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"So Jack wouldn't need to contact you?" Amy asked.

They had gone back inside, and were now standing beside the pod.

"I don't know. Maybe. But he has Torchwood, and—"


"Long story. But, I can say I sort of started it. Well, me and Rose," he said, voice lowering at the end of his sentence.


"Lets just say it involved a werewolf, a very brave man, and Queen Victoria."

She giggled. After a moment, she asked him, "Do you want to go see her in the hospital?"

"I can't, it's too risky."

One of her eyebrows lifted. "I didn't know things could be too risky for you."

"This is a parallel universe, Amy. Everything is too risky."

"What is this show?" Rose asked.

"From what I've gathered its about a Welsh man talking to someone about how non-sharp they are."

She laughed. But she stopped when it started to hurt. He squeezed her hand.

He turned it up, as to where they would hear him clearly.

"So, I guess that's it..." the man said, then he awkwardly paused. "Well, bye," the man finished, turning the camera off. The T.V switched to a talk show.

"Did you change the channel?" Rose asked.

"No," John answered.


Then, the same thing popped back up on the screen, only this time it was only the background.

"That place is familiar," John commented.

To their shock and surprise, Jack Harkness stepped into the camera view.

"Jack?" they both said in unison.

As Doctor and Amy examined the pod, a flat-screen T.V hung on the wall behind the pod, used for playing music videos or showing pictures, flipped on. They both looked at it from confused expressions. They walked and stood in front of it, and as if on cue, the T.V showed a handsome man in suspenders from right below the shoulders up.

"That's him, that's—" Amy started.

"I know, it's Jack."

They both watched intently.

"Hello Doctor," Jack started, "and whoever you may be traveling with. Jack here, in the Torchwood Institute—or Hub—in Cardiff," he stepped out of the view of the camera and let them see the Hub, waving his hands around to present his Hub, "Nice, eh?" He smiled. "Anyway, we need—er—I mean, I need your help with something. I can't, under any circumstances, tell you over this link thingy."

Doctor took a deep breath, and Amy glanced at him. He looked confused, but also afraid. She'd only seen him afraid a couple of times, but this was different. It wasn't just fear, it was almost helplessness.

"I have no idea where you are, but I tried my best—"

Another man, unseen by them, interrupted him. "You mean we tried."

"Yes Ianto. We." He said it almost sarcastically.

Amy was thoroughly confused. None of it made sense at all.

"Anyway, we tried our best to get it to go straight to the..." He glanced around nervously, and hesitated. "Your time machine, so you may not even be in it right now, and since the T—your time machine hates me, she wouldn't let anyone know I contacted you. Or maybe she would, I dunno."

"Why won't he say TARDIS?" Amy asked.

"Don't ask questions about Jack, he's just...well...unexplainable," he said, never looking away from the screen.

Amy looked back at the screen, even more confused then before.

A woman shorter than Jack with black hair walked to the camera and stood by him.

"Jack? What—"

"Doctor, this is Gwen," Jack interrupted and introduced from the screen.

Doctor shook his head in confusion. "Why is he introducing her? I know who she is."

Amy shrugged when she said, "Maybe he's contacting you from the past."

Doctor paused looked at her. "I hadn't thought of that."

"And you call yourself brilliant," she joked, smiling.

"I have never said th—" he started, smiling back, but was interrupted.

"Why are you two playing with a camera?" Gwen asked Jack and Ianto. She was looking beyond the camera, presumably at Ianto.

"We are not playing," Ianto stated.

"Sure," Gwen replied.

"Okay," Jack said slowly, looking at the camera. "Hope to see you soon, Doc." And with that he shut off the camera and the T.V shut off.

Doctor took out his sonic screwdriver mumbling something about hating being called 'Doc', and sonic-ed the T.V, but shortly after that put his screwdriver back into his jacket's pocket.

"Well, this just gets more and more interesting, doesn't it, Pond?"

Rose and John sat in bewilderment.

"Why..." Rose started, too shocked to continue.

Jack needed the Doctor? Why? And why was it playing on T.V?

She tried to continue. "Why would Jack need the Doctor?"

"I don't know," John replied quietly.

She was full of questions. "Why was the message playing on the T.V?"

"My guess is that he sent it to the Doctor, so it would play wherever he was, and he probably thought I was him—well I am, but still."

"D'you think everyone saw it, or just us?"

"Probably just us and the real Doctor."

She nodded. "It still doesn't make sense."

"Why not?" he asked, looking at her for the first time since the T.V went back to the talk show.

