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The race was well underway at this point as Chris and Chef sat on the dock watching the water.

"How do you think they're doing out there, Chris?" Chef asked.

"Do I look as if I care, Chef?" Chris replied.

"You're right." Chef face palmed. "Silly me!"

Mighty Mashers

"I'm a Diva! I'm- I'm a Diva! I'm a Diva! Na- na- na! A Diva is a female version of a hustla!" Shaniqua sang happily.

Or at least she was the only one that thought she was singing...

Everyone else had their ears covered.

"No mon! Mi love dat song deh but dis is too much!" Zahara covered her ears.

"I agree!" Larry muttered. He then brightened.

"Earplugs?" He asked holding up a package.

Zahara raised an eyebrow.

"Mi have a betta idea." Zahara smirked mischievously.

Zahara put one hand over the side of the boat and moved it up.

Slowly the water followed her hand.

She directed it towards Shaniqua.

When most of the contestants saw what Zahara was about to do, they snickered. Even Kelly, still at the wheel of the boat after Akina had gotten her to slow down a bit turned to look.

Except for Ed, of course, who merely watched, looking uninterested in what was about to happen.

Shaniqua herself didn't notice the water, singing as hard as she was, before it was too late.

"AAH!" She screamed as the water completely covered her.

Most of the contestants dropped to the floor... err, deck, rolling around in laughter.

"Who- did- that?" She asked, sputtering.

The contestants were laughing too much to answer.

"Bahahaha! Mi! A mi do it, Shaniqua. Nu bada fuss yuhself ova it though, but yu cyaan really sing..." Zahara said.

"Says you! I CAN sing! And how dare you! Come up in here looking like something straight outta The Lion King and soaking me like that!" Shaniqua said.

Zahara flicked her dreadlocks and rolled her eyes at this.

Shaniqua raised her hand to the sky and a ray of sun came down on her. She shook herself a bit, and she dried off.

"Hmmm... A Solar Manipulator. Cool power." Derek complimented. He then looked up to see Kelly looking at them, holding the wheel with only one hand and glanced around her to see a large boulder poking out of the water.


"SIR, NO SIR!" Kelly replied, doing a salute, letting go of the wheel fully.

The boat spiralled out of control.

Everyone started screaming.

"For goodness sake, Kelly, HOLD ONTO THE WHEEL!" He yelled.

Kelly immediately held onto it again and managed to regain control of the boat.

"Zis girl is crazy!" Marie-Ange exclaimed, leaning on a rail, recovering from the scare.

"I feared for my life back there!" Shaniqua exclaimed, wide eyed, hand to her chest.

"I didn't." Ed said in a monotone. "Life will end sooner or later, so why bother?"

"Do that again and I'll be navigating next time!" Derek said.

Confessional Can

Derek: He looked slightly green. "Remind me to never accept a ride with that girl again..."

Awesome Adventurers

Boris was steering the boat quite well and singing some random Russian song to himself so the others were exploring it.

Josie, Marisol and Rasheeda had found a passage that led them inside the boat and went down it.

"So, where are you girls from?" Marisol asked. "In case you cannot tell, which I doubt by my heavy accent, I am Spanish. From Barcelona if you want to get exact."

"I'm a local, from good ol' Toronto, Ontario!" Josie cheered.

"I am Egyptian. Alexandria is my home town." Rasheeda said simply.

"Ooh! Really Rasheeda? What is it like there, in Alexandria? That town and Cairo are on my list of places to see someday!" Marisol said enthusiastically, flashing a warm smile to the Muslim Egyptian.

Rasheeda smiled back, encouraged by Marisol's smile. "I do like living in Alexandria. It is lovely but one day I hope to spend some time in Dubai..."

"Lucky you. Toronto is awesome and all, but I'd like to live in another country for a few years. Preferably one where the dominant language isn't English, so I can learn another language. I always get so jealous of those interpreters who can speak like, half a dozen languages and switch between them all with ease..." Josie sighed.

