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The dark haired woman watched him closely, a tear slipping down her cheek. She felt so strongly for him. They had just spent hours alone together, after she had slipped into his room once he had retired for the day. His breathing had now ceased, so she was confident that he was dead for the night. She brushed a lock of dark hair outof his face gently. When he was relaxed, she could see a glimpse of the person he was before he had been turned. She watched him for a moment longer before slipping out from between the silken sheets.

She looked about the room once, before silently picking up her discarded clothing. Underwear, leather catsuit, corset, and boots. These she quickly put away in an old trunk at the foot of his bed. She thought for a moment, and then gathered his clothing as well. She held them to her nose and took a deep, unneeded breath. His scent was unmistakable. Wine, sex, smoke, and pure decadance. The scent of a real Covenmaster. These she placed on an old chair for the servants to take care of in the morning. The clothing cleaned up, she went to take one last look at Kraven. He was beautiful to behold. His long dark hair, and aristocratic features would look perfect next to hers. They would be perfect as Covenmaster and Queen.

As she turned to leave, she felt a hand catch her own. Turning, she saw kraven holding it tightly. "Stay here, please. Don't leave me. Not tonight, Selene," he whispered sleepily. Her heart breaking, she kissed him gently, and settled herself on the bed. She gathered him in her arms an starting to sing. It was a song her mother had sung to her, centuries before. It was a song of sadness and joy, of love and heartbreak. A song that she held close to her heart. It represented everything she felt for him. She watched as his breathing slowed before coming to a complete stop. Once it had, she gently untangled herself from him, and slipped on a sheer black robe.

"Good night, Kraven," she said softly. She tugged off her short black wig and stashed it in the trunk with her clothing. His bedroom door opened, and Erika stepped out. She brushed a few falling tears off her face. If the only way he'll have me is if I'm Selene, she thought, then so be it. Everybody wears a mask. Even me sometimes.