

"Taking a swim!" Gordon said, smirking as Chef pulled himself back up, sputtering.

"I-am-watching-you, boy!" he panted at Gordon, who flipped him off as Chris sniggered at his appearance.

"Anyway, the camera has gone on long enough without my devilishly handsome face and it's time to introduce the newest player into the game-Shane!" Chris exclaimed as the boat pulled up.

A tall, muscular, dark-skinned teen with black shoulder-length dreadlocks and narrow brown eyes stepped off the boat. His outfit consisted of a black vest under a dark green jacket, dark green cargo pants with two black stripes going down the sides, a thick gold chain and black and white sneakers.

He looked around at everyone and then his eyes fixed on the dripping wet Chef.

He did a double take at this and walked over to him.

"Yo, Chef, man, why are you soaking wet?" he asked curiously, speaking with a thick Brooklyn accent.

Chef did not answer but merely sent a sharp glance in Gordon's direction, who merely flipped him off again.

Shane nodded in understanding before he was interrupted by a 'sudden' coughing fit from Chris.

"Oh, hey Chris!" he said, grinning at him.

"Shane the big man! Got any new rap tunes lately?" Chris asked.

"Nope. I hope to get some ideas here though." Shane answered.

"That's nice." Chris said dismissively, already getting tired of him.

Even though the next boat couldn't be seen as yet, the sounds of a military marching song could be heard.

"By the sound of that, I think that Derek is coming near!" Chris said.

"Finally a contestant I may actually be on decent terms with..." Chef muttered.

"And one I think I may extremely dislike!" George muttered.

When the boat pulled up to the dock, a tall, muscular, slightly-tanned boy with a black hair in a buzz-cut stepped off. He was wearing an army camouflage shirt, khaki shorts and brown combat boots. His sharp grey eyes surveyed his fellow contestants.

"This is Derek... and he's actually being unusually quiet-" Chris started, before being interrupted by Derek.


Chris stood at attention, looking terrified. "Sir, yes sir!" he said.

Derek chuckled. "I always wanted to do that..."

George raised an eyebrow.

Chris was still standing at attention.


Chris shrunk back.

The contestants looked at one another, surprised. Even Chef looked stunned.

"You gotta teach me how to do that!" Akina said.

"If you let me hold one of your swords..." Derek gazed at them longingly.

Akina smirked as she unsheathed one and handed it to him, he gazing at it as if it were the Holy Grail.

"Okay people, next up is..." Chris glanced down at his PDA. "Rasheeda!"

A Middle-Eastern girl stepped off the boat. She was wearing a long-sleeved, collared pale yellow shirt, off white long pants, yellow sandals and judging by the cream-coloured hijab which she wore, she was Muslim.

"I hate those things. Boats. I really do..." She muttered, looking indeed seasick.

Josie and Marisol went forward to help her.

"Alright everyone. Look alive! Larry's coming up to the dock now!"

Everyone looked up to see a pale-skinned boy with black hair cut into a slanted fringe and violet eyes. He was wearing a black newsboy cap with a red visor, a black and red striped T-Shirt, dark blue jeans and white sneakers.

"Hello Chris. Might I interest you in some genuine New Zealand hair gel?" Larry held up a large, black-lidded jar with light green gel in it, speaking only with a slight accent.

Chris raised an eyebrow. "What's so special about it coming from New Zealand?"

"One, I live there and two, I have the best sources for these products, which I trust. Come on Chris. Are you really going to miss a chance at having some of the best foreign hair gel style your hair? Hmm?" Larry put an arm around the host's shoulder.

Everyone else watched curiously, waiting to see if Chris would give in.

"I- how much does it cost?" He asked.

"Only fifty Canadian dollars!" Larry said casually.

The contestants gasped.

Chris himself looked as if he were going to have a heart attack.

"No hair gel is worth that much!" Andy gasped.

"No way in hell I'm forking out fifty dollars just for hair gel..." Akina said.

"Why does it even cost that much?" Shaniqua said, shaking her head.

"Oh come on Chris. Stop being so cheap. You buy hair gel in jars much smaller than that for two hundred dollars!" Chef exclaimed.