"It certainly isn't easy. English was hard to learn for me." Rasheeda muttered. "In fact the only reason I speak it is because my father insisted. 'English is the language of the world! It is very important, you must learn it!' So isn't Arabic important too?" She said.

"Is it really that bad, learning English as a second language?" Josie asked.

"It is a challenge. Your English is like so many different languages put together. Latin, French, German- it's like a language Fruit Punch! Everything is so mixed up!" Marisol exclaimed. She paused.

"Okay, that sounded ridiculous." She said.

The three girls started to laugh.

"Hey, vhat ees so funny down here?" Sofija asked, coming down to join them, having heard the laughter.

"Oh nothing. We were just talking about learning English as a second language." Marisol said.

"And how much of a pain eet ees, yes?" Sofija asked, Melinda and Cynthia behind her.

"Seriously?" Cynthia raised an eyebrow.

"Yes. I mean your plurals confuse me. You have book and books for example. But foot and feet? Sheep and sheep? Mouse and mice? Why is not the plural of house 'hice' then?" Sofija asked.

Marisol and Rasheeda chuckled.

"Wow. It seems like grammar for you girls is really a pain in the-" Melinda was cut off as the boat began to shake violently.

The six girls started screaming.

"What was that?" Marisol asked. Her wheelchair had tipped over and she would have fallen out of it if it weren't for the waist seat-belt holding her in place.

"What are the boys doing up there?" Cynthia asked, sprawled on the floor.

Up on the deck, Dante had awoken and was furious about not being able to steer and decided to cause a ruckus.

"Hello geek." Dante had hoisted Jonathan up by his shirt collar.

"My name's not geek." Jonathan said bravely.

"Oh really?" Dante raised an eyebrow. "Well it should be. Look at you, geek." He growled.

"Geeky people aren't going to last long in this contest. Hell, look at this team! It's full of losers!" He exclaimed, shaking Jonathan.

"Watch who you calling a loser, fool!" Shane stomped over from the wheel where he had been talking to Boris.

"Put the ge- I mean, put Jonathan down, now." Shane said.

"What are you going to do, Simba?" Dante snapped, referencing Shane's dreadlocks.

"Why do I get the feeling that a certain movie was already referenced today?" Shane asked. He shook off the feeling.

"Put him down, now." Shane said again.

"Nope. What are you going to do?" Dante said.

Mason came up. "Why are you holding Jason like that?" He asked.

This made even Jonathan face-palm, given the situation he was in now.

"Nothing special, you imbecile." Dante said, shaking Jonathan around some more.

"Wow. The big bad bully knows a big word. I'm impressed." Gordon joined the conversation.

"Must you be asked again? Put the team mate down." Gordon asked.

"Or else what?" Dante said.

Gordon held up his frying pan with one hand and covered his other hand with fire, Mason grew about six feet taller than Dante and Shane reshaped his hand into a baseball bat.

"Okay then. Fine." Dante smirked mischievously.

And with that, Dante tossed him over the side of the boat.

"What the *censored* did you do that for you idiot?" Gordon roared.

"For fun!" Dante chuckled.

Boris, having listened to the entire conversation, took off his shirt, rolled up his pants and jumped over the side of the boat to retrieve the overboard teammate.

"Wait, if Boris isn't steering, then who is?" Shane asked.

The boat started to shake violently and threw all of them off their feet.

"Somebody get to the wheel, quickly!" Shane said.

Dante ran for it, but Shane turned his hand into a rope and lassoed him, flinging him to the back of the boat where Gordon and Mason stood watch over him, the former with a menacing glare.

"What in the name of Allah is going on up here?" Rasheeda asked, leading the girls back up, almost stumbling with the shakiness of the boat. She was already starting to look green again.

The others followed, Josie helping Marisol keep her wheelchair steady, which wasn't easy as she was having trouble standing herself.

They noticed that no one was steering the boat and looked slowly back at the boys, of whom they noticed that two were missing.

