Authors Note: Eh a small little tid-bit I thought of. Roy being drunk. Roy/Jen. One-Shot..[the song is :*"Man You Don't Meet Every Day" by The Pogues, an old Irish song]

Roy was drunk. He was very drunk. Singing at the top of his lungs some Irish folk melody. Clutching the microphone, he swayed to the rhythm of the karaoke machine.

"sooo be eassssy and free, when you're drrrinkinn wit mee"*

His accent seemed heavier when he slurred. Jen's hand hid her face in embarrassment. She slumped further into the bar, while Moss watched the show, perched upright on his stool and sipping on a fruity cocktail.

It was the Reynholm Industries pub-crawl; newly initiated by Douglas. The moment the outing was announced, Jen, as relationship manager, made it mandatory that they should go. Roy slumped along and groaned incessantly the entire way.

And now he was the center attraction.

Basically what had happened was Roy initially refused to participate in the social event . He sulked in a corner and felt so uncomfortable that he drank himself into a mess.

And Jen never knew he could get so absolutely and utterly sloshed.

"Well have a look at that eh?" Douglas staggered up beside Jen, a little drunk though leaning coolly against the bar. "Good to see Ray loosen up like that."

"He's a mess." She said dryly.

Oh. Jen knew she'd be responsible for getting him home safely. By the time he was screeching Oh Danny Boy into the mike (it wasn't even an Irish song!) on his knees with tears in his eyes, she knew it was time to haul him off stage.

"Come on Roy." She slung her arm through his and pulled him off stage. God he was heavy. She motioned for Moss to help her but he looked intimidated at the prospect

"You're butiful" Roy gurbled, looking at her lovingly. Jen groaned as she dragged his heavy weight out the pub. "Moss! Are you coming?" she hollered

"Ah, no Jen. A lady asked me to go home with her."

Jen raised a brow at the drunk blond in the corner, waggling fingers at him. So. Moss had bagged a girl from seventh. What a surprise. She looked pretty inebriated though, but maybe she'll forgive herself in the morning. Jen shot Moss an angry look before heading out.

"The snow was coming down lightly. Flakes fell on Roy's head, she brushed them off. He grabbed her hand, and slurred something incomprehensible. "Roy!" she yanked her hand away. "Stand up straight please."

Using her boss voice, he obeyed, though had trouble. He staggered where he stood, looking tall and lanky and incredibly awkward. His brown hair mussed, his eyes drowsy from drink and longing.

He leaned in and kissed her, his lips brushing against hers clumsily. The big oaf. And when he pulled away, he was rubbing his cheek against hers, the scruff scrapping gently against her, a goofy smile on his face. She lingered for a moment, her eyes closed softly.

And then she took his shoulders and pulled him back. "Roy." She said firmly, "You're drunk. What are you doing?"

"Lovin' you" he sang

Jen smiled kindly. "Lets get you home."

"Alright lassss." He staggered after her as she tugged him by the sleeve, down the snowy pavement.