It had been three days since Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke had finished the second phase of the exam. Kakashi and Anko had hauled Sasuke off to some medical room in the building where Naruto and Sakura couldn't visit him. Ever since they had finished Sakura had been acting weird around him, like she was afraid. They had spent most of their time hanging out with Kiba, Shino and Hinita, then Ino, Shikamaru and Choji when the finished. Bushy Brow and his team also spent some time with them while they waited for the other teams to finish. The only weird thing, besides Sakura avoiding him, was that short redheaded kid from the Sand Village.

Whenever Naruto looked over to his team that kid would always be staring at him, as though waiting for him to do something, it reminded him if the was some of the teachers at the Academy stared at him. Did this kid know about the fox too? Nah, no one his age was supposed to know about the fox. He probably just knew how awesome of a ninja he really was.

Finally it was the last day of the second phase of the exam and Sasuke had walked in just as they were all lining up. He looked paler than usual and a bit thinner too but just as sulky as always.

"Okay you maggots." Anko called out before her. "Congratulations on passing the second phase of the exam, you all did well. Unfortunately not all of you will make it to the final round."

"What?" Naruto heard Shikamaru call out next to him. "After all that and only some of us get to go on?"

"Quiet down, Nara." Anko said. "Too many of you passed and the rules say that we have to have an elimination round before we can continue. Each contestant will be paired up at random with another contestant, the winner will move onto the next round. Now before we begin, if there's anyone who doesn't think they can fight if called on, then please raise your hand and withdraw now."

Naruto rolled his eyes, who in their right mind would withdraw now? To his right a hand shot up and he recognized it as belonging to Kabuto, the genin from the first exam. Oh well, like Sasuke said, less competition for them. He looked away from Kabuto back up to Old Man Hokage who was watching Kabuto curiously.

"Alright let's get started." She said and turned to the huge screen behind her. Sasuke and one of Kabuto's teammate's names appeared on the screen. "You two stay down here, everyone else leave the arena."

Naruto turned around. "You better win, because I still have to beat you in the finals." He said.

"Whatever loser." Sasuke said, but anyone could see the small smile he had for his comrade.


Sasuke of course won his fight; Shino won the next fight against the sound genin Naruto had fought in the forest. After them the last member of Kabuto's team and the sand genin with the purple makeup fought, Naruto made a mental note to learn about puppet master techniques as the sand shinobi won his fight. The next match was truly pathetic; Naruto shook his head as he watched what was basically reduced to a slap fight between Ino and Sakura.

The fifth match was against busy brows teammate Tenten and the female sand ninja, ironically the only one that didn't wear makeup. Tenten was brutally beat making Naruto want to fight the female sand genin to see how he fared. The next fight was against the girl sound genin and Shikamaru, Naruto knew even before the fight started that Shikamaru would win, he was a lot smarter than he let on.

Finally it was Naruto's turn, he had been set up against Kiba and Akamaru which he thought was grossly unfair but then again he could produce a whole army with one jutsu.

"You ready to lose Naruto?" Kiba asked with a twisted smile that showed off his elongated canine teeth. Akamaru barked in agreement.

"Yeah right, I'm gonna leave you and your puppy in the dust." He declared.

"Go Naruto!" he heard Sakura cheer from the sidelines.

That was all he needed before he charged at Kiba with a kunai in hand. He heard Kiba mutter something about a transformation and before he knew what was going on Akamaru had transformed into an exact replica of Kiba. He skidded to a halt a few feet away from the two; the best thing would be to get them to turn on each other. He knew from experience that Kiba's clan was renowned for their ability to track people with their noses so that might be tricky. He would have to wear the duo down a bit before he attempted that.

He jumped back to reassess the situation.

A sudden thought jumped to the forefront of his mind. People had always said just one of him was a handful. "Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He shouted out pushing chakra into his hand seal. Before Kiba could blink he was surrounded by fifteen Naruto. What he didn't know is that the real Naruto was on the ceiling above the arena. Those clones would distract Kiba and Akamaru, and hopefully wear them out enough for his next attack.

Naruto watched as each clone dispersed one by one until just Akumaru and Kiba were left in the arena.

"Where'd you go Naruto, not hiding are you?" Kiba taunted.

His training with the Fourth had taught him not to rise to the taunts of others, even if he really did want to. It would be worth the look on Kiba's face when he won their match. He put his hands into the appropriate seals and pumped chakra to them after he threw a shuriken at Kiba. The shuriken multiplied from one to a hundred in the blink of an eye.

Kiba never saw it coming and even if he did would never have been able to doge them all. Naruto jumped back to the ground landing a few yards from Kiba and Akamaru who were steadily pulling the shuriken from their bodies. He knew they hadn't broken a sweat when dealing with his clones but the definite blood loss would hinder them greatly from here on out. Now to wear them down.

He put his hands together for the shadow clone jutsu; he would have them running all over the place trying to keep up. The only problem he would have is if they used their tunneling fang technique, he couldn't outrun it but then again it wasn't very accurate. A smile formed on his lips as he thought of the perfect finishing taijutsu move.

"Shadow Clone Jutsu!" He shouted a second time, producing three clones.

One of his clones grabbed him and hurled him up high while the other two did the same. He called forth another shadow clone while the one next to him mimicked his actions, in unison they used the new clones as leverage and jumped of their backs while four more clones kept Kiba and Akamaru distracted. He and his parallel clone landed a couple of yards behind the other duo. With two last shadow clones, he and the other clone were shot like cannons directly behind Kiba and Akamaru.

"Straight from the teachings of Kakashi-sensei," They yelled in unison with their hands formed in the tiger seal. "Hidden Leaf Village Secret Finger Jutsu: One Thousand Years of Death!" both Naruto's shoved chakra to their finger tips before following through.

The scream of dual pain and humiliation echoed throughout the arena.


Sakura stared a moment longer at what Naruto had just done before snapping her mouth shut and turning around to her Sensei. "You two are just idiots!" she declared with her arms crossed before distancing herself from him, Ino nodding right along with her.

Kakashi couldn't help the smile, only Naruto would use that in a real fight.

"Winner, Naruto Uzumaki." Said the third proctor, trying to hold back a smile and failing.

"Congratulations Naruto on winning your match!" Rock Lee shouted from the sidelines. "I look forward to battling your unique style in the final rounds!"

Garra frowned trying to decide if he was a threat or an idiot.

Hinita and Kurenai blushed several colors of red while Asuma and Gai chuckled.

Shikamaru rolled his eyes at the sheer idiocy of the entire technique.


I know its short but I really wanted to update for yall, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing the last part of the fight scene between Naruto and Kiba. I know he uses this on Garra but I always wanted to see him use it in front of others because it cracks me up. Please review!