Rina's House

Rina has lived in Henesys for many, many years. But she's never been quite as popular as she is now.

Well, Rina thinks to herself, she's not really the popular one.

Her house is.

Rina didn't always have a house like this. She used to live, like the majority of Henesys' citizens, on the suburbs of the town, far removed from the hustle and bustle of the main streets. The adventurous denizens of Victoria never ventured that deep into Henesys. As far as they were concerned, Henesys only really consisted of three places: the town market, Athena Pierce's house, and Maya's house.

Rina never really understood why they liked Maya's house so much. It wasn't particularly big, and why would anyone want to spend all their time with a sick person anyways?

(Rina loves Maya, she really does, but the constant, unending stench of medicine that resides within her house can really make a person want to run away.)

Well, it seems like the adventurer's have finally gotten a sense of smell, for Maya's house isn't the most popular house in Henesys anymore.

Rina's is.

Honestly, Rina doesn't like the attention. If she could have it her way, she would turn back time. She would stop that stupid earthquake that shook Victoria Island and destroyed her familiar old house. She would make sure the big empty house in the main part of town wouldn't be empty for very long, if ever again. And she would definitely, definitely make someone else get forced to move in.

Rina wants the old days back. She longs for the time when her only encounters with those adventurers consisted of making them odd foodstuffs with Evil Eye tails for the young runaway son of Mr. Wetbottom. She wants the freedom of knowing no one would care if she muttered little tidbits of info to herself to keep her entertained.

Instead, Rina sits in her new, bulky, house, only able to say things that reflect Henesys in a good light, surrounded by giggling groups of idiotic, flirting adventurers.

Rina finally understands why Maya always called them henehoes.