"Why is no one steering?" Josie asked.

Shane ran over to get control of the boat again.

"Vhere are Boris and Jonathan?" Sofija asked.

"We are right here." Boris climbed over the side of the boat, Jonathan clinging tightly to his neck.

"Thanks, Boris." Jonathan said, gasping for breath, sitting on the deck.

"It is no problem." Boris answered. He then noticed all the girls staring at him.

"Oh my... Shirtless well muscled guy!" Sofija thought dreamily.

"Keep thoughts pure... Keep thoughts pure... Keep thoughts pure..." Rasheeda chanted in her thoughts.

"I wonder if he likes pink hair..." Melinda thought. "Maybe I should focus and see if I get a vision that he does..."

"Vhy are all you ladies staring?" He asked.

"Um, no reason in particular..." Josie said, being the first to snap out of it.

Confessional Can

Josie and Marisol

Josie: "That had to be the most... amazing thing I have ever seen in my life!"

Marisol: "I quite agree Josie. That was the most amazing thing ever!"

They both squealed in excitement.

Mighty Mashers

Shaniqua and Marie-Ange were having a conversation.

"So you're aiming to be a supermodel, huh?" Shaniqua asked.

"Oui. I am already starting to make my connections. I want to be one of ze, non I mean ze best model zere ees!" Marie-Ange exclaimed.

"Good for you! I want to sing." She paused as she saw Marie-Ange raise an eyebrow.

"Wif zat seenging earlier?" The model asked.

"Oh please. That's not my best singing at all!" Shaniqua waved a hand dismissively.

"That was singing?" Tina asked as she walked by. "I thought it was a banshee!"

"If that was singing, I'd quit cadets!" Derek said.

"If that was singing I'll get rid of my blue hair!" George said.

"If that was singing I'd abandon car racing!" Kelly called from the wheel, this time without looking back.

"If that was singing-" Larry started.

"Okay, okay, I get it!" Shaniqua huffed.

Everyone except Ed began laughing.

"Where's everybody from?" Kelly called out.

"I'm from Cleveland, Ohio. The most boring state in the United States of America..." He sighed.

Everyone else shuddered.

"Oh man, that's horrible." George patted him on the shoulder. "I however hail from the best province in Canada ever..."

"SASKATCHEWAN!" He yelled at the same time Shaniqua yelled "NOVA SCOTIA!" Andy yelled "ONTARIO!" and Derek yelled "BRITISH COLUMBIA!"

The four Canadian contestants turned to glare at one another.

"Saskatchewan? Really?" Shaniqua raised an eyebrow at George. "That's like the Ohio of Canada- boring as hell!"

"Have you ever even been to Saskatchewan? How would you know what it's like?" George snapped.

"Oh come on! Just the name Saskatchewan. Who the hell comes up with a long-ass weird name like that?" Shaniqua asked.

Meanwhile Andy and Derek were in a cool and calmly controlled debate about whether Ontario was better than British Columbia. At least on Andy's side...


"At least in your opinion. If it's so great, then why is Canada's capital in Ontario?" Andy said calmly.

"Well I-"

The four squabbling teammates were cut off by the screams of the others when the boat took a violent tumble.


The Awesome Adventurer's boat sped past with all their teammates laughing.

Awesome Adventurers

"Nice move Boris!" Shane high-fived their boat's navigator.

"Thanks." Boris grinned.

"They're coming back!" Rasheeda yelled.

"Quick! Do something!" Marisol exclaimed.

Dante chuckled evilly before raising his hands and firing off huge boulders at the boat.

In the distance they saw Derek take over steering, avoiding the incoming shower of boulders.

"Curses!" Dante muttered.

It was their turn to scream next as lightning bolts began striking random parts of the boat.

"Who did that?" Sofija said wide-eyed, on the floor, which she had dropped to.

They heard Kelly cackling madly in the background.

"Well there's your answer..." Rasheeda said.

