Doped Up

It was Friday night, early evening in Westerville. The Anderson house was practically empty, save for one surprisingly calm Anderson.

Shane had gotten out of school the day before for spring break. He had flown to Ohio to spend time with his brother and Reed before Dalton let out on Wednesday next week. The Windsors and Shane included were traveling to Italy for the week, hoping to get some relaxation in. Shane was also looking forward to hearing Reed speak in Italian, as he claimed he could – Italian would sound sexy…no! Bad Shane! No inappropriate thoughts!

Shane's phone rang in his pocket, singing Colbie Caillet's Rainbow. Shane grinned. He'd always thought of it as his and Reed's song after the scene in the Hall of Mirrors. It had fit the situation perfectly, and Wes and David had told the couple that their celebrity name would be "Rane". It was currently Shane's favorite song, though he liked the way Reed sang it better.

He clicked the green answer button and held the phone to his ear. "Hello love!"

"Hiya Shane!"

Shane frowned. Reed's voice was high-pitched and very giggly. "Reed, are you ok?"

"I'm fantastic! Hee hee! Everything's all colorful!" Shane heard someone on the other end of the line. "Excuse me, who is this?" an older female voice asked.

"I'm Shane Anderson, I'm Reed's boyfriend. Why?" Shane's tone became urgent.

"Mr. Anderson, were you aware that Reed was scheduled for an MRI today at Westerville Memorial?"

Shane sat up cross-legged on the bed. "Yeah."

"Well the doctor that was scheduled to do it was delayed in awful traffic. Something having to do with llamas and a runaway watermelon stand…" The doctor trailed off awkwardly. "…anyway, we weren't informed of this until fifteen minutes ago. We already gave Reed the medication he needs, but we won't be able to do it today. Could you please come by and pick him up so we can reschedule this? He's on the…laughing gas, as you can probably tell."

"I'm already on my way." Shane replied, leaping up from the bed and grabbing his coat. He heard a giggle in the background. "I told you he'd come rescue me. He's my hero!"

"Yes, I certainly am." Shane chuckled as he swept out the door. "I'll be there soon."

Shane shoved open the door into the waiting room. He immediately spotted Reed. He was perched on one of chairs and humming, a dreamy smile on his face. "Why is there a caterpillar on your lip?" he asked the doctor standing beside him plaintively. The doctor rolled his eyes and smiled kindly, his mustache twitching. Shane fawned over the adorableness.

Shane sauntered across the tiles. When Reed heard the footsteps he jumped up. "Shane!" he shrieked happily. As he began to cross the floor, he stopped and swayed. "Everything's all tipsy…" he mumbled, raising a hand to his forehead. Shane reached out and caught him just as he fell.

Reed giggled and wrapped his arms lovingly around Shane's neck. Shane grinned and helped Reed to his feet. "Mr. Anderson?" the doctor asked. Shane grinned and nodded.

While Shane rescheduled Reed's appointment, Reed sat on the counter beside him swinging his legs and chatting idly with the secretary. "We have a caterpillar that lives in our attic." He said smiling.


"Uh-huh. He works with electric gizmos and shocky stuff." Reed waved his hands for emphasis. He looked at the women very seriously. He put a hand up to the side of his mouth. "Sometimes, I think he spies on us."

The women chuckled. "On who?"

"Me, and my bestest best friends in the world!" Reed laughed. "We have a Hatter, and a Hare, and a short White Rabbit, and I share a room with Alice! And I'm the Dormouse!" he giggled.

The secretary laughed and shared a wink with Shane, who was trying very hard to concentrate on the doctor talking to him and not his charming boyfriend.

When they had finished filling out the forms Shane looked over at Reed. There was a look in his eyes that reminded Shane of Luna Lovegood wearing her Spectrespecs. He automatically knew that Reed was not going to do any straight walking for the rest of the day. He scooped up Reed easily. Reed laughed and kicked his legs. "Like the prince and princess in the Disney movies!" Shane laughed with him. "Yes…just like them."

