Shinigami watched the small blonde jinchuriki impassively as his village scorned him. It was nothing new by any means; those who imprisoned his tailed beasts were always met with hate and the occasional violence. What was surprising was that the boy persevered and even managed to make a few friends with a group of boys his own age. And what really held Shinigami's attention was that the boy even aspired to one day become strong enough to protect the village that hated him. Souls like his were rare, too rare for his liking, and when he did come across one it was hard not to peek in to its life every now and then.

He had first come across the boy on the day of his birth, a human by the name of Minato Namikaze, had called him forth to imprison his nine-tailed fox into the human's offspring. This was the first time he had been summoned by Man and at the time he was none too pleased at the audacity. In exchange for his service he had taken the yin half of Kyuubi's soul and all of the mortal's in to his stomach to battle for all eternity. A fitting punishment for one who dared call him forth. Admittedly the mortal had known his fate from the moment he performed the hand seals and even Shinigami held a certain amount of respect for a mere Man who would give up so much for absolutely nothing in return.

For the last two years he had been toying with an idea. This jinchuriki had earned his favor and in return he wished to bestow the boy with a gift of sorts. For a while he thought about restoring his father to life but immediately dismissed that idea, mortals would be summoning him relentlessly to do their bidding after that. No, he needed something that would only show the boy his favor, something that would help him to change the world of Man.

A slow smile crept across his lips as the perfect idea came to mind. With a wave of his hand he summoned the mortal forth from his stomach. His smile grew when he saw the man before him haggard and on his knees.

"Mortal." He said, pleased with the way his deep voice rumbled forth and startling the man.

Shinigami was impressed to see that the Man didn't cower but instead bowed his head to the God before him, mortals were always interesting creatures.

"Instead of battling in my stomach with the Yin portion of Kyuubi for the rest of eternity, I have decided to present you as a gift to a favored mortal of mine." He said.

The mortal stilled and inclined his head up but didn't meet the God of Death's eyes. "Gift?" he said unsure.

"Yes a gift." He said before chuckling.

With another wave of his hand he dismissed the mortal back into the realm of the living, well almost. He would soon find out that he was only a wondering soul confined to the boundaries of his beloved village. The only one who would be able to see and hear him would be the boy. To further his punishment for summoning him however, the man would have no memory of his offspring or of ever becoming leader of the sate filled village.

Shinigami let out another haunting chuckle, after all this time and he still managed to impress himself with his own brilliance.