"Marisol, move!" Melinda said suddenly.

Marisol made her chair fly out of the way and as soon as it did, a metal blade embedded itself where she was moments before.

"I don't even need to think hard to guess that that was Akina..." Gordon said, shaking his head.

"Why did we have to have a knife nut on the show?" Shane complained.

Confessional Can

Chris: "Because I thought it would be fun!" He cackled evilly.

Back on the shore in the mess hall at their table, Jack, Billy and Greg were talking.

"Well Billy, you've been working here the longest of us all, what's it like?" Jack asked.

"One word: terrible. I'd quit, but then there's the stupid contract..." Billy grumbled.

"Well at least since we all have superpowers now he wouldn't dare mess with us right?" Greg asked.


The guys looked up to see Bonnie, who had spoken and Flora both standing there holding huge stacks of paper.

They threw the stacks of paper they carried onto the desk.

"Narine is coming with more." Flora said, sitting down.

"What is this?" Jack asked. "What are all these papers?"

Narine suddenly teleported in, carrying more papers, startling him. "Information on the contestants, logistics on how the future challenges are supposed to work out and other random *censored* that Chris doesn't care to sort out himself..." She said, sighing as she sat and began to sort through the papers.

"If I have to sort out this much paper when I'm into television production, then I might just change my career path..." Jack said, looking through some papers and making notes.

"Ah, so that is what you want to be!" Flora exclaimed. "When I go back to Italy, I want to teach English at what you call 'high school' level."

"A noble career." Narine said. "However, I wish to be a prosecutor."

"And you'd be pretty good at scaring the crap outta the defendants too..." Bonnie muttered.

"What was that?" Narine snapped.

"Noting of interest to you..." Bonnie smiled.

Confessional Can

Narine: "Why do I get the feeling that I'm not going to like Bonnie?"

Back on the water, the action was underway.

On the Mighty Masher's boat Zahara, Kelly, Andy and Larry were on the side facing the Awesome Adventurers' boat and on the Awesome Adventurers' boat Shane, Gordon, Dante and Cynthia stood facing the Mighty Mashers.

"READY TO LOSE, PIPSQUEAKS?" Dante asked, smirking.

"ARE YOU?" Kelly asked, fists crackling with electricity.

Dante responded by firing off several boulders.

Larry blasted them apart with his laser vision.

Andy fired off several sharp crystals at Shane who morphed his hand into a shield and deflected them.

Zahara was lashing at Gordon with a water whip but he responded by raining fire balls in her direction.

Cynthia held up a hand which glowed a soft pink as Kelly began to attack her with crackling lightning discs.

Immediately Kelly's hair turned into snakes. Snapping, hissing snakes.

Kelly screamed and ran off, knocking Larry off balance in the process which sent the beams towards Boris who dodged.

Luckily for him they missed, but unluckily for the boat, the wheel was blasted apart and a hole was blasted in the deck, which began to fill with water.

The Awesome Adventurers turned slowly towards it.

"Oh *censored*..." Melinda said, wide-eyed. "I totally did not see that coming!"

The boat began to swerve out of control and right towards a large boulder sticking out in front of them.

Confessional Can

Rasheeda: She was wide-eyed and was tucking a few stray strands of hair back under her hijab. "I swear to Allah, I thought I was going to die back there, but I am alive! Inshallah Allah! Inshallah Allah!"

Sofija: She looked extremely terrified. "Worst- boat ride- ever."

Jonathan: "I'm ALIVE! Thank goodness I'm ALIVE!" He began wheezing and took out an inhaler.

Melinda: "I hope I never have to see anything like that again..." She shuddered.

Shane: "Dude, I swear I saw the light when that wheel was blasted apart!"

Awesome Adventurers

"DO SOMETHING!" Jonathan yelled.

Rasheeda suddenly got a brilliant idea.

"Cynthia, do you know any spells to repair damage like this?" She asked.

Cynthia looked startled. "Yes, but how will I fix it like this?"