"Wow..." Rasheeda shook her head. "I don't even know what to say to that..."

"Amen, sister!" Shane shook his head in agreement.

Chris looked around for a moment. "Okay, since it's such a good bargain, I'll take it!" Chris forked out the money and handed it over, after which Larry tossed the jar to him and walked over to the others.

When no one was looking, he smirked evilly.

"Up next is Melinda folks!" Chris exclaimed, fiddling around with the lid of his new hair gel.

Chris did a double take at his PDA. "Wait, what?" Chris went wide-eyed.

A girl with long, straight light pink hair wearing a long-sleeved, flowing white top, dark green cargo pants and white strappy flats stepped off.

"Hello everyone." She said in a dreamy tone that made more than one set of eyebrows raise.

"What kind of powers did she have that went to her brain?" Akina whispered to Derek.

She walked casually over to them, without greeting anyone and stood next to Rasheeda.

"Oookay then..." Chris shrugged.

Chris glanced at his PDA once again.

"Tina is near here, so let's get ready to welcome our resident girl jock!" Chris turned his arms to the incoming boat, off which stepped a dark-skinned, brown-eyed girl with black, shoulder length braided hair with white beads at the ends and a white sweatband. She wore a white vest with a light purple tank top over it, and light purple track pants with white stripes at the sides.

"Tina, welcome to the show..." Chris said nervously.

"Thank you Chris." She said, speaking with an African accent and raising an eyebrow at his tone.

"Why does he seem so scared of her?" Manny whispered to Marisol, who shrugged.

"Chris, one would think than you would be much more scared of Melinda's powers than mine..." Tina said, standing beside Larry.

When Chris checked his PDA, he began to laugh. This laugh was such an evil laugh that it had many of the contestants, even the tougher looking ones looking at each other in fear.

"This is going to be so much fun!" Chris rubbed his hands together in glee.

"Somehow I don't think that." Shaniqua said.

"I know that." Melinda said.

The contestants turned to her.

"Future-seer, among other things..." She explained.

"Oh..." The others chorused.

The contestants swore that they could hear ominous music playing and thunder clapping with lightning bolts flashing as the next contestant stepped off the boat.

Tall did not begin to describe this boy. He was muscular, had dark brown, slicked back hair and dark green eyes and was looking around at the other contestants with a glare. He was wearing a brown and green T-Shirt, brown pants and dark green combat boots with black laces.

"Welcome to the show, Dante." Chris smirked.

"Thanks Chris." Dante smirked, cracking his knuckles.

"Look at this pathetic bunch of wimps that you brought here to compete with me! I'll have them gone in no time!" Dante cackled.

His eyes then fell on Rasheeda.

"Oho! What do we have here?" He said, heading towards her.

Rasheeda started backing up.

"A terrorist in our midst." He continued.

Everyone gasped.

"Are you going to blow up the Island while these losers are here? If so, let me in on it." Dante chuckled and cracked his fists again.

After this, several things happened. Derek, Akina, Shane, Tina, Gordon and Shaniqua jumped on top of him and a whirling bunch of fists, flashing power colours, shouts and screams and swearing on Dante's part later, they left him, bruised and battered on the dock, where he lay groaning in pain.

The all cracked their fists and went to where they were standing before except for Tina, who walked over to Rasheeda.

"You okay, Rasheeda?" Tina asked, putting a hand on her shoulder.

"I will be." Rasheeda answered. Although her voice was somewhat shaky, she still managed to muster a look of loathing towards Dante.

"What's going on here?" A female English-accented voice called out.

During all the chaos, no one had noticed the next contestant arrive.

She had shoulder length strawberry blonde hair with a white lily in it and blue eyes and was wearing a pink tank-top, a pink layered miniskirt with white leggings, dark pink ballet flats and was fiddling with silver circular earrings.

"Oh, Cynthia! Glad to see you've arrived in good condition. Can I get you anything? High tea perhaps?" Chris asked, putting on the phoniest English accent Cynthia had ever heard.

"No Chris." Cynthia tsk-tsked. "And I don't need you to be a kiss-ass to me just because my parents happen to be some of the wealthiest people in England..."

