Chapter 5 – Sweet Release.

Chloe's POV;

Sex was now the only thing on both of our minds. The firmness of his body was reassuring as his hands curled around my hips and dragged me against his equally hard cock. A small moan pressed through my lips and his eyes opened to watch me – I was drowning, the feel of his emotions were heightened with the arousal that was coursing through both of us.

Slowly he rose to his feet; keeping me wrapped around his body as he moved towards where my bedroom was and kicked the door open, and slowly reaching his foot back to slide the door shut once again. All the while we were kissing with the kind of hunger that could be mistaken for ravenous.

With his hands now curled around my ass, we slammed into the wall – our passion igniting like a volcano over flowing with lava, we were hungry, we both needed the release of sex, the release of emotion that we were now sharing with me being empathic. I could feel all of his hurt, his anger, his confusion and his guilt melting away as we tore frantically at one another's clothes. Everything was thrown in a haphazarad way – until I was being gently placed on the ground and he was sinking to his knees; small and tender kisses were placed over my stomach and my head fell back against the wall as I willingly walked into the flame with him guiding me.

Gently his fingers slid under the band of my trousers and gently dragged them down over my hips; my panties going with them. Stepping out of them, he began to stand once again until he was pressing me hard against the wall; his thumb brushing my cheek in a manner that made me shiver with anticipation. Bending his face to mine, I was stuck in the connection that our eyes had made and just as before, he tenderly caressed my lips with his own before guiding one of my legs around his waist and easily picked me up and walked us both over to the bed.

I watched as he moved next to me; his lips moving back to mine and kissing me with nothing but lust in his intent. Like magnets our bodies drew together; and he was dragging those talented lips across my face until he was caressing my neck tenderly, not using his hands to touch me; only his lips and it was making me desperate. The feel of his lips on my flesh was like a drug that was driving me higher and higher. My breath had long since abandoned me for this erratic wave that had my chest rising and falling out of sequence.

Moving himself until he was looming over my body; his eyes searching mine for a few moments before bending down and kissing my neck again, slowly moving south. It was now that I took the time to trace the rippling muscles in his arms; the strong veins showing as he held himself over me – this man had a body of a God. It was almost like he was carved from stone like some greek God.

"Obra de arte!"


"Work of art,"

"What is?"

"Your body," I sighed trailing my fingers around his rotator cuff and then sliding over his traps and down over his firm chest. The sound of a rumbling chuckle reached me as my fingers tap danced over his pecks and the movement in them amazed me.

"I'm glad you approve," there was amusement in his voice. Then his mouth resumed the pleasure that he had been inflicting on me.

Soft patters of his lips made my senses burst into the most amazing vibrancy that I had ever felt. My head sunk further into the pillow as his lips slowly circled around my nipple and the feel of his tongue grazed backwards and forwards, then from side to side until I couldn't stop the moans from sliding through my slightly parted lips.

Using my own hands to search every dip and curve of his frame; he was so well built, so perfect, and trust me I don't give those comments readily. The true structure of his body made me insane with lust; my nails scratched up his back until he was literally gripping me by the wrists and pinning me to the bed.

"Mmmmmm," I moaned out appreciatively. I couldn't say that I was into S & M but I did like the thought of him restraining me like this.

After being raped I could never partake in something as violent as S & M; but this was about so much more than that, it was about trust and feeling the need for human contact and the need to be dependant on another human being – something that Sammy desperately needed right now.

Still he exacted every single stroke of his tongue over my breasts; moving from one to the other and back again and it was only succeeding in making me more breathless.

It seemed like he had enough of my breasts, as his mouth began its journey south – tasting me, devouring me with every gentle flick of his impressive tongue until he was circling my navel; I lay restrained and I could feel myself getting wetter with every generous flick of his tongue; still his hands held my wrists restrained as I watched this mountain of a man inflict pleasure like none I had ever felt before.

I may have spaced out because the next thing I felt was the soft, smooth feel of his tongue licking the length of pussy. My insides contracted instinctively trying desperately to draw him in to my centre but it didn't work and all I could hear was a soft chuckle.

"Evil," I panted.

"You want me to stop?"

"No," I couldn't believe he asked me such a question. "Don't ever stop," I moaned as once again he ran the flat of his tongue over my slit as if he were licking an ice cream cone – my knees turned to jelly and I was glad that I was lying down and my entire body surrendered to the heaven that this man was inflicting on me.

After a few more of those teasing moves; I felt the undeniable relief of feeling his tongue slide through my walls and drag against every soft nerve ending; taking me higher and making me more out of breath. Resting himself between my legs; he slowly lifted my legs over his shoulders, and his eyes met mine – it was like they were darker than his natural colouring and a soft growl emitted from deep in his chest as he allowed his tongue to move in very slow flicks against my insides – the look on my face must have been comical because I felt my eyes cross and my head thump down on to the pillow.

"Mmmmmm Sammmmm," I panted out feeling my back curve upwards – pushing myself further onto his tongue and it was like the world suddenly burst into the most bright and vivid colourings. "Sam, mmmmm Sam, oh God Sammmmmm" my voice was dragged away from me with my breath.

