...I'll just leave this here then.

"I said eat it, Puppy. Or can't you comprehend simple commands?" Genesis stared at the spiky-haired youth in amusement, his hands still tightly-grasping the object in question as Zack stared back.

"And I said no, Genesis! I don't like the taste!"

The redhead tsked before dropping the arm holding his treasure. "So you'd rather taste Angeal's instead? I'm hurt."

The defiant expression immediately turned to wary guilt as he watched that elegant face turn away from him with a disappointed sigh.

Genesis smirked out of his line of sight and mentally counted down. Five, four, three, two—

"Okay, Gen," Zack said hastily as he reached for Genesis's hand. The auburn haired soldier tried to conceal his smile, but the sly glint in his eyes gave it away.

Wary, Zack glanced at the innocuous looking apple cradled in his palms as if it were going to bite him. After turning it in his hands a few times, he determined that there was nothing apparently wrong with it before placing it to his lips and taking a tentative bite.

"Wow! This is… actually pretty good," he managed, enthusiastically chewing the morsel in his mouth. A surprising burst of tartly sweet juice exploded on his tongue. He paused to analyze the flavor before licking his lips and taking another, much heartier bite.

A few minutes later saw him with an apple core in his hand and a slightly disappointed expression on his face as he looked to Genesis with chagrin. The older male openly laughed before leaning forward to kiss the confused boy on the lips.

"Huh, usually Banoras don't taste all that good when Angeal gives them to me, but that was great!"

"That is because Angeal has been doing you a great disservice, my dear puppy," Genesis sighed, tapping him on the chin. "He insists that the imitation apples grown here are well enough, but I only import from the source—Banora itself," he confided with a proud smile. "My family owns the orchard where that apple was grown. Real Banora whites are sweet and flavorful and grow at odd times of the year. But the ones your dear mentor have been giving you are pale falsehoods that could never compare."

"Oh," the second class conceded, thoughtfully scratching his head. "But why'd you want me to try it so bad?"

"You're new to this relationship," Genesis said simply, "but you'll learn soon enough the things I do and don't like and our…peculiarities won't seem so peculiar once you get used to them."

With a secretive smile, the red-clad General gave a leering smirk and left the apartment—and the baffled second class could only watch.


"Zackary, I have business to attend to. Doesn't Angeal have something for you to be doing?"

"Uh, not really, I just have a question."


"Why's Gen suddenly insisting I eat more fruit? I know we're supposed to eat somewhat healthy, but he never seemed to care before…."

A low sound came from the desk on the far side of the room; it took a few seconds, but Zack identified the low, warm huffing sound as Sephiroth's laughter. "What'd I say?"

"There is a rumor…" the general began, lips faintly twitching as he stared at Zack's half-confused, half-eager expression.

"What kind of rumor?" the boy inquired, brows furrowing at the silver-haired man's unusual bout of teasing.

"There is a rumor that a male who eats more fruit has better tasting semen," Sephiroth continued, as if he'd never been interrupted.

The dark-haired boy gaped. "What the hell does that have to do with…oh."

He paused, and started to say something before closing his mouth once more. "Oh," was all he could manage.

"Genesis enjoys testing that theory regularly," was all Sephiroth further said on the matter.

Even on pain of death, he would never admit that he enjoyed being the cause of the endearing blush staining the younger man's cheeks.

See wat I did thar? :D