"WHAT?" The contestants exclaimed.

"Then, why, why the hell are you here?" George asked.

"Dad said I ran up the credit card bill by a few thousand pounds so now I have to pay him back..." Cynthia grumbled.

"By torturing yourself unnecessarily for an entire summer on a crappy island?" Shaniqua raised an eyebrow.

"Well, it is enough quid if I were to convert it..." Cynthia answered simply.

"Ed is coming and boy is he going to bring more doom and gloom to this situation!" Chris and even Chef cackled.

When the contestants saw Ed emerge from the next boat, it was with a collective cringe.

He was the palest person they had ever seen and he looked at them with sad, droopy grey eyes. His black hair was long and in a ponytail.

His outfit was not much more cheerful looking either as he was wearing a sleeveless leather jacket with chains where the buttons would be. He wore a long-sleeved black shirt beneath it, black pants and black boots. He had an eyebrow piercing and two silver bob earrings in each ear. He even wore black lipstick.

"An Emo? Seriously?" Shaniqua raised an eyebrow.

"Seriously." Chris laughed.

"It would be just like you to bring me here just to spread doom and gloom. Life is just a big bundle of gloom and sadness, waiting to consume you..." Ed said sadly, walking over to the others, dragging his feet over to others who swore they could feel the sadness emanating from him.

"Our resident geek, Jonathan is about to arrive as I understand it. Why you had to beat up Dante for I don't know. He would have enjoyed this!" Chris complained.

"And you would too, wouldn't you?" Gordon remarked.

Chris only laughed in reply.

Jonathan had greasy black hair in a pageboy cut and dark brown eyes hidden behind thick, bottleneck glasses. He was wearing a white long-sleeved shirt with a few pens in the pocket, brown waist-high pants with a black belt and brown shoes with knee-high socks.

"Eew..." Shaniqua, Cynthia, Marisol and even Andy cringed at his horrendous outfit.

When he opened his mouth to speak they saw that he also had braces. "Figures. All the popular people at school say that whenever they see me coming and then hurry to get out of the way. Life sucks." He sulked as he stood next to Ed.

"You don't have to tell me that..." Ed commented.

As Jonathan and Ed started a conversation about how life had treated them unfairly, the next boat pulled up.

The girl who stepped off the boat made all of the guys and even some of the girls' jaws drop.

It seemed as if time slowed down for them as she stepped off the boat, shaking her curly waist-length platinum blonde hair out and gazing at them all with brilliant greenish-brown eyes.

She was wearing a form-fitting high-necked, sleeveless dark orange halter top that pressed against her ample chest, black shorts and black platform ankle boots.

"What ees zis? What ees weeth all ze stareeing at moi?" She spoke with a thick French accent.

"Ah, Marie-Ange. It is time we had some good-looking people arrive in this show!" Chris said, grinning.

This comment snapped the contestants who had been in a daze out of it.

"Hey!" Josie exclaimed. "I'd like to think I'm good-looking!"

"Me too!" George exclaimed, using the same tone she had.

"Tu?" Marie-Ange raised an eyebrow. "Wif zat 'anime hair' you have? Avec ze Barney-coloured hair ze girl has? I should theenk not!" She exclaimed.

Josie muttered a few swear words under her breath.

"Up next, we have Sofija scheduled to arrive." Chris said, looking up at the boat which had just arrived.

"Vright on time too." She said as she emerged, speaking with an accent that many of the contestants could not place.

She had auburn hair cut into a bob with a black hairband holding it back and light blue eyes. She was wearing a dark red tank top, dark blue jeans shorts and light blue sneakers.

"Dressed practically, aren't you?" Chris looked her up and down.

"Da. Normally I vouldn't wear such fhinks but it ees necessary now..." Sofija sighed. "Vun must drees for success and if this is what is needed at 'summer camp' then this is what I wear."

"Where you from?" Shane asked.

"KĂžbenhavn." She answered at the same time Jonathan said "Copenhagen."

She turned to look at him.

"How do you know this?" She asked puzzled.