Just when I thought that my body couldn't handle anymore, I could feel the tip of his thumb sliding up and under the small hood that covered my clit; as if he were strumming a guitar, or tuning it to be more exact; he rubbed the small hub of nerves that were becoming more and more sensitive with every little stroke.

For someone who was younger than me, he sure knew how to touch me – he knew his way around my body as if he had been touching me, going down on me, fucking me all his life. Every little movement was the exact way to turn me on – it was like he was reading my mind, anticipating where I wanted to be touched and when he hit the mark – he'd hone in on it like a dog after a bone. I felt more alive than I had in the longest time – and every part of my body was screaming for his talented mouth.

Releasing my wrists from his hold, I felt the wonderful tingle of his hands curling around my breasts and massaging softly; his thumbs grazing my nipples over and over again until I was sure that there was no possible return to my normal every day state.

I could feel the exact wave of tensing that started just before release and as if he felt it too – he slid his tongue out of me and removed his hands from my breasts. Sharply my head snapped up to glare at him and he chuckled, as if taking joy from the way he had worked me up.

"You-you're stop-stopping?"

"Mmhmmm," he nodded resting back on his feet – and sliding his gaze over every inch of what he had done to my body.

"I am so going to get my own back on you,"

"Should I be scared?" he was still amused.

"Oh yeah big boy," I panted smiling back at him, "I am going to hear you beg,"

"Oh really?" he smirked and I just nodded my head.

Looming back over my body; he smiled as his lips inched closer to mine again. Gently lowering himself down on top of my body and it was exactly like a puzzle coming together – his dips and curves molded to my own and I half expected to hear a little clicking sound. The emotion that was running through him now, was so vivid and vibrant – it was exactly what he had needed, just something to make him forget about the world and all that he had done to put it at risk.

Bringing my hands to his face; I searched the lines; of worry and of fear, I couldn't place the look that was shadowing his features now.

"What?" I asked him.

"You look at" his voice faded for a moment while he carried on watching me, "like I'm not a monster!"

"Is that what you think?" I asked and he lowered his head, "Sam you're 'not' a monster...I can see your soul, it's basically screaming at me – you have never been a monster,"

"You're the only person who thinks that then,"

"No – I'm just an empath seeing what is right in front of me," I told him, "and that is that you are a man who did what you thought you had to, to save the world. Along the way you were manipulated and used for horrible, horrible reasons, but that doesn't make you a monster – that make you human,"


"Your need to see the good in people, the fact that you were easily led; that just means that you have to learn how to read people, and not always take things at face value,"

My need to make him see that he wasn't the monster that he thought he was – became my top priority. I didn't have anyone in my life at this moment, in fact he was the closest thing that I had to having someone by my side, in the longest time – my Mother had once been that person, but she was gone now and she wasn't coming back until I found the way. Running my hand over his features and I could feel him soften somewhat – almost like he was trying hard to grip to what I had said and believe me.

"You're a good man Sam, and I don't say that lightly, I say it because I know it,"

Sam's POV;

My whole being wanted to believe her – I wanted to believe that I was a good man, but deep inside, I was unsure. I had set the devil on the world after all – what kind of man does that? An evil one? It definitely wasn't a good one that was for sure.

"Stop it!" she stated simply, as she rolled until I was lying on my back.


"Questionning it!" she told me, "like I said, I don't say things like that lightly,"


"Look I'm not saying that you haven't made mistakes, because well – yeah of course you did. What I am saying is; that you thought you were doing the right thing, you were're human Sam; everyone makes mistakes and people who forget that, need a massive blow to the head to remind that there is no one on this planet who is perfect!" she was getting fired up – I could feel it; I could feel her emotion bursting through her soul, "now lie back and let me do my sweet funky," she winked at me and I couldn't help but laugh.

Leaning over me – she pressed her lips to mine – kissing me so passionately that I was sure that the world must be spinning, because it definitely took my breath away from me. Fisting my hands in her hair; she dug her legs into my thighs and she moaned softly into my mouth – I was instantly hard and unable to hide it; which was why she smiled against my lips.

"All in good time big man," she whispered, "big man in every way may I add!" once again I was laughing against her lips.

Placing light feather kisses to my face; she moved to my neck dabbing her lips against the flesh so gently that I could barely feel it but it was definitely making my flesh tingle in a way that I had never experienced before. My head flopped back against the pillow as she took her time working her way across my collar bone.

"Eu juro eu podia ficar viciado a este corpo!"


"I said, I swear I could get addicted to this body," she laughed stopping the torment she was inflicting for a moment to look up at me. "I'm sorry, I am so used to mumbling to myself in Portuguese that I keep forgetting you're here now!"

"It's alright, it's sexy,"

"You think so huh?" she slowly moved down to my nipples and teased one with her mouth and the other with her fingers.

"Yes," I nodded my eyes closing with the feelings that were searing through my veins.