"Vhat are you doing, Rasheeda?" Boris asked as he watched her step out onto the rails of the shaking boat.

"Watch." She said simply.

She rose up slowly off the rails and held her hands in front of her.

The boat suddenly rose out of the water knocking some of the people on the boat off their feet.

"You're telekinetic!" Mason exclaimed in awe.

"Yes I am." She smiled.

Rasheeda pointed a hand towards Cynthia and she too began to float off the boat.

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I don't like this. I haven't mastered any flight spells yet…" She said worriedly.

"Don't worry about it! I've got you! Just work your magic!" Rasheeda said encouragingly.

"Okay…" Cynthia waved her hands and began to glow dark pink.

She focused her energy on the hole in the boat and it immediately began to close up.

The Muslim-Egyptian girl set the English girl down before lowering herself onto the deck.

Their teammates cheered for them.

Mighty Mashers

Some of their team members were playing a game of "Try To Cheer Ed Up"…. and failing at it miserably.

"Oh come on Ed! You're on TV! What could be more fun?" Shaniqua asked.

"Letting someone else control the boat…" Ed turned green before stumbling off to throw up overboard.

The boat swerved sharply.

"Derek! Take the wheel from Kelly already!" Akina screamed.

"Got it!" Derek ran off to do it.

"So… What would you all do if you won the million dollars?" Tina asked.

"I want to start my own business, that's for sure. I have yet to decide my business speciality however…" "Larry shrugged.

"Why decide? Why not dabble in a few ventures?" Manny asked. "You don't see the American supermarkets like Wal-Mart making money just by selling craft supplies, do you?"

"Interesting… What would you do if you won the prize, Manny?" Larry asked.

"Donate some to charity, save some for school and the rest I haven't decided yet…" Manny shrugged.

"I'd want to use the million to travel the world! There so many places I want to go shopping in! New York, Dubai. London, Tokyo, Sydney, Paris…" Shaniqua's eyes shone.

"Paris ees indeed one of the greatest places to get ze designer clothes, mais je voudrais to create my own designs and have zem truly stand out!" Marie-Ange said, gesturing a hand around her.

"I would want to give some money to an animal shelter that I've volunteered at since I was ten years old. Also some must go to the Red Cross as I'm a part of that as well and I would really like to take my mother and little sister Janine on vacation. The rest, I would save for school and other things…" Andy explained.

"You sure do want to do a lot, don't you?" Akina raised an eyebrow. "All noble pursuits I must say though perhaps mine are not as selfless. Disneyland Tokyo would be one of the first places I ever spent money on visiting. After that, I will be focused on expanding my weapons collection and going all around the world to different museums to learn more about exotic ones…" Akina beamed at the thought.

Just then, an announcement came through the speakers of their boat as well as that of the Awesome Adventurers.

"Hey contestants! According to my GPS, it says that you're both nearing the finish line and the Awesome Adventurers are currently in the lead!" Chris exclaimed.

"Woo hoo!" Boris cheered, from behind his position at the wheel.

"Oh come on! Derek drive this thing faster!" Akina exclaimed.

"I CAN'T MAKE IT GO MUCH FASTER!" Derek shouted.

"I don't know if I'm gonna regret suggesting this but…" Larry nodded towards Kelly.

Everyone on the Mighty Mashers team looked at her and then at each other worriedly.

Confessional Can

Larry: "We're about to take a big risk investing in letting Kelly navigate the boat. Let's hope this investment doesn't leave us bankrupt…"

Kelly took the wheel of her boat, munched on a granola bar and then threw the wrapper aside.

Boris took the wheel of his boat after letting Gordon drive for a while so he could take a water break.

The two's boats lined up with each other and they glared at one another for a moment before speeding off.

Everyone on the Mighty Mashers boat clung on for dear life to the rails, the deck and any other object they could find, screaming as she drove the boat faster than they ever thought possible.

The Awesome Adventurers saw the boat zoom past them at breakneck speed.