"It just...doesn't make any sense. Any of it. I suppose its just so weird that Jack would need Doctor the same day an alien crashed our wedding."

Amy walked around the dance floor, bored. She had taken off her heels. Doctor was busy mumbling and studying the pod.

"I'm hungry," she called across the room, not looking at him.

He seemingly ignored her.

"Doctor?" she called. She called again, but she didn't get reply. She realized she didn't hear his mumbling anymore.

"Oh no," she breathed, spinning around.

Sure enough, he was gone.

"Doctor?" she yelled. She walked carefully, carrying her heals.

She called his name again once she reached the pod, keeping a safe distance. She quickly walked around it, still a good five feet away.

She sat on the steps of the small stage in the corner of the room, setting her heels, which she had been carrying, down on the step, too.

Now it was just a waiting game until the pod spit him back out. If that's where he was, that is. Maybe he was outside. But then again, had he been outside he would have heard his screams.

She sat there for a long time. She didn't know how long, but she guessed about an hour.

Her elbows were on her knees, and she was leaning her cheeks into her hands. She had been closing her eyes for a little while when she heard the TARDIS land. Her eyes shot open and she left her heels and ran outside, again being slowed by her dress.

She saw the TARDIS parked right beside a car. It looked...older. Just different.

Her bare feet burned against the hot asphalt as she anxiously waited for the doors to open.

The TARDIS her and the Doctor had arrived in was across town. Not here. Unless the Doctor had left without her, and that wasn't probable.

She held her breath when the door opened.

A man with a leather jacket and very short hair walked out, didn't even second glance her, and looked disappointed at his surroundings.

"Aw, this isn't the 1930s," the man whined.

Amy stared at him, eyes wide. He was time traveler, for sure.

"What kind of..." a female voice said, and then she saw the owner of the voice squeeze between the man and he door, stepping out of the TARDIS.

Amy gasped when she saw it was Rose. She looked a bit different from what she had seen of her, but she was still her.

"...pilot are you?" Rose finished, straightening her shirt.

"Excuse me, but I am a fantastic pilot, thank you very much."

"Right," Rose said slowly, smiling. She noticed Amy, and noticed her stained and dirty dress, her messed up hair, and her shocked expression.

"You alright?" Rose asked her.

She stood there staring at her for a minute. "Oh,, yes. I am, I suppose. Just fine."

Rose nodded.

The man looked at Amy. "Has anything weird happened here lately? I picked up strange readings here, but it was supposed to be the thirties."

Amy didn't know whether to tell the truth and say yes, or to lie and say no. What if he wasn't to be trusted?

"Who are you?" Amy asked sharply.

"Well, I'm Rose," Rose said, trying to calm Amy down.

"I know." She said it before she could stop herself.


"It doesn't matter," Amy answered quickly. Why did she have to mess things up?

"I'm the Doctor," the man said, grinning.

Amy covered her mouth, but quickly let it drop back to her side.

"How old are you?"

This man, a past Doctor, obviously thought she meant he looked old.

"I didn't mean that...its confusing...I mean, you see..." she hammered.

Wait. She thought about something. How did he travel here?

She decided to tell him.

"You need to leave," she said to them. "You shouldn't be here."

"And why not?" The Doctor asked.

"Because its an alternate universe."

Doctor looked around, not noticing anything different, but then again he knew he didn't have to. He looked back at her.

She heard a scream that said, "TIMELINE!" She knew automatically that it was her Doctor. It came from inside the building.

She knew that if she ran now, Rose and past-Doctor would follow her. So, she ignored him and stayed as calm as possible.

He screamed again, but this time he wasn't as loud, therefore not as clear to her. She only heard parts of what he said. It sounded something like this;

"Bad!...Timeline...can't cross...tell them...go away..."

She understood the last part.

"Go away," she said calmly to them.

Past-Doctor was obviously thoroughly confused, but went back into the TARDIS. Rose stared at her for a moment, and followed him.

The TARDIS whooshed away and she ran back inside. She saw her Doctor and hugged him, just as they did before.

"Amy," he started, once they had let go of each other. "It sucked me in, too."

"Where did it take you?" she said, holding back all of her questions.

"Somewhere in Cardiff."

"That's where your previous regeneration went when I was in his TARDIS."

"That's where Torchwood is," he told her.

"So those creatures keep taking us there because that's where Jack needs you?"

"I believe so."

"So we need to go there?" she asked.

"Not yet. First I need to get this pod away from people and find out how to get out out of this alternate reality and get back in ours."

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