Hello readers…

For anybody who was wondering, I was taking an extended hiatus from this story due to multiple reasons (mostly my schedule.) When it came time to write again, I decided to look back over my older chapters for review, and I came to the conclusion… that I really hate what I've done with this story.

Now, this isn't me trying to get pity or "this story is great" compliments, so hear me out. Looking back at my older chapters, one thing that caught my attention right away was my very flavorless writing. That isn't so bad that I can't go back and pull a George Lucas with my writing, but that wasn't the only problem I saw. There was a lot of underdeveloped characters. With the exception of Jack, Elli, and somewhat Karen, most of the characters were very bareboned in my opinion. Characters like Ann and Cliff for example had very little impact on the story, despite being Jack's good friends. I think the main root of this problem stemmed from the use of OCs… I had waaaaaaaaaay too many OCs… On top of that, too many of them were also very underdeveloped, and many of them were just sprung in when I needed them most. In short, they really didn't belong, and there was no reason to give a shit about any of them.

Then there was the problem with the future chapters I planned. There was way to much necessary filler, and many of the chapters following would have been just plain boring and contrived for what I had in mind. On top of that, the OCs that you don't care about have a main focus in said chapters. Overall, the ending was going to be predictable and wouldn't have enough payoff.

And finally, I feel like I used rape as a crutch for Elli's character. It's a very generic and normally badly used plot device. Really, not one of my brightest moments as a writer.

So, I guess you can all see where this is going. After giving it some thought, it is with great sorrow that I have decided to discontinue this story. I feel like it's beyond saving, and I really have no new ideas for improving it as a whole. While this saddens me after all the time I put into this story, I really do not have the heart to continue it. I won't take it down, just in case I do decide that I have a good way to finish it, but at this point, I really don'

As for the readers, I figured that you all ought to know that I am removing this fic since you have all been very supporting of me. I thank you all for your support and reviews for this story, and I'm glad that you have enjoyed reading what I did publish. Also, I do plan to write another story in the same post-apocalyptic universe as this one, but taking place on Castanet Island, so if you do like this story in the post-apocalyptic setting, I hope you'll enjoy the next piece even more. It will have far less OCs, more developed characters, and hopefully, a far superior plot. However, that story won't be made for a long time, so don't hold your breath. However, I feel that the mistakes I made with this story will help me create an even better one.

Again, thank you for all your support. I'm sorry if this news disappoints any of you.