"Come on people, do something!" Marisol exclaimed.

"Out of my way, cripple!" Dante shoved Marisol out of the way, making her seatbelt break and her fall out of the wheelchair. She glared at him from the ground as Rasheeda and Sofija rushed to help her up while Josie ran after the chair, which was going up and down the boat.

It almost went overboard, but Josie managed to catch it and bring it back over just in the nick of time.

As she wheeled it back over, Josie wiped her eyebrows. "That was close!" She declared.

"Too close…" Marisol glared at Dante as Rasheeda and Sofija helped her into the chair and Cynthia used a spell to help repair the seatbelt.

Confessional Can

Marisol: "Cripple. CRIPPLE?" She sat there fuming. "I SWEAR TO GOD, I'M GOING TO MAKE HIM PAY. YOU HEAR ME? DANTE IS GOING DOWN!" She roared, before taking deep breaths in an attempt to calm down.

"Look at them go!" Chris exclaimed.

He and Chef were sitting on the dock, watching the boats approach in the distance.

Dante powered up and fired off boulders at the Mighty Mashers boat, which Kelly jerked around to avoid getting hit, throwing around all the passengers, many of whom were starting to look green again.

"Almost there, almost there…" Kelly thought.

She was almost at the dock when…


A rock collided with her head, knocking her out.

The boat spun out of control and the Awesome Adventurers zoomed past them to claim the win.

"And the Awesome Advenurers take the first win!" Chris announced.

They began to cheer, until they saw the Might Mashers boat spinning right towards them.

"Uh-oh…" Few of those managed to get out of the way before the boat crashed into the dock, sending all still there flying through the air.

"How many times is that going to happen today?" Chris groaned.

Several of the Mighty Mashers gathered around Kelly, trying to revive her.

"Oh come on Kelly! Wake up!" Shaniqua shook her.

"Idiot, you don't shake someone with possible brain injuries!" Akina shoved her out of the way and Zahara followed behind her.

"Let's see, what can I do?" Zahara put her hands to the sides of Kelly's head and she began to move again.

"What the hell just happened?" Kelly asked, sitting up slowly.

"We lost. Dante hit you in the head with a rock before you could get to the dock…" Akina glared at him.

"Drat…" Kelly muttered.

While the Awesome Adventurers were indeed glad that they had won, they were not pleased with what Dante had done.

"You know you could have really hurt her you know!" Josie said angrily.

"So?" Dante shrugged. "At least we got the win!"

"But at what cost, you jerk?" Gordon roared.

"I shall go check on her." Boris declared, walking over to the other team.

"Excuse me. I do apologize if intruding, but I wanted to find out if your friend is okay?" Boris asked in concern.

"I think so. It's just a bump on the head after all." Kelly got up, rubbing her head.

"What do you care?" Akina snapped.

"Despite vhat you may think, I do not agree with how Dante went about throwing you off. I vould never seek to harm another player as do all the other members of my team…" Boris explained.

"Yeah, well, we still don't trust you." Andy said.

"Fine." Boris held up his hands in surrender and backed off. "Believe what you will…"

"So who the hell do we vote off first?" George asked.

He and the other members of his team were in the Mess Hall eating their usual disgusting meals while the Awesome Adventurers had delicious, banquet-style food.

Dante waved a chicken leg over at them gloating and many of the Mighty Mashers glared at him.

"I only wish we could vote a certain someone off on the other team…" Kelly grumbled, stabbing the white mush on her plate viciously with a fork.

"How about we go with Ed? He depressing as ever!" Shanqua exclaimed, thumbing the Emo over her shoulder.

"Yeah, I dunno… He's not so bad to me. He just needs a friend!" George said.

"I'm not sure all of us being friends with him is going to brighten him up in any way…" Tina commented.

"And besides, you're one hell of an annoying person, Shaniqua!" Larry declared.

"What? How?" Shaniqua asked, startled.

They all stared at her in disbelief.