Gently she grazed my nipples with her teeth before moving down my body – running her tongue over the carvings of my torso. The trickle of her hair was lightly fanning over my chest as she moved her head and all I could think about was how she seemed to know what it was that I liked without even asking me.

Every move that she made was graceful, perhaps it was due to her being a dancer – but I lay back and just watched her; eventually she reached the head of my cock, that I had to admit was harder than I had ever felt it – it was making my head spin, which only increased as her tongue slowly circled the head before running all the way down to my sack.

"Mmmmm Chloe," I groaned grabbing her hair as my head buried back into the pillow.

Once she had licked every available space, she ran her tongue back up to the head and curled her lips around the tip and slowly began to swallow me down into her throat. All the way her tongue firmly pressed against my shaft while her fingers stroked and slid under my balls until I was seeing stars.

Sliding back up to the tip; she released me and circled her tongue around the tip of my cock, her fingers trailing over my shaft ensuring that I remained hard – not that I could wish this hard on away if I tried. This girl was driving me nuts – but it was welcomed and as I closed my eyes; she fanned her fingers over my pelvic bone and began to stroke lightly back and forth until I was literally writhing around like a fish out of water. Never in my life had I writhed with a woman – this was something completely new and and foreign to me. I had made plenty women writhe but that was neither here nor there.

Sinking my size back into her throat, she moaned out making me tremble in response. "Chloeeeee don't stop!" I growled tightening my fists in her hair trying in vain to get her to stay in place, but slowly she started to release me again and once she did, she allowed her lips to travel up over my torso.

"Feels awful when you want someone to make you cum doesn't it?"

"You are a devil woman!" Gripping her tightly, I rolled until she was back on her back and looking up at me, "condoms?"

"Nightstand," she nodded her head in the direction.

Gripping her wrists above her head with one hand, I reached over and opened the drawer – and was surprised to find a large black vibrator, handcuffs and condoms hidden in the confines.

"Kinky," I praised.

"Mmhmmm," she smiled up at me – not fighting me in anyway, as I pulled the box out and managed to free one condom, "I want!"

"Mmmmmm me too," I managed to slip the rain coat over my shaft and positioned myself between her legs and thrust forwards until I was buried so deeply in her that she cried out my name.

Holding myself still inside her, she closed her eyes and made what could only be described as a purring noise. A very content purring noise; digging her knees into my sides, she urged me to move and slowly we began grinding against one another; sweat was building from the intensity in which we were moving; taking my weight on my hands, I watched the way she lifted her head and watched my hips pushing against hers.

"Mmmmmm Sammmmm you feel so good," she panted resting her hands on my chest.

"Do me a favour?"


"Roll us?" I suggested, "I want to watch you move,"

The smile she pointed at me, sparked my own and I was left reeling as she slowly rolled us and managed to keep my cock buried deep inside her, until I was on my back and she slammed her hips backwards until I was feeling the soft lining of her inner walls opening up even more to me and I was buried so deep inside her that for a moment, I was sure I saw pain mark her features.

"You ok?"

"Mmmmmm better than ok," she repositioned herself to be more comfortable; her nails scratched my chest. Gripping her hips, I set a new increased pace until we were literally rutting against one another until the sweat had spread to the surrounding covers and mattress and just as we seemed to reach the beginning of the descent into pleasure when the sound of wings filled the room.

"Castiel...nooooooo!" I roared out gripping the sheets and cover Chloe but it was too late, the Angel was stood by the door to the room.

"Oh!" was all he said turning away quickly but not making any attempt to leave the room. "This is how you are chosing to spend your time away from your brother?"

Castiel had always been the kind of being that didn't understand the emotions and the ways that human's had. Everything to him was black and white with a large chunk of grey in there too. If it served the over all good, he would have no trouble doing what it took to get that – even kill innocent people. Although to be fair, since he committed disobedience, he had mellowed out a lot.


"What?" he started turning back to look at me, "you're not human!" he commented and turned his attention to Chloe, "at least not full human!"

"Nice to meet you too," Chloe replied sarcastically as she slid off me and gave me a disappointed smile as she headed out of the room and obviously made her way to the bathroom.

"Sam?" Cas watched her for as far as he could then turned back to me, "Dean tells me that you are not travelling with him anymore,"

"That's right," I nodded, ensuring the remaining sheet remained over my still raging hard on.


"Why?" I laughed, "you're kidding right? I started the apocolypse Cas,"

"And you feel guilty about that?" sometimes Cas would remind me of a dog that was looking at you inquizitively – his head would tilt and he'd give you that look that clearly spoke that he didn't understand you or what you were saying to him. Sometimes I felt like I was talking a foreign language when I was around him.

"Yes," my head fell again as the absence of Chloe had my issues come hurling towards me like a ten ton truck hitting me. I had a small grasp of what had happened to Chloe when we had arrived on her doorstep.

Cas stood there just looking at me – I could see that he was wondering what I was thinking, but as if he suddenly realized that I was sat here in nothing but a sheet to cover me, he turned on his heel and walked out of the room – I suspected he was off to look for Chloe.

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