"It's part of my powers. I can speak and understand any language on Earth, among other things. Also makes accents much easier to identify." He said.

"Really?" Tina raised an eyebrow. "Then which part of Africa am I from then?" She challenged.

"Ghana." He said simply.

Tina stood there slack-jawed.

"Okay people. Let's break up the language barrier puzzling. Mason's boat is pulling up." Chris said.

Off it came a lanky boy with messy blond hair and big, blue eyes. His outfit however raised more eyebrows than Jonathan and even Ed's outfits had.

He wore jeans that were cut off at the knees, but that was the only part of his outfit that came off as even close to ordinary. His light green T-Shirt was on backwards and the socks he wore with his white sneakers were also inside out and mismatched. One was red with a pattern of golden stars on it and the other sock was a brilliant orange.

"Um, dude, do you realize that your shirt you have on... is on inside out, yes?" Manny asked, finally putting away his art supplies as he stared at the new arrival.

"Vand your socks?" Sofija added.

"And they all meesmatch?" Marie-Ange said.

Mason looked at them puzzled. "How do you guys know that? You weren't there when I got dressed..."

Akina face-palmed as did several of the other contestants as he walked over to join them. "Baka idiot..." She thought.

"I hopfe he ees vnot on my teem..." Sofija muttered.

"So do I..." Cynthia added in agreement.

"Okay people, let's get this speeded up! We only have three more contestants to go! Boris is about to arrive!"

When the next boat was on the horizon, they could see a figure on top of the boat, shouting and cheering excitedly in a foreign language as it sped recklessly towards the dock.

Most off the contestants screamed in fright and ran as the boat crashed into the dock, knocking Chef off into the lake again and sending the contestant flying.

He however did a mid air flip and managed to land safely... right on top of Dante, who had the wind knocked out of him as a result.

"Wahoo! Vhat was fun, vyes?" He cheered with a Russian accent.

When they got a good look at him, most of the girls swooned.

He was extremely good-looking, with slicked back dark brown hair, warm, brown eyes and slightly tanned skin. He was also muscled, and you could see his chest as the black and grey shirt he wore had the first few buttons undone. He was also wearing jeans and black sneakers.

"Hot..." Marie-Ange's eyes practically had hearts in them.

"So hot..." Cynthia watched him dazed.

"Dios, mio! He is so... handsome!" Marisol thought.

"Why can't have they have hot guys like this back home?" Shaniqua thought.

"Boris, save the stunts for later man! This show's just getting started!" Chris exclaimed.

"I vill do that then." Boris said, smiling.

"You can do some stunts for me!" Shaniqua exclaimed.

"And me!" Cynthia exclaimed.

"Et moi!" Marie-Ange added.

Boris chuckled. "Sure I vill ladies. But later, yes?" He smiled at them which caused all three to faint.

He looked down at Dante, who he just noticed he was standing on.

"My fellow contestants, is it bad that I am standing on top of vhis person?" He asked.

"Nope!" Akina answered.

"Not a bit!" Derek exclaimed.

"You can stay there as long as you like!" Rasheeda added.

"GEROFF ME!" Dante yelled.

Boris stood there for a few seconds more, shrugged and got off, after which Dante got up and brushed off himself, cursing loudly the entire time.

Almost as loudly as Chef was, who was extricating himself out of the lake for the second time that day.

Gordon chuckled as he passed them.

"Allrighty then, now that everybody is okay, it is time to introduce our next to last contestant, Zahara!"

When the boat pulled up however, there were two girls on it instead of one. The first one, a dark-skinned girl with brown eyes and brownish-black dreadlocks held back with a red, green and yellow bandana and wore a knee-length sleeveless dress which matched the bandana and brown flip flops.

The other girl had brilliant red hair rolled up into a bun and was tan. She wore a short-sleeved black leather jacket which was zipped down to reveal the red vest inside, black leather pants which were tucked inside knee-high flat boots. She also wore black leather motorcycle gloves and horn-rimmed sunglasses, which when she removed them revealed that her eyes were light green.

The odd thing about the two girls was that they were both soaking wet and the second girl was sputtering as the first thumped her back.