After the challenge, Shaniqua was holding up the girls' showers. She was in there taking her own sweet time while most of the girls from both teams waited. Only Kelly and Rasheeda had made it in before she did.

"Sucks to be you!" Kelly snickered as she and Rasheeda walked past, hearing Shaniqua give a badly rendered version of Bootylicious by Destiny's Child.

Another instance was where she had joined the rest of her team in the Mess Hall. They had learnt quickly that the earlier you got there, the less likely you were to get the more horrible bits of food. She just strolled in, snatched Marie-Ange's tray from her and began to eat, Marie-Ange and the others watching her incredulously.

"Oops…" Shaniqua said in a soft voice, shrinking down into her seat.

Later that night, all the members of the Mighty Mashers team filed into the campfire area looking crabby.

"Aww, Might Mashers, why the long faces? Did the other team mash the Mashers?" Chris laughed.

"That wasn't even remotely funny Chris…" Manny muttered.

"WHATEVER! Just shut up and listen." Chris pouted, holding the tray of marshmallows.

"On this tray I have eleven marshmallows. Whoever doesn't get one must pack their bags, head for the Dock of Shame, board the Boat of Losers and leave. The votes have already been cast, so the first marshmallow goes to… Andy!"

Andy caught his marshmallow and chewed it happily.

"Kelly, Larry, Tina and Zahara also get marshmallows tonight!" Chris exclaimed, throwing their marshmallows to them.

"Manny, Akina, Derek, Marie-Ange and George are also safe tonight!" Chris threw them even more marshmallows.

The only two contestants left, Shaniqua and Ed started at the lone marshmallow on the tray that Chris held.

"Well, well, well. The wannabe performer and the Emo what a surprise. NOT!" Chris laughed.

"Just shut up and get on with it, Chris!" Shaniqua huffed.

"Fine, sheesh! Anyway, Shaniqua and Ed. Ed and Shaniqua. Why are you here?" Chrus said, pacing up and down as their eyes followed him.

"Ed. You're quite the depressing individual bringing gloom wherever you go. Shaniqua The Diva, you're a bit too much of a diva for your team's liking and you're rather obnoxious to boot!"

"Chris, just give Shaniqua the marshmallow already…" Ed moaned.

"No can do, Ed boy. This marshmallow is for you!" Chris tossed it at him, where it landed straight into his mouth, which was opened wide in shock.

"Wait. You voted to keep the creepy Emo over talented me?" Shaniqua cried out in shock.

"His gloom was easier to stand than you…" George shrugged as Shaniqua stormed off, blasting down a tree on the way.

Confessional Can (Voting Time!)

Marie-Ange: "Shaniqua ees gone! Zat fille stole my barely passable meal!"

Kelly: "I vote for Shaniqua. Annoying as hell she is…"

Akina: "Shaniqua. Need I say more?"

Derek: "Shaniqua is quite possibly the most obnoxious person I've ever met. So long, Shaniqua. You don't get an honourable discharge…"

Shaniqua: "Of course I'm voting for Ed to leave! Do you fell I want that walking gloom cloud around me?"

Andy: "My vote will have to be cast for Shaniqua. I hate to have to send someone home so early, but between her and Ed… At least Ed shuts up sometimes."

Larry: "Shaniqua is far too loud for my liking. Not too business like in my opinion…"

Tina: "I kind of liked Shaniqua, but she gets on my nerves a bit too much sometimes…"

George: "I kinda like Ed and I've made it my mission to make him more cheerful before I leave or he does. Can't do that if I vote him out tonight, can I?"

Zahara: "Lawd mi God! Mi neva meet someone as annoying as Shaniqua! Kelly had har moments, yes, but Shaniqua was far worse…"

Manny: "While Ed's gloominess may be toxic to the creative process, I must say that Shaniqua is toxic to my health. Her screeching gives me headaches…"

Ed: He sighed. "Why bother staying? I'm going to lose anyway… Might as well vote myself off…"