Shane dialed Kurt during the ride back to the Anderson home. "Hey Alice!"

"What do you want Shane?" Kurt's voice was grumpy.

Reed lunged for the phone. "I wanna talk to Alice!" he whined.

"Let me talk to him first Reed."

"Hmph. Okay…I thought Alice was a girl."

"Shane, what the hell –"

Shane grinned. "Reed's MRI got rescheduled…after they gave him the medication."


"Yeah, so I'm taking him back to my place to spend the night. So I can keep an eye on him."

"Don't take advantage of him Shane."

Shane sputtered. "I-I would not! I would NOT – d-do that to him!"

Kurt laughed. "I know you wouldn't Shane. Just be careful."

"Can I talk to Alice now?" Reed pushed his lower lip out like a puppy. "Sure Reed. Reed wants to talk to you. Keep him entertained." Shane tossed the phone back to Reed, who grabbed it like a piece of candy. "Hiya Alice…I'm great! Shane's taking very good care of me…did I what? Um, I think I saw a unicorn in the waiting room. I told the doctor, and he asked me what color it was…I…I think it was rainbow colored! I asked the doctor if I could go ride it, to see if it would take me to like, the end of the rainbow, but he said no...well, I thought there would be gold, and maybe a leprechaun! Do you think he'd have given us Lucky Charms?"

Shane carried Reed up to his bed, shoved off the books and papers and settled Reed under the covers. "Do you want to get some sleep Reed?" Shane asked, sitting beside him and ruffling the curls.

Reed smiled brightly. "Nope! I'm hungry, actually." He furrowed his brow.

"You like ramen noodles?"

Reed cocked his head to the side. "Do I like what?"

"Ramen noodles."

"I've never tried them before…are they magical?"

Shane grinned. "Nope, but they're good. Do you want some for dinner?"

"Okay! Do I have to wait up here?"

"Yes love. I don't want you on the stairs. Do you want to watch a movie while I make them?"

Reed nodded, bouncing on the bed. "Yes please! Can we watch the one about the princess with the long hair, and the chameleon, and the horse…?"

"Tangled? Sure." Shane inserted the movie into the DVD player. When the opening credits began, he gave Reed a kiss on the cheek and loped downstairs. He heated up the water and plopped the noodles in. He added the flavoring, grabbed a couple of spoons and went back upstairs.

Reed was cuddled in bed, watching the movie with an adorable smile. Shane gave him his bowl. "Try not to spill. Don't eat it yet, it's still hot." Reed nodded obediently and continued to watch. Shane changed into his pajamas and crawled in bed next to him.

Reed immediately snuggled against his chest and sighed. "I love you soooooo much Shane." He nuzzled his nose against him. "So, so much."

Shane rolled his eyes good-naturedly and ruffled Reed's curls. "Love you too Reed."

Near the end of the movie, Reed's eyes were losing their battle with gravity. Shane smiled and pulled Reed closer, humming a tune to help him drift off. Reed yawned loudly, reminding Shane of a puppy.

"Shane, will you marry me when we get older? Please?" Reed brought out the power of his eyes.

Shane smiled. He wondered if Reed had actually thought about that. "I will if you want to when we're older."

Reed turned his head curiously. "Of course I'll want to, silly!" He giggled and wrapped his arms around Shane's middle. "I love you, and I'll love you forever and ever and ever…" Reed trailed off. "…and ever…" his voice finally faded as his head fell into Shane's lap and fell asleep.

Shane smiled and brushed his curls. "And I'll love you forever and ever and ever."

AN: This was a little something I saw on an RP tumblr. Reed took some medication and got dizzy. It was short and adorable. I imagined a doped-up Reed as Brittany and it was a piece of cake.

Yeah I know. Where's the second part to Gunfire? I'm getting there. It's been a busy week, and I'm a little scatterbrained. I have multiple story projects in the works (multi chapters & one-shots) and I can't seem to focus on just one.

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