The two got off the boat and stood on what was left of the dock after Boris' crash, leaving a giant puddle around them.

"Thanks for saving my butt back there, Zahara!" The redhead gasped, speaking with an Australian accent.

"No problem, mon, Kelly." The dreadlocked girl answered with a Jamaican accent.

"What the hell? Zahara what happened? Why the hell is Kelly with you? She was supposed to come last!" Chris exclaimed.

"Well, Chris, Kelly's boat was supposed to be far behind mine I suppose, but the driver- wait, boater?" Zahara puzzled for a second.

"Anyway..." She continued. "That eediat steering her boat decided fi speed things up and it knock inna mine, sinking her boat and throwing poor Kelly overboard!"

"Boats, how I really dislike riding in them now..." Kelly grumbled. "Cars are so much better!"

"Well, okay then..." Chris said. "Zahara and Kelly everyone!" He pointed at each.

"Now that we've got this all wrapped up, let's go on a little tour of the Island!" Chris rubbed his hands together in glee, which had everyone looking at each other nervously.

"Ye, the old beloved, Confessional Can!" Chris patted the outside walls of the confessional which was in the same location it was during Total Drama Island.

"Beloved by whom?" Andy raised an eyebrow.

"Beloved my ass!" Akina exclaimed.

"Wasn't it all nasty and stuff during the first season?" Shaniqua raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, but the producers said we had to get it cleaned out for you all, so have a look!" Chris exclaimed.

Shaniqua peered in carefully with the other contestants peeping in behind her.

Confessional Can

Shaniqua: She looked around it and shrugged. "At least it don't smell nasty!"

Ed: "At least it's clean for when I have to come and tell you all about how life has dealt me heavy blows..." He sighed.

Marie-Ange: She was filing her nails."C'est bon, I suppose." She stretched out her hand to take a good look at it.

"This is the intern's quarters." Chris showed them to a two-story log cabin, with the stairs outside and a balcony.

"INTERNS!" He roared.

At once six young people came bustling out of the cabin.

Billy was there, but the other five, two other guys and three girls had never been seen before.

"These interns are the ones who help set up the challenges and will address most problems you have. So interns, why not introduce yourselves!" Chris exclaimed.

Billy stepped forward first. "H-hey guys, I'm Billy." He shrunk back quickly.

Chris face-palmed. "Scaredy-cat..." He grumbled.

The next, an Indian girl with her thick, waist-length black hair pulled into a side ponytail was wearing a long-sleeved black shirt, knee length jeans skirt, gold flats and gold hoop earrings. A magnifying glass poked out from one of her pockets.

"I am Narine. And if any of you try anything bad on this island, trust me, I WILL find out!" She spoke with her Indian accent quite apparent, cracking her knuckles.

The next intern was a black guy with a shaved head wearing a red short sleeved T Shirt with a long sleeved white shirt beneath it, blue knee-length pants and brown sandals.

"I'm Jack everybody!" He smiled and waved cheerfully at everyone.

The next, a tanned girl with curly, shoulder length russet-brown hair and green eyes wearing a white sleeveless halter top, knee length dark green jeans, straw-coloured wedge heels and sliver hoop earrings greeted them just as cheerfully.

"Hi everyone! My name is Flora and I will be glad to help you out with anything you need!" She exclaimed, with an Italian accent.

Narine nudged her.

"Within reason, of course!" She hurriedly added.

"Oh and Flora, the Dock needs fixing before the first challenge. Get to that, will you?" Chris asked.

Flora nodded and went off.

The next intern, a tall, slim, fair skinned guy with shaggy light blond hair and light blue eyes stepped up. He was wearing a cream long-sleeved shirt, black pants and brown flip flops. He also carried a simple wooden staff.

He was probably the most cheerful of the lot when he greeted them. "Hey you guys and gals! I'm Greg and I'm pretty much the photographer of this group, so you'll probably see me hanging around the cameras and such a lot. I hope you all can manage a good time here and at least make some friends!" He exclaimed. (2)

The last intern and also the last female had all the guys and some of the girls staring wide eyed and slack jawed, even more so than they had been staring at Marie-Ange.

She was absolutely stunning, with a body many girls would kill for. She had thick, curly black hair that went mid-back, pulled back by a red bow, gorgeous amethyst eyes and olive brown skin.

She was wearing a white off the shoulder, thigh length gypsy dress with red roses printed in the middle just under the bust- a very large bust- and red flats with red bows on the front of them.

"Hello boys... and girls." She said, noting the females staring as well. "I'm Bonnie... and I'm simply charmed to meet you all!" She laid her Greek accent on thicker in the last part. (3)

Marie-Ange huffed and turned away.

Confessional Can

Marie-Ange: She looked absolutely furious and was holding her nail file. "I'm supposed to be ze onlee drop-dead gorgeous female on zees island! How dare she!" She snapped the nail file in half.

"Beautiful... Simply beautiful!" Manny said.

"Uh-huh..." Jonathan nodded in agreement.

"One speck of beauty in this dreary life will not make things any better..." Ed said, sighing.

Chris led them into the Mess Hall and immediately they noticed the three tables inside.

One had a purple tablecloth; one table which was closer to the kitchen had an orange tablecloth and the center table which was considerably smaller than the others had a white tablecloth.

"In case you're wondering, the center table is where the interns eat, if they choose to come here. The tables on your left and right however are the team tables." Chris explained.

At this, there was some excited murmuring.

Chef came in behind them with two rolled up flags, one purple and one orange.

"Excuse me punks! Coming through!" Chef barreled through the crowd, knocking some of them over.

"I've got the team list here..." Chris said.

Everyone who was complaining about Chef shoving them over immediately shut up as the Mess Hall went completely quiet.

"If I call your name, you are to go over to the purple table." He said.

"Akina, Andy, Derek, Ed, George, Kelly, Larry, Manny, Marie-Ange, Shaniqua, Tina and Zahara." Chris pointed to the table and they went.

"The rest of you, Boris, Cynthia, Dante, Gordon, Jonathan, Josie, Marisol, Mason, Melinda, Rasheeda, Shane and Sofija, you're at the orange table." He gestured to that table.

As they sat, they all took the time to inspect their teammates and when they did, there were more than a few moans and groans.

"Chef my man, step up!" Chris called out to him.

"Getting ducked in the lake more than once today... I don't get paid enough for this." He grumbled, handing the flags to Chris.

He tossed the purple one first to the matching team. Akina caught it an unfurled it on the table.

It had a white circle in the middle with two large capital 'M's in it.

He then tossed the orange flag to the other table. Jonathan had reached to grab it, but Dante shoved him back into the chair and snatched it instead.

Boris in turn shoved Dante out of his seat and snatched the flag away from him and shook it out to unfurl it.

This flag also had a cream coloured circle in the middle, this time with two large capital 'A's in it.

"Okay Chris. Let's have it. What are the lame-ass team names you're giving us this time?" Shaniqua asked.

"Your team is the Mighty Mashers team!" Chris exclaimed.

The members of that team looked at each other weirdly.

"And you guys..." Chris turned to the other team. "Are the Awesome Adventurers!" He exclaimed.

Many of their members face-palmed.

"Who came up with these lame names anyway?" Josie asked.

"Um..." Chris paused as he remembered how it came about.

At some point between this season and the last, he had been visiting his older sister Christina's house. She and her husband James had a five year old daughter, his niece, named Anna.

"Come on, Unca Chris! Can we arm wrestle, please?" Anna looked up at him with the cutest blue eyes he had ever seen and twirling her adorable, curly, jet-black locks around her chubby little finger...

"Okay, okay! I'll do it!" Chris gave in.

"YAY!" Anna shouted, running to the kitchen table.

Chris and Anna put their hands to each other's.

"Ready?" Christina and Jack asked, acting as 'referees'.

They both nodded.

"GO!" they shouted.

In less than five seconds, Anna had beaten Chris and Christina and James were rolling on the floor with laughter at the fact that a five year old girl had beaten a fully grown man at arm wrestling.

"Ha ha! Now Unca Chris has to do anything I want!" Anna cheered.

"Anything?" Chris groaned, rubbing his sore hand.

