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Harry stood up not paying any attention to anybody; their opinion didn't matter to him. They were hypocrites; they loved him for defeating the Dark Lord but hated him for he was, when it was them who created who he was today. He had tried, so hard, to make friends with these people but in the end the only ones he trusted were the Ravenclaws, they saw things logically and took into account everything. When Harry had first stepped into the train, he was swamped by the students, everybody wanted to be his 'friend' but Harry knew better, they just wanted to be associated with him for his fame. The only person who hadn't even him the light of day was her…Hermione Granger.

Harry felt a tug on his heart and for a second his emotionless face faltered showing the pain he held inside but quickly masked it with nobody noticing the change. It still hurt to think about Hermione Granger, the girl he loved. She was everything to him; his only true friend and in his second year his girlfriend. Harry had befriended the girl right then and there on the train, even though she was hesitant to even speak with him. She, like him, didn't grow up with friends and it was this and their common grounds of knowledge that had become the foundations of their friendship and, later, relationship.

When they had both been sorted to Ravenclaw they saw it as a blessing, being in the house that valued knowledge over everything. With knowledge came courage, loyalty, and cunningness; that was their train of thought. The more knowledge you had the less you were afraid of things, the more you knew who to trust and the more you knew how to work situations into your favor, it was only logical.

But Hermione Jean Granger was…gone. She had died in their second year, while others were petrified, she had not been so lucky; she caught the full gaze of the monster that was the Beast of Slytherin. Seeing Hermione dead and holding her in his arms had driven him to almost complete madness. It was at this moment that he had become completely cold to anyone other than Ravenclaws. After Hermione's death, he had dived deeper into his work. He used the clues that he and Hermione had come up with to figure out what the beast was, Hermione's death being the final clue. It was a Basilisk that was attacking. With the knowledge of knowing what he was facing he began to learn every spell he could to defeat the beast, even if it was Dark magic. Harry scoffed, there was no such thing, light, dark there was no difference, just the use of a spell; a spell was grey.

Harry was brought out of his thoughts as he neared the Headmaster who looked down at Harry, his eyes full of sorrow and pain. The Headmaster had tried to befriend Harry, even going as far as telling the boy of the prophecy but alas he was too late. The death of Hermione Granger had shut Harry down from the world, telling him of the prophecy was only icing on the cake as Harry was now more distant to the Headmaster than anybody else in the school. Harry looked at the Headmaster for a second before his gaze turned to Mad-Eye Moody. They stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity before Harry turned and walked through the door that the other three champions had walked through. Once he had entered the room he found Cedric neared the fire, leaning against the mantle. Krum was as stoic as ever in his corner of the room. Fleur was the first to acknowledge that Harry had even entered the room. Fleur held his cold gaze with a cold gaze of her own. Harry suddenly felt something that he had not felt in almost two years, a tug in his heart. He didn't know what it was as the emotion seemed familiar but what it was, was just beyond Harry's grasp. Harry could swear that she also felt it as her ice blue eyes suddenly widened for a millisecond before returning to their previous ice like manner but there was a hint of something behind it that Harry couldn't quite pinpoint. Harry broke the gaze first, he didn't know why, but he felt that the longer that he looked at this girl the more attached he would become to her and that was not good in any logical sense.

Fleur herself was having a battle within herself, here was this boy – no man – and she was inexplicably attracted to him. There was something familiar about him, and it wasn't just that he was Harry Potter, no there was something in her soul that recognized him, almost like…then it hit her, why he was so familiar. She quickly hid her surprise, now was not the time to show emotions, not after so long and especially not here.

"Harry, what are you doing here?" both Harry and Fleur turned to Cedric who had noticed Harry.

"My name came out of the Goblet," Harry said emotionlessly, "and before you ask, no I did not enter my name, I would much rather be studying for my NEWTS."

Cedric nodded, Harry had become the youngest person to take the OWLS, earning an O in every subject except Divination, which Harry had taken and earned an E, even though he hadn't even taken the class at Hogwarts. Not that it mattered; Harry didn't believe that the teacher even had the 'ability' and had taken it only to see if it was worth it. Harry had done the first half of the test before becoming bored and handing in his test half done, he didn't care what he got, to him it was a joke.