"Anything..." Anna said, with a mischievous tone.

"You all don't need to know that..." Chris chuckled nervously.

Melinda chuckled to herself.

"Now to the challenge today. Follow me!" Chris walked outside.

He led them to the Dock of Shame, where two large boats awaited them. Each had their team's flag on the bow.

"Your challenge today involves these two wonderful boats." Chris grinned.

Kelly and Rasheeda groaned.

"Today you contestants are having a boat race around the island. This very large island." Chris laughed in a manner that made all of them shudder.

"Naturally there will be obstacles of all kinds along the way. There are also GPS systems built into the boats so that you don't suddenly find yourself in Greenland or something. If you did, the producers would have to shell out lots of bucks to bring you back and they wouldn't be too happy about that..." Chris said.

"Anyway, there aren't really any rules. You are free to use your powers to mess with the other team, as long as you don't kill anyone." Chris emphasized the last part.

"Drat." Dante grumbled, snapping his fingers.

"Also, in order to win, when you make it back here, all of your team mates must be on the boat. Not three or six or even eleven. All twelve of you must be on board."

"Now, GO!" Chris shouted.

At once the contestants stampeded towards their boats, trampling Chris in the process.

Mighty Mashers

"So, who can drive one of these things?" Akina asked, gesturing to the wheel.

"Does one even drive a boat?" Zahara wondered again.

"I can do it!" Kelly volunteered. "I can drive- er, operate several different kinds of vehicles!"

"I thought you said you didn't like boats..." Derek said.

"Only when maniacs like the ones Chris hires do the... operating..." Kelly said.

Akina looked over the other contestants. "Okay, I suppose." She shrugged.

"Kelly, you drive!" She said.

"WOO HOO!" Kelly ran over to the wheel and once she got her hands on it, began steering it like a maniac herself.

"AAAH! KELLY SLOW DOWN! WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO OPERATE YOUR VEHICLES? A RACETRACK?" Akina yelled, holding onto the rails tightly as was everyone else.

"YES!" Kelly yelled back.

Awesome Adventurers

"I'm driving this!" Dante insisted.

"Oh hell no!" Sofija exclaimed. "I vould flunk school before I let you navigate dis boat!"

"What are you going to do about it?" Dante challenged her.

A frying pan clunked on his head from behind, knocking him unconscious.

Gordon stood over him, twirling the frying pan's handle on his finger.

"That was fun." He said simply.

"So... who's navigating this thing then?" Marisol asked.

"I shall do it." Boris volunteered, stepping up to the wheel.

"Okay then. Go ahead!" Sofija said.

And with that, their team sped off.

(1) Remember Gordon, the bad-tempered chef in the second TDA who was cussing because he couldn't figure out DJ's sandwich recipe? Yep, this is him.

(2) Greg was lent to me courtesy of SakuraBlossomStorm.

(3) Bonnie's creator is GwendolynD.



(1) Akina- The Martial Arts Master (2) Andy- The Gentleman (3) Boris- The Daredevil (4) Cynthia- The Socialite (5) Dante- The Bully (6) Derek- The Cadet (7) Ed- The Emo (8) George- The Prankster (9) Gordon- The Chef (10) Jonathan- The Geek (11) Josie- The Musician (12) Kelly- The Racer Chick (13) Larry- The Entrepreneur (14) Manny- The Artist (15) Marie-Ange- The Supermodel (16) Marisol- The Optimist (17) Mason- The Moron (18) Melinda- The Psychic (19) Rasheeda- The Quiet Girl (20) Shane- The Wannabe Gangster (21) Shaniqua- The Diva (22) Sofija- The Overachiever (23) Tina- The Athlete (24) Zahara- The Islander


(1) Billy- The Average Joe

(2) Bonnie- The Seductress

(3) Flora- The Nature Lover

(4) Greg- The Nice Guy

(5) Jack- The Entertainment Freak

(6) Narine- The Dectective

Before I go, I just wanted to say that in no way does Dante's behaviour represent my feelings towards Muslims. I have no prejudice towards Islam in any way and this is just intended to show how much of a jerk Dante can REALLY get.

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