Suddenly the door was thrown open and in walked Madam Olympe Maxime, Igor Karkaroff, Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, Mad-Eye Moody and Snape. Dumbledore quickly clutched Harry by the shoulder and looked into his eyes, "Did you put your name in the Goblet Harry?"

Harry's emotionless face did not even falter for a second, "No," was his simple reply

"He's obviously lying," Igor growled

Harry's gaze moved to Igor, "The opinion of a Death Eater doesn't matter to me."

Everybody in the room went stiff, Igor looking at Harry, a mix of shock and rage in his eyes, "How do you know this?"

Harry gave a humorless chuckle, "You can try and hide it all you want but I can still see it, I don't need to see your wrist to know."

"Lies, the boy lies, you told him didn't you?" Igor said raising his wand and surprising everyone in the room pointed it at Snape.

Snape raised an eyebrow, "Put your wand down Igor," Snape enunciated every syllable as he said it, "I did no such thing, Potter has more knowledge than Albus here has gathered in his 100 plus years and my own combined. How he knows is his secret and I can assure you that you will not know how he knows unless he wants it to be known to you," Snape said. Harry gave a slight almost nonexistent smile, he liked Snape and though Snape would never admit it or even give the hint, Harry had quickly become his favorite student.

"Obviously somebody wants the boy dead," Mad-Eye said suddenly. Harry gaze turned to him and his eyes bore down Mad-Eye.

"Obviously," Harry retorted. Harry knew that this was not the real Mad-Eye, he knew that he was a death eater but for what reason he was teaching students to defend themselves, and very well for the matter, was a mystery that Harry was still trying to solve and until then he would not make a move against him, of course Harry would not let his defenses down at all whenever he was around him. Harry had even gone toe to toe with the imposter when he had ambushed the students, though Harry had taken note that he wasn't using lethal curses and jinxes just simple almost harmless ones.

"Well then I believe that we should allow the other schools to select another champion as well," Olypme said.

Without even turning to face Olympe because of the simple fact that she was standing next to Fleur and he did not want to look at her at the moment, he said quickly, "You'll find that, that won't work. The Goblet obviously thinks that I am entered from a different, fictional, fourth school. Trying to alter the Goblet to pick a second champion for a school is almost impossible while altering so that it believes that there is a fourth school and my name being the only one entered, picked me."

"See! The boy did it," Igor cried out

"I can guarantee that I didn't Death Eater, why would I even try to bring honor and glory to this school? The gold doesn't even draw we, I'm richer than this entire room combined (the fact that his godfather had, before Harry was even born, named him his Heir. Knowing that he would not give conceive a child himself, the fact that Sirius was still a wanted criminal meant that all the money and the title fell upon Harry, making him the richest man in the world), and the chances of dying are too high for my taste," Harry said simply.

"Well then I can see that we now have a new problem," Dumbledore sighed, "because of the rules of the tournament and the magic that binds the champions, Harry in no longer required to take classes here at Hogwarts, instead he must study with his 'school' but seeing as the school does not exist, there can be an amendment to appease the magic of the tournament. All champions will be allowed and given access to all known and gathered knowledge, though the rule of teachers helping them is now, more than ever, still in place," Dumbledore said, "the magic of the Goblet will notify me if such an occurrence happens," he said pointedly looking at Krum and Igor, "Now I believe that we are all tired and should retire to our quarters, do you not?" the last part not being a question but a carefully worded order to all in the room.

As they began to file out Harry felt someone slip their hand in and out of his pocket, he gave it no mind and continued to walk out of the room and stalked off towards the Ravenclaw homeroom, while everyone else headed elsewhere. Once Harry was sure that he was absolutely alone he slipped his hand into his pocket and pulled out the piece of paper that was there


Meet me by the lake at 2


Harry pocketed the note and began thinking to himself, if it was a good idea to meet the girl that was causing him so much torment in the few moments that they had met. Part of him said that it was too dangerous but the logical side of him started weighing out the pro and cons of going and finally the sheer curiosity took over, what